There have been heated debates over Retro Studios if they are doing more than one game. Did they cancel other games they were making? Have they been in trouble until they got Metroid Prime 4?

Some job listings on Retro Studios’ own website may have answered a few questions for us.

Retro is Hiring For Product Testers!

Product testers are bought in at different stages of development. Product testers make sure the game is running well, and bugs get worked out before the game releases. Product testers play games that are working to ensure they play to the standard the developer and publisher wants.

On Retro’s website, they have three listings for product testers. The games they are making are playable. What stage of development each game is in, no one knows.


The Job Position


Job Tasks

Qualification Requirements


All three testers could be for an early version of Metroid Prime 4, but I doubt it. Retro has other projects in development, and we may see one of them soon. Maybe a Nintendo Direct? The VGAs 2020? Who knows. But, it looks like Retro hasn’t been sitting on their hands as some YouTube creates have speculated. It is time to get excited Nintendo fans! Retro Studios is back!

Photos Courtesy of Retro Studios 

Source: Retro Studios (Twitter)

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