Zelda You: Our Stories – Announcement Post

With #ZeldaWeek on Miketendo64 coming to an end this weekend, we aim to keep the Zelda fun going by putting out a new regular feature to run for the next couple of weeks/months, a feature written by all of you!


The Legend of Zelda is an iconic series that has touched a lot of us and given us our stories and experiences. In some instances, the series has even gone on to inspire a great many of us, so with that in mind, with this being the 30th anniversary year, and the recent Zelda U delays which has a few of us down in the dumps, we want to take those stories of yours and post them here on Miketendo64, as a reminder to ourselves and others of just why we love this series so much. Who knows, we all might feel a little bit better in the process.


All willing to put their story/experience forth will be credited for it and are allowed to submit photos of the own choosing to also be used. To submit photos, be sure to visit our Facebook Page Miketendo64, where you can either post your pictures to the page, or just message them in to us. You can also tweet your photos directly to us, just send them to @miketendo64. Or go straight for the jugular and email us your photos and story by sending them to miketendo64@gmail.com.

As for your stories, you can either comment them directly in response this post, or as a comment on wherever you see the link to this feature, on Facebook. The choice is yours, so be sure to get them sent in whenever you can. As of now there is no closing date, so be sure to send in as much or little as you want!


Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on! And we greatly look forwards to see what you send us. We intend to put out the first instalment of “Zelda You – Our Stories” this time next week!



Senran Kagura: Not Just A Pretty Face


Today im reviewing Senran Kagura Deep Crimson for the 3DS. Senran Kagura is a popular franchise spanning several games and consoles. It is not your typical hack and slash. While you do have to fight hoardes and hoardes of enemies with a boss fight at the end, it is quite different.
You may look at this game and think it is not for you as it is hard to take it seriously. But that’s a good thing.


The game is very tongue in cheek in terms of dialogue and half dressed characters.
During battle the more you are hit the more of your clothes are torn off. Scoring enough hits earns you a scroll which means you can transform into your shinobi form, which not only changes your outfit but makes you more powerful and able to use further scrolls to perform special attacks, which are great to watch.


The storyline is actually better than you expect and is by no means boring. You are part of a rival shinobi school, but you play from both perspectives regulary switching between several characters.
On certain missions you have a partner fighting with you and you can easily switch between them.
When i first started the game i didn’t enjoy it until a couple hours in when i got the hang of it and took the game for what is was. But it is not just a game with huge boobs, it is a fun and engaging fighting game that offers a challenge.


This game has easily become one of my favourites on the 3DS and i am now a fan of the series overall, owning four of the games so far.
It is a must have if you are already a fan, and a great starting point if you are not, as it is not as over the top as the others in the series.


Overall i score the game 9/10. I would of given it a 10 but the storyline is not very long, but you have three difficulties to clear, online play, DLC missions and the dressing room feature to keep you playing.


Written by Victoria Thorley (Head admin of Handheld Gaming Network on Facebook).

Our Zelda Week YouTube Playlist

Hello to you all guys & girls! Seeing as everyone on my team has contributed in some way to our Zelda Week, I have realized that I have yet to contribute something. So I have put together a playlist of all of our Zelda themed videos on YouTube with an introduction video from Yours Truly. This playlist includes Let’s Plays, Gameplays, DLC Displays and lots more. I hope you all enjoy it as it was a lot of fun putting these videos together.

Well Guys & Girls, that’s all from me for now. Until next time, Keep On Gaming!

Squid Sisters Callie & Marie Are Getting Amiibo- Nintendo Confirmed!

It has been confirmed by both Nintendo America & Nintendo Japan that the Squid Sisters Callie & Marie from Splatoon will be getting their own amiibo figures. The figures will be available in Japan July 7th and in North America & Europe July 8th. They will be a very welcome addition to the constantly expanding amiibo range will increase the number of figures in the Splatoon amiibo series.

However, that isn’t all as there will be a revised edition of the Inkling Boy, Girl & Squid with a different colour palate which do look pretty cool! Though it must be noted that the orange Inkling Squid is only available in North America if you buy the bundle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Source: Nintendo America

Legendary Pokémon Zygarde Distribution Update! Available in NA!

From the same Facebook user and group who confirmed that Zygarde is available in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Europe, the distribution of Zygarde 50% Forme also works in the US.

In light of this, we’re now encouraging everyone everywhere to see if Zygarde is working just like the last two Mythical Pokémon distributions did and that anyone anywhere can get their hands on the Pokémon. Should you succeed, Zygarde 50% Forme is perfectly compatible with both Pokémon X&Y and ORAS games. Still no end date has been confirmed so don’t leave it for too long, make sure you get out your 3DS and try now to see if you can get yours via the Nintendo Network! (Go “Mystery Gift” & “Get Via Internet”) Zygarde is a special gift who comes at Lv.100.


1Even Serebii, one of the greatest Pokémon related news site is still waiting on details, so be sure to comment how you get on because we are all keen to hear whatever feedback there is.


Source: Two Assassins And A Potato Pokémon Kingdom (Facebook User)

Legendary Pokémon Zygarde Distribution Update!

With the European distribution of Zygarde 50% Forme underway, there is still no news regarding distribution in North America, but thanks to a Facebook user in the Two Assassins And A Potato Pokémon Kingdom” Facebook group, we now know another distribution location for the Pokémon.

Also members of the PAL region, gamers in Australia and New Zealand can also receive l the Legendary Zygarde via the Nintendo Network. Zygarde is available on both Pokémon X&Y games, along with ORAS. No end date has been confirmed yet either, so if you are in Europe, or Australasia, don’t delay and get your Zygarde today! He does come at Lv.100 and has the following moves: Land’s Wrath, Extreme Speed, Glare & Outrage.



Source: Two Assassins And A Potato Pokémon Kingdom (Facebook User)

The Squid Sisters Have Done it Again!

After already having performed their first show this year in January, it seems it wasn’t just a one-time occurrence for Slaptoon’s infamous siblings Callie and Marie!

It should come as no surprise really, since their performance during the Game Party Japan 2016 did go down rather well and it seems their showing at NicoNico Choukaigi went down just as well as their first show. Unfortunately though, not all of us live in Japan, meaning this is a performance we sadly missed out on, but then that’s where the internet comes in handy because you can watch the display with the clips below! Enjoy:

They are certainly rising in popularity, but has this second show raised their status enough for Nintendo to finally release a Callie and Marie amiibo? We’ll just have to wait and find out!


*UPDATE: (30/04/16)

Nintendo have confirmed Callie and Marie are in fact getting their own amiibo! Click here for details!



Source: Perfectly Nintendo (YouTube)

Unreal Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Our Top 5 Clips)

#ZeldaWeek continues and given everything we’ve posted and written about so far, it’s only fitting we kick back and relax as we watch some of the finest footage of Ocarina of Time brought to life via Unreal Engine 4! Here are our Top 5:


5th Place: Ocarina of Time: Great Fairy Encounter

 As far as Ocarina of Time goes, it is my favourite game by far in the series and also the first one I played and although there are many moments that come to mind, especially the ones regarding characters who have made several appearances in other games in the series, and for me one of those moments is encountering my first Great Fairy. I remember thinking “She looks nothing like Navi,” and then there is that laugh, a laugh that has stayed with me all these years. This clip perfectly captures the scene and serenity perfectly and it is because of that, this clip makes it into the list!


4th Place: Ocarina of Time: Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village has made an appearance in quite a few games now, but I’ve always felt that the one from OoT is the greatest version I have ever seen. Sure the version from Twilight Princess, isn’t too sad either, but the layout of it and just the general look of it, as interesting as it was, in no way does it surpass OoT Kakariko. This is the village where we learn the Song of Storms, meet the carpenter and his pale son, but more importantly, a village full of life. There is some hustle and bustle and you can actually see people living out their lives in peace. Now sure there may be no actual residents in the chosen clip, but even then, this fact doesn’t take away from the experience, because even though it is barren, it still feels just as lively and Kakariko has honestly never looked better!


3rd Place: Ocarina of Time: Master Sword Transformation

It doesn’t matter what game you’re playing, in each game to feature the Master Sword, it is always an iconic moment when Link lays his hands on it, but to see him grip it as a kid and emerge an adult after a 7 year sleep, well that’s just priceless. No Top 5 Unreal Zelda clips would be complete without at least one clip that captures that moment so this is that clip! It’s just such a beautiful moment, brought to life!


2nd Place: Ocarina of Time: Gerudo Valley

Everything about this clip is just incredibly stunning. The landscape looks hot, harsh and life like, exactly how a desert should be and just look at the glare of the sun! Sure we don’t actually get to see anything beyond the first area, but if this is what the Valley looks like, you can just imagine how mind blowingly awesome the Thieves’ Hideout would look like! Just picturing it makes this writer’s mouth water. I would wonder that place for hours, just to take it all in!


1st Place: Ocarina of Time: Death Mountain Crater

This one I’ll admit has to be most predictable of clips to have made it in, not only is Death Mountain iconic to the series, but Death Mountain Crater was truly something else. The smoke, the heat, the lava, although you’ll have to forgive the Goron tunic as we all know only Adult Link can wear it, but still, this is one of the greatest clips of an Ocarina of Time moment, beautifully brought to life via the means of Unreal Engine 4 and it just makes me really wish the rumours of regarding the Nintendo NX apparently supports/runs Unreal Engine 4 because should Nintendo bring out a Zelda game that looks just like that, it will be one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous games we have ever seem to date!

Sadly though we are now at the end of our Top 5!  We do hope you enjoyed these clips as much as we did and considering as how much I enjoyed doing this one, I might just have to go on and do a Top 5 of Majora’s Mask, but that will be something for another time, another week. But this week is still far from over because we still have two more days of #ZeldaWeek and if you’re interested in what we have to come next, well you’ll just have to come back and see for yourself!


Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on! We hope you continue to enjoy our little Zelda week!

Legendary Pokémon Zygarde is Available Right Now! (Europe Only)

Well now we really are being spoiled because not only we getting the monthly Mythical Pokémon distributions, but Legendary as well, as Zygarde 50% Forme is available right this very second via Nintendo Network!

But before you go getting your hopes up, Zygarde is only available in Europe (including the United Kingdom,) and it is unknown as to whether this distribution will be coming to North America, nor is it known how long this distribution will run for! So if you are in Europe, log onto your game, choose “Mystery Gift” and then click “Get Via Internet” because time might not be on your side! Every second counts.


Although Zygarde wasn’t the only special Pokémon distribution to be announced today, because there was also the reveal of a Shiny Yveltal. However getting this Pokémon will be a lot harder as its distribution is limited to Spain. Between the 5th and the 8th of May, all those who attend the Salón del Cómic de Barcelona festival, will receive a serial code in which they can use to receive the Pokémon, who until now, has never been distributed outside of Japan and North Korea.


Source: Serebii.net

Wind Waker HD Continues to Sail a Sea of Sales

It was only a couple of months ago when we reported on Wind Waker’s HD sales, but now that it has become a European Nintendo Selects title, its sales are jumping up once more!

Not only has it made the leap from 1.69 million sales to 1.72, within two months, but this week it finds itself doing very well on the UK’s Wii U eShop charts, as it snatches 4th position, whereas the recently released remastered Twilight Princess HD, only managed to snag 10th place. Although the Wind Waker HD isn’t the only game whose sales details we received thanks to Nintendo who released the sales numbers, because it seems Ocarina of Time 3D is doing rather well also. So well in fact that in the last 5 years, it has gone on to amass over 4.04 million sales, which for a remake, is a great number!


With sales as they are at the moment, Twilight Princess HD is closing the gap, but with Wind Waker HD gaining in favour due to being available as a Nintendo’s Selects title, it would be interesting to see if Wind Waker HD reaches 2 million before Twilight Princess HD hits 1 million. It could even go the other way, but it will certainly be interesting to see either way!


Source: Nintendo.co.jp (Wii U) & Nintendo.co.jp (3DS)

Why Hype is Ruining Zelda U

#ZeldaWeek continues here on Miketendo64 and given the delay we learned about yesterday, we’re not going to let it drag us done and ruin what is meant to be a joyous week, reflecting on a wonderful series.


Although one thing it did do, as mentioned near the end of the last big feature as part of this week’s event, The Legend of Zelda: A Tale of DLC & Amiibo, there was going to be a whole bit going into how Zelda U is still Zelda U, but it will also be out on the NX, as opposed to just becoming an NX exclusive (to think, I had a whole, “of course it’s going to be on the Wii U! Every home console has had 1 new Zelda title released on it” argument lined up.) Instead though, I am just going to focus on just how hype is ruining what could be an incredible game for all of us and it’s time we started telling certain Zelda theorists to stick to a singular theory, as opposed to constantly coming out with a new one every week, which contradicts their last one.

It is no secret that all this waiting is getting to be beyond ridiculous, especially when it is looking like Zelda U by the end of it, will be a game that’s taken 6 years to develop. Worse yet is since a trailer of it at E3 in 2014 and another clip of footage during a Nintendo Direct in November last year, Nintendo are being very tight lipped about it, but even then that’s not the worst part? “How?” Might you ask? Well with Nintendo still saying nothing, we’re all here going insane as we’re constantly checking the internet for any and all news regarding the upcoming game and when finding none, we’re going to the YouTube and blogs of established Zelda theorists.

Before I even begin with this next bit, I have nothing against them, I am a huge fan of @GameOverJesse and his theories. I don’t have to like them all and there have been one or two here and there I didn’t agree with, but that’s the point, we don’t always have to agree with everything they say and accept it for fact, which is something a lot of us are doing at the moment. They are just throwing it out there and we can seem to get enough! But at the end of the day, they are just ordinary people like you and me, who are not affiliated with Nintendo, only difference is they’re speaking out about what their thinking and most of the time, film themselves doing it. Even I’ve done it, spoken out on my own Zelda U theories, which will not be making an appearance here, I can assure you  of that!


As far as some of the theories go, there have been some good ones and some not so good ones but what really gets me is when you hear some of these great theories, great possibilities of what the game could be, we get that in our heads and we obsess over it. We share that theory with everyone we know and when the time comes and Zelda U/Zelda NX does in fact release, we’re all going to be disappointed. Not because it won’t be a great game, but because it won’t be the game we have spent the last few months/years hoping it would be. It is so easily to get your hopes up and then get very disappointed with the end results. I have every faith Zelda 2017 is going to be a great game, but we need to stop pinning our dreams on theories and ideas that just may not be. Zelda U is going to be exactly what Nintendo want it to be and for now, all we know for fact is that it is to be a game where we see another side to Link, in a vast open world, which is to be the biggest one to date, in the largest Zelda game in the series.

It would be great if we had a name, but we don’t, but with E3 around the corner and Zelda U being the only playable game as far as Nintendo are concerned, you can bet your sweet arse we will be given a name then, just like we got a name for Tri Force Heroes before it released a few months later, because we didn’t even know anything about that game until E3! When it comes to Zelda, Nintendo likes to keep their cards to their chest and maybe they should, it’s certainly something that keeps us talking about it, long after it was first announced.


Also one positive to take from the whole Zelda U is going to be on the NX, sure it may no longer be a Wii U exclusive title, but it does mean there will be a new Zelda on a new console during the time of its release, which is something the Wii U didn’t have. Yes a lot of us brought Wii U’s just so we can eventually get Zelda U, but a lot of us didn’t buy a Wii U because they didn’t want to have a console that would see them have to wait so long for the new Zelda game came out. I know it’s annoying, it’s frustrating, but if we only focus on the negative things, then we’re ruining Zelda U for ourselves. Let us be grateful for the games that we do have, the HD remasters or newer handheld titles such as A Link Between Worlds and it’s direct sequel Tri Force Heroes, because they may not be the best, but they are what we have now and they deserve some love and attention too, even if we have played them to death.

In no way am I saying you can’t talk about the new game, just don’t focus solely on it because that and the lack of news from Nintendo and the theorists who change their minds as much as I change my underwear because all of that together is greatly damaging how much of an impact the game will have upon its release and will only continue to cause us severe headaches, disappointment and further arguments. There is 30 years of an iconic series for us to enjoy, so let’s just put Zelda U to bed and focus on the series of games that are out, at least until E3!

Only real shame is that the 30th anniversary has come and gone and there’s no title that will be releasing this year, which will get to wear a 30th anniversary mark, as Twilight Princess HD certainly didn’t get to have that honour, but who’s to say there won’t be another title revealed at E3? Mario got Super Mario Maker as his 30th anniversary game, surely Link deserves the same treatment, Twilight Princess HD at the end of the day, was just a remake, Link does still deserve something new regardless of Zelda U being pushed back to March 2017. But that’s enough about that for now, because I really don’t want to include any rumours in this piece, I can easily save it for the next article, but with Zelda U delayed again and Nintendo decided not to do any dlc of any kind for Twilight Princess HD because they would rather focus on Zelda U, they might just revisit the idea to tide us over for a little bit longer. We can only hope!


Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you that despite yesterday’s revelation that you can upon Zelda U in a new light and spends some time with the rest of the games in the series. As for what’s next as far as #ZeldaWeek goes, tomorrow we’ll be posting a feature concerning all of our favourite Unreal Engine Zelda footage for all to enjoy.


Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on! We hope you enjoy our little Zelda week!

Could We Be Seeing Link’s Awakening at E3?

(Warning! The following piece contains information from chatter from unverified, non-credible sources and a theory derived from the writer.)


If some of the latest chatter is true, it turns out Zelda U/NX might now be the only Zelda title we see at E3 this year and I have a theory on just what game that may be! I touched on this in a previous piece, but for the purpose article, I shall repeat, disappointingly Zelda U/NX will not be releasing this year, meaning we will not be seeing the release of a new Zelda game this year and this sense, new being brand new to the series and not a remaster such as the March released Twilight Princess HD. In 2011, two games were released, Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword, which got to proudly wear a 25th anniversary mark on its cover. Fast forward to now, we’re in the 30th anniversary year and there are no new games to wear the mark, unless certain chatter and speculation is true.

Nintendo have claimed the Summer, to be the Summer of Zelda, a special time of year where Zelda titles in the eShop will see a drop in price and E3 will be all about the Legend of Zelda, but what if there is another title to speak of? Zelda U is to be the 19th installment in the series and should there be another game, most likely on the handheld, it too could be expected to release in 2017, but should it be a new game, it would be the 20th installment. Now given as how Zelda U is to be the largest scale Zelda game to date, you would imagine Nintendo preferring to make that the 20th game, which in order to do that, would mean to bring forward the release of another Zelda title to release around November, December.


With that, provided it is all true, all that’s left is to speculate what game could it be? Another remaster? A new game? Or another remake? Now although the title for this piece has “Link’s Awakening” in it, it’s actually more likely we’ll see Link’s Awakening given the A Link Between Worlds touch, as opposed to a remaster. Furthermore this game could be another title for the 3DS line, except with the 3DS already having four Zelda titles already, this game could in fact be for the New 3DS! Nintendo could still release it on the 3DS, but it wouldn’t be an exact copy, as the new game will want to take full advantage of the New 3DS’s capabilities, resulting in a gaming experience similar to that of Hyrule Warriors Legends, which as we know, plays a lot better on the New 3DS. Or they could just make it a New 3DS exclusive.

It would be high time we saw some more games released with the New 3DS in mind as the higher performance device has been out for over a year now and a retelling of Link’s Awakening is certainly one of the better games to go with. The only “evidence” I have to support this, which you can take or leave, is the dlc of Hyrule Warriors and Legends. I’ve written about this before, but every dlc pack for Warriors on the Wii U, the games they pertained to, were in fact released as remasters, (Ocarina of Time 3D, Majora’s Mask 3D, Twilight Princess HD.) And now there is the dlc for Legends, which among the line-up of games, includes A Link Between Worlds (the ultimate remake of A Link to the Past,) the Wind Waker, (which was released in 2013 as the Wind Waker HD) and then there’s Link’s Awakening (yet to be remade or remastered, or is it?) Sure one flaw in this would be the fact that Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks have yet to see either a remake or a remaster, but Twilight Princess only just turned 10 this year, something Phantom Hourglass does next year, so there is plenty of time, but also both titles were made available on the Wii U eShop for Europe in November, so for now, they’ve had their turn.


Another thing that does seem to co-operate all this, is the fact that Nintendo have spoken out regarding the 30th anniversary and this is what Tatsumi Kimishima said on the matter:

Tatsumi Kimishima: “Our E3 experience will focus on the latest title in The Legend of Zelda series. We have already released The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for Wii U and Hyrule Warriors Legends for Nintendo 3DS this year. Thirty years have passed since the release of the first title in The Legend of Zelda series, and we have even more in store for the future.”


Also revealed was the fact that there are still plenty of third and first party games that are in development for the 3DS that have still yet to be officially announced, meaning should this theory be true, a new Zelda game for Nintendo’s handheld could easily be among them. However if Nintendo do have another game lined up, along with their other plans for the anniversary, there’s a reason why it can’t be another remaster, because we’ve already had one this year and four in all since 2011 so its high time we got something more than just a remaster because with a number of fans as livid as they are, another remaster would surely just rub salt in the wound, unless its Zelda 1, so the only way for Nintendo to go is another complete remake, because should they come out with a new, new game like Tri Force Heroes was, then that would also only annoy the Wii U Zelda community even more so since they now have to wait 11 more months for Zelda U.


I could very easily be wrong about this, but my gut is screaming at me that we are in store for another handheld game and that Link’s Awakening, is the game we will be seeing announced, either as a simple remaster, or the ultimate remake, complete with a new title that pays homage to the original, just like A Link Between Worlds played homage to the title of A Link to the Past. But because this is a mere theory for now, with only coincidental dlc and speculation from “insider sources” that there are to be two Zelda games at E3, feel free to take this with a grain of salt. You can’t deny though that it wouldn’t be great to see the likes of Marin and the Wind Fish again, especially since this time, we could learn of his connection to Levias!


Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on! We hope you enjoy our little Zelda week!

Zelda U & The Nintendo NX: What the Nintendo Direct Did Tell Us

After the March Nintendo Direct, I took to penning a piece about what the Direct did tell us with regards to Zelda U and the release of the NX. Whilst everyone else was saying 2016, I said 2017 and I was right!

*UPDATE: (28/04/16)
Zelda U is delayed until 2017, so that it can release on both Wii U and NX simultaneously. NX is confirmed to release in March 2017 and the confirmation comes from Nintendo.

Miketendo64! The Place To Go For Anything Nintendo

As expected, the latest Nintendo Direct offered no new insight into Zelda U and the NX, instead it revealed Star Fox Guard and Kirby: Planet Robobot, but sometimes saying nothing, is saying a lot. The Direct was about the line-up of games coming to both the 3DS and the Wii U from now and through-out the summer, a summer which will be seeing the release of the newest instalment in the on-going Kirby series and with rumoured reports of the NX coming out sometime between June and November, the line-up of games we’ve just seen, say otherwise, especially when the new games include Paper Mario: Colour Splash and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, after all, why bring out titles such as these for the Wii U and 3DS, if you’re going to be bringing out the NX, which acts as both handheld and home console? The answer is, you wouldn’t.



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BabyMetal’s METAL RESISTANCE Has Rocked into the Building!

Love them or hate them, it no longer matters because BabyMetal are now a part of Super Mario Maker and there is no getting rid of them now!


With their second album seeing some global success, their achievement has truly been cemented into the latest Wii U offerings of the Mario franchise and they only went and done their own voice clips by recording them especially for Nintendo! Good news is as far as the event course itself goes, by the time when I played it, the level although only having 8,530 clears out of 39,118 attempts, for anyone who is after the costume, it’s actually a lot easier than we’re lead to believe. From hunting down those red coins to jumps that are a sheer doodle, you should finish this level in no time at all. Just be warned if you actually take it reasonably slow, you can do it in a single turn, but should you try to rush through it that’s when mistakes will happen and you’ll die. Still those checkpoints stop us from having to start from the very beginning! Still that’s enough from me, it’s time for a course description for those of you who haven’t played it and the character trailer!



Say hello to BABYMETAL, the metal dance unit who are taking the world by storm! To celebrate the worldwide release of their latest album, “METAL RESISTANCE,” which has been making a splash in the charts all over the globe, they’re joining us right here in Super Mario Maker! They’ve even recorded unique voice clips especially for us!

Still for those who are not interested in the character whatsoever, you can still get it just so you can then add it to every troll level you build afterwards. Think of it as your way of punishing them, you’ll soon feel better, just don’t make it too much of a troll level though or everyone will not like your level. Whatever your thoughts may be with regards to the newest costume, good or bad, we’d still like to hear it regardless!

Triple Trouble for Super Mario Maker BabyMetal are to Bring the Noise!

It’s been a while since we received a Mystery costume from an event course and it seems the wait is over because later tonight in North America and in the morning of the 28th of April for Europe, a new event course will be turning up in Super Mario Maker!


Similar to the Totem Link costume we got back in 2015 to celebrate the release of Tri Force Heroes, the next costume is not of a single character, but three and this time it’s BabyMetal! For those of you who are already aware of BabyMetal, I’ll let that fact sync in, but for those who you who have no clue whatsoever, well you’re the lucky ones! BabyMetal is a trio of teenage girls in a Japanese metal idol band who as you can guess, are big in Japan and since the release of their first album in 2014 and their second at the beginning of this month, they are showing no signs of slowing!



If you’re smart, you won’t even try to get the costume, but unfortunately for me, I’m not smart, so getting the costume is something that is on my to-do-list and if you’re still reading this and haven’t turned your computer off for the night, which is the perfect reaction to all of the news that has gone on today, you can see footage below of the costume in action and what Babymetal have to say about being in Super Mario Maker:




For fans out there, this is obviously a costume you’ll just have to get and for those who aren’t fans, here’s hoping the next one might be more of a return to secondary Nintendo characters we do know, as opposed to costumes of characters who are trending in Japan.

I’m still holding out for Shovel Knight, and with the release of the game in Japan getting closer with each day, it should soon happen, but I’m not the only one desiring such a character, because a reddit user even went out of his way to create his own Shovel Knight sprite for Super Mario Maker and you can see an image of that creation here:




Source: Nintendo (YouTube)