Senran Kagura: Not Just A Pretty Face

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Today im reviewing Senran Kagura Deep Crimson for the 3DS. Senran Kagura is a popular franchise spanning several games and consoles. It is not your typical hack and slash. While you do have to fight hoardes and hoardes of enemies with a boss fight at the end, it is quite different.
You may look at this game and think it is not for you as it is hard to take it seriously. But that’s a good thing.


The game is very tongue in cheek in terms of dialogue and half dressed characters.
During battle the more you are hit the more of your clothes are torn off. Scoring enough hits earns you a scroll which means you can transform into your shinobi form, which not only changes your outfit but makes you more powerful and able to use further scrolls to perform special attacks, which are great to watch.


The storyline is actually better than you expect and is by no means boring. You are part of a rival shinobi school, but you play from both perspectives regulary switching between several characters.
On certain missions you have a partner fighting with you and you can easily switch between them.
When i first started the game i didn’t enjoy it until a couple hours in when i got the hang of it and took the game for what is was. But it is not just a game with huge boobs, it is a fun and engaging fighting game that offers a challenge.


This game has easily become one of my favourites on the 3DS and i am now a fan of the series overall, owning four of the games so far.
It is a must have if you are already a fan, and a great starting point if you are not, as it is not as over the top as the others in the series.


Overall i score the game 9/10. I would of given it a 10 but the storyline is not very long, but you have three difficulties to clear, online play, DLC missions and the dressing room feature to keep you playing.


Written by Victoria Thorley (Head admin of Handheld Gaming Network on Facebook).


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