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Our Zelda Week YouTube Playlist

Hello to you all guys & girls! Seeing as everyone on my team has contributed in some way to our Zelda Week, I have realized that I have yet to contribute something. So I have put together a playlist of all of our Zelda themed videos on YouTube with an introduction video from Yours Truly. This playlist includes Let’s Plays, Gameplays, DLC Displays and lots more. I hope you all enjoy it as it was a lot of fun putting these videos together.

Well Guys & Girls, that’s all from me for now. Until next time, Keep On Gaming!


Xenoblade Chronicles Coming To Virtual Console

It has been announced that Xenoblade Chronicles will be making its way to the Wii U eShop as a virtual console title tomorrow. The title was previously released in Europe last year and will cost $19.99. Xenoblade Chronicles was first released on the Wii in June 2010.

Discover expansive environments and deep character customization options as you delve into an epic conflict between the Homs (humans) and Mechons (robots). Explore the game’s unique upgrade system, battle system, and relationship-building system as you fight to change the future with trusty allies and the ancient Monado blade.

Source: MyNintendoNews/Nintendo