Releasing first in Japan in the middle of March and almost every over area come the end of the month, Miitomo has already hit 10 million users worldwide.


To celebrate this fact, from the 29th of April to the 8th of May, Nintendo will be running a 10 day promotion entitled “Celebrating 10 Million Users!” During the event, users who log in daily will receive Miitomo coins and tokens that can be used for playing Miitomo Drop! But instead of letting this go to their heads and staying solely focused on Miitomo, Nintendo are now even more driven to use Miitomo as a starting point and release plenty of more apps and games in the very near future, games such as Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, which we covered here.


But that’s not the only Miitomo news because while the celebratory event is to take place later this week, right now until then, it’s all about Splatoon. With 10 million users Nintendo easily hit their mark with the retweet event, which means for anyone logging into Miitomo today, you can now get both your Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl wig. You can even play the newest stage added to Miitomo Drop! to get even more Splatoon themed clothing items and pay a visit to the shop to get your very own squid pin.

The Miitomo Drop! Splatoon stages are only sticking around from today until the 29th of May, so although you will have some time to get all the wardrobe pieces from the various stages which will come out at different times, just don’t leave it to the last minute when you no longer have any tokens left to use up. Also expiring on 30th of May are the latest My Nintendo rewards for Miitomo. Why buy a single ink tank when there are 6 colours in all and with each one costing you 150 Platinum points, for the most diehard Splatoon/Miitomo fans, you are looking at an overall pay out of 900 Platinum points, which thankfully is something you can get fairly easily within a month, but for those who currently have none at all, I guess you’ve got some saving up to do!

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Source: Nintendo of Europe (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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