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(Warning! The following piece contains information from chatter from unverified, non-credible sources and a theory derived from the writer.)


If some of the latest chatter is true, it turns out Zelda U/NX might now be the only Zelda title we see at E3 this year and I have a theory on just what game that may be! I touched on this in a previous piece, but for the purpose article, I shall repeat, disappointingly Zelda U/NX will not be releasing this year, meaning we will not be seeing the release of a new Zelda game this year and this sense, new being brand new to the series and not a remaster such as the March released Twilight Princess HD. In 2011, two games were released, Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword, which got to proudly wear a 25th anniversary mark on its cover. Fast forward to now, we’re in the 30th anniversary year and there are no new games to wear the mark, unless certain chatter and speculation is true.

Nintendo have claimed the Summer, to be the Summer of Zelda, a special time of year where Zelda titles in the eShop will see a drop in price and E3 will be all about the Legend of Zelda, but what if there is another title to speak of? Zelda U is to be the 19th installment in the series and should there be another game, most likely on the handheld, it too could be expected to release in 2017, but should it be a new game, it would be the 20th installment. Now given as how Zelda U is to be the largest scale Zelda game to date, you would imagine Nintendo preferring to make that the 20th game, which in order to do that, would mean to bring forward the release of another Zelda title to release around November, December.


With that, provided it is all true, all that’s left is to speculate what game could it be? Another remaster? A new game? Or another remake? Now although the title for this piece has “Link’s Awakening” in it, it’s actually more likely we’ll see Link’s Awakening given the A Link Between Worlds touch, as opposed to a remaster. Furthermore this game could be another title for the 3DS line, except with the 3DS already having four Zelda titles already, this game could in fact be for the New 3DS! Nintendo could still release it on the 3DS, but it wouldn’t be an exact copy, as the new game will want to take full advantage of the New 3DS’s capabilities, resulting in a gaming experience similar to that of Hyrule Warriors Legends, which as we know, plays a lot better on the New 3DS. Or they could just make it a New 3DS exclusive.

It would be high time we saw some more games released with the New 3DS in mind as the higher performance device has been out for over a year now and a retelling of Link’s Awakening is certainly one of the better games to go with. The only “evidence” I have to support this, which you can take or leave, is the dlc of Hyrule Warriors and Legends. I’ve written about this before, but every dlc pack for Warriors on the Wii U, the games they pertained to, were in fact released as remasters, (Ocarina of Time 3D, Majora’s Mask 3D, Twilight Princess HD.) And now there is the dlc for Legends, which among the line-up of games, includes A Link Between Worlds (the ultimate remake of A Link to the Past,) the Wind Waker, (which was released in 2013 as the Wind Waker HD) and then there’s Link’s Awakening (yet to be remade or remastered, or is it?) Sure one flaw in this would be the fact that Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks have yet to see either a remake or a remaster, but Twilight Princess only just turned 10 this year, something Phantom Hourglass does next year, so there is plenty of time, but also both titles were made available on the Wii U eShop for Europe in November, so for now, they’ve had their turn.


Another thing that does seem to co-operate all this, is the fact that Nintendo have spoken out regarding the 30th anniversary and this is what Tatsumi Kimishima said on the matter:

Tatsumi Kimishima: “Our E3 experience will focus on the latest title in The Legend of Zelda series. We have already released The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for Wii U and Hyrule Warriors Legends for Nintendo 3DS this year. Thirty years have passed since the release of the first title in The Legend of Zelda series, and we have even more in store for the future.”


Also revealed was the fact that there are still plenty of third and first party games that are in development for the 3DS that have still yet to be officially announced, meaning should this theory be true, a new Zelda game for Nintendo’s handheld could easily be among them. However if Nintendo do have another game lined up, along with their other plans for the anniversary, there’s a reason why it can’t be another remaster, because we’ve already had one this year and four in all since 2011 so its high time we got something more than just a remaster because with a number of fans as livid as they are, another remaster would surely just rub salt in the wound, unless its Zelda 1, so the only way for Nintendo to go is another complete remake, because should they come out with a new, new game like Tri Force Heroes was, then that would also only annoy the Wii U Zelda community even more so since they now have to wait 11 more months for Zelda U.


I could very easily be wrong about this, but my gut is screaming at me that we are in store for another handheld game and that Link’s Awakening, is the game we will be seeing announced, either as a simple remaster, or the ultimate remake, complete with a new title that pays homage to the original, just like A Link Between Worlds played homage to the title of A Link to the Past. But because this is a mere theory for now, with only coincidental dlc and speculation from “insider sources” that there are to be two Zelda games at E3, feel free to take this with a grain of salt. You can’t deny though that it wouldn’t be great to see the likes of Marin and the Wind Fish again, especially since this time, we could learn of his connection to Levias!


Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on! We hope you enjoy our little Zelda week!

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  • I think this speculation is not too far off. Awakening seems like it’s ripe for the limelight again. It’s my favorite one in the series so I hope we get to see it again! Either that or it’s Link’s Adventure. :/

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