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Jacktendo Selects: My Top 10 Switch Games of March 2017

Hello and welcome to the first instalment of Jacktendo Selects, a new monthly feature in which will see me countdown my favourite games on Switch in the month that they came out and reveal the game I’m most looking forwards to from the following month!

There won’t always be 10 games listed in every instalment, but for this instalment there is! But there are some rules. A game can only appear in this list, if I have personally played it, reviewed it and if it is a full game, so the likes of Splatoon 2’s Global Testfire Demo will not be featuring an appearance. Continue reading Jacktendo Selects: My Top 10 Switch Games of March 2017


Win A Trip To E3 2017 By Playing Battlefy’s Splatoon Tournament! (US Residents Only)

If you are over 18, live in the US, own a copy of Splatoon and a Wii U with internet connection, you and 3 of your friends could win a trip to go to E3 2017. Battlefy are hosting an online Splatoon tournament and if you meet all the criteria above and have the skills to go head to head with some pretty tough competion, you could be be going to E3 2017 and see what Nintendo has in store at the Expo (along with the  other Game companies and Developers that will also be there)

This is What Nintendo have stated about the Tournament:

“The qualifying round (Turf War) is on April 22 at 11 a.m. PT, but make sure to log in early and click the ‘Check In’ button an hour before tournament time. Once the bracket is seeded, you can set up your qualifying match using Battlefy’s Private Match Chat and then proceed to splat your way to hopeful victory. The top 16 teams in the qualifying round will then move on to the finals. In the finals, teams will play Turf War, Splat Zones and Tower Control in succession in single-elimination best-of-five play until only two teams remain. The Grand Finals will see the final two teams doing battle in Rainmaker mode to determine the winner. The finals will begin on April 29 at 11 a.m. PT.”

You will need to register your team (along with an optional back-up) if you would like to take part in the competion. you can use the following link here.

Source: Nintendo PR

Monster Hunter XX Update Patch 1.1.0 Now Available. Fixes Weapon Crafting Bug & Changes Save Data Process

A patch is now available to fix a couple of bugs found in Monster Hunter XX (Japan) for 3DS. Update patch 1.1.0 fixes a bug that occurs when crafting a certain weapon and alters the process for saving data. This is due to a particular issue that prevents the SD card from being recognized by the game and refusing to acknowledge any game save data. This udate is mandatory for anyone who wishes to continue playing online

Source: Perfectly Nintendo

Super Mario Run Gold Goomba Event Now Live!

For all of you Super Mario Run players out there, the Mega Gold Goomba has returned and by bouncing of the tops of them, you can earn rewards and even more coins. The event is now live and runs until April 13th. You can check out the full in-game notification below.

Goomba event

Nintendo UK Show Some Nindie Love With Their Latest eShop Sale!

Nintendo UK have announced a big #Nindies Celebration sale which has some great Nindie titles at reduced prices up to 80% off on some titles. The sale is available on both the Wii U & 3DS eShop and includes titles such as, SteamWorld Heist, Severed, Crimson Shroud, Jotun, Mutant Mudds, Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and much, much more.

Be sure To check out the Nintendo eShop on your preferred device to see what games are on sale or you can check them out at Nintendo.co.ukThe sale is also available for all of those that live in Europe as well. There is currently no news whether this sale will be available in the Americas as well.

Splatoon 2 Will Also Feature Gear

Just like in the original game, Splatoon 2 will also feature Gear as a means to customize your character  As before, Gear is divided into 3 categories; Headgear, clothes & Shoes and each item of gear can possess different abilities like Ink Saver, Quick Respawn and more. Because the world of Splatoon revolves around mass defiling of public property and also fashion , you can expect the inklings to be wearing all the latest trends in Inkopolis Square


splatoon 2 gear


Twilight Princess Manga Vol 2 Available For Pre Order On Amazon & Release Dates Revealed

For Us in the west, it has felt like an age waiting for the relase of The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga by Akira Himekawa but alas the time has come and we can all get our hands on a copy of the first volume . As we know, this Manga series has been divided up into 4 volumes but do not despair as Amazon have already leaked a release date for the second volume of the Twilight Princess Manga which seems to be July 28th in the UK, August 8th in the US and a European release of August 24th.

The Manga is loosely based on the Nintendo Gamecube & Wii Game of the same name and provides more backstory to the characters that inhabit the world of Hyrule during the Story of Twilight Princess. Continue reading Twilight Princess Manga Vol 2 Available For Pre Order On Amazon & Release Dates Revealed

[Interview] Visiting the Otherside for a Quick Flipping Death Q&A

Revealed near the end of last month, Flipping Death is one fine looking indie game headed to the Nintendo Switch and it is developed by none other than Zoink Games. We knew they were developing something for the Switch and had even seen a few teasers on Twitter, but we didn’t know what it was until the reveal. But the cat is out the bag and there was even a playable demo at PAX East and GDC, so we took it upon ourselves to arrange a little Flipping Death interview and now that we’ve got all the responses back, here’s everything Zoink Games’ Mikael Forslind was able to say about the upcoming title: Continue reading [Interview] Visiting the Otherside for a Quick Flipping Death Q&A

[Review] Thinking Like a Snake with Snake Pass

Screenshot (216).png

Developer: Sumo Digital

Publisher: Sumo Digital

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Action, Adventure, Platformer & Arcade

Release Date: 28th of March, 2017

Continue reading [Review] Thinking Like a Snake with Snake Pass

Pokémon Sun & Moon Fifth Global Mission Commences! Get Ready To Hatch Some Eggs!

The Next Global Mission For Pokémon Sun & Moon has begun and this time players have to hatch as many eggs as they possibly can to reach a goal of 200,000 eggs hatched. If completed by April 10th, 23:59 UTC all players will receive 2000 FC for their troubles and the mission will be classed as a success. You can also get double reward if your game save data is connected to a Global Link Account. If you contribute 3 or more hatched eggs to the mission, you will receive a rare candy and if the secondary goal of 400,000 eggs get hatched between all players, those with Global Link accounts will also recieve a Love Ball.

Source: Serebii.net

Fire Emblem Heroes April Update Now Detailed In the In-Game Notifications

After the Japanese Twitter Account for Fire Emblem Heroes revealed that changes and updates were coming to the Mobile App, The in-game notification tray has now prompted players of the changes they can expect to come to the game starting March 31st and also sometime in April. You can see the details of the Notifications listed below. Continue reading Fire Emblem Heroes April Update Now Detailed In the In-Game Notifications

The Miketendo Strip: Issue #17: Miitomo Life

If you’ve come here seeking a laugh, you’ve come to the right place. I am avlongman9 and I am the illustrator of The Miketendo Strip! and today we have a new instalment for you to enjoy!


With this being the month of March, the month that saw the release of the Nintendo Switch and the month that sees Nintendo’s mobile app, Miitomo celebrates its first anniversary, it was only natural we’d do a Miitomo instalment so here it is! Enjoy: Continue reading The Miketendo Strip: Issue #17: Miitomo Life

[Editorial] Should Nintendo bring their Mobile Titles to the Nintendo Switch?

Welcome to another Miketendo64 editorial and coming up on today’s piece, I’ll be arguing the Pros and Cons of Nintendo bringing their mobile titles to Nintendo Switch.

Now straight away a few of you may be thinking “why would they want to?” and you would be right to do so. I adore Super Mario Run and I even enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes and while they are a great mobile representation of the videogame series’ they represent, its a whole different ballgame if they were playable on one of Nintendo’s available home consoles. But then again, whilst they may not be the best representation, they would still act as great introduction titles for gamers who have never played a single Mario/Fire Emblem game. Titles that could get new to Nintendo/Switch owners interested in buying Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, Fire Emblem Switch and even the Mario/Rabbids game we’ve been hearing Ubisoft are working on. Continue reading [Editorial] Should Nintendo bring their Mobile Titles to the Nintendo Switch?

(Video) The Making Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild “Bonus Session”

After the release of a three-part Making Of series that looks behind the scenes of the creation of Nintendo’s Biggest game to date, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Nintendo have just uploaded a extra “Bonus Session” episode which has a number of the Developers that worked on Breath Of The Wild talkingabout their favourite aspects of the game including favourite characters, shrines and more. You can see for yourself in the video below.

If you have yet to see any of the other videos in the Making of Series that look at the creation of the “Open-Air” concept, Characters and the beginning of it all, you can find them on our previous post (Video) The Making Of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

IGN Talk With Zelda Devs About Breath Of The Wild

IGN recently caught up with Zelda: Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi, technical director Takuhiro Dohta, and art director Satoru Takizawa to talk more indepth about the development and creation of the game which brought up some very interesting comments.  Some topics that were brushed on include starting out with a small team, the 2D prototype that represents the original Legend Of Zelda on NES, creating The Great Plateau first and building the map around it afterwards, How guardians came to be and more.

Below is a summary of the interview. You can find the full article at IGN here. I would also like to point out that most of the topics that were touched upon were also discussed in Nintendo’s three-part Making Of… Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild which you can check out in one of our previous posts (Video) The Making Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

Continue reading IGN Talk With Zelda Devs About Breath Of The Wild