Super Mario Run has finally run its way to android devices, and with it comes a great number of changes that also affects the iOS version of the game as the huge Version 2.0.0 update is available right now!


In fact this update is so massive that there’s quite a bit to it, so much so we’ve got no choice but to share it all here, and more! I hope you have a few minutes to spare.

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What’s new in Version 2.0.0:

New playable characters added:

  • You can now get different colored Yoshis to join! Play Toad Rally with a Yoshi of a particular color to get more Toads of that color!


More of the game is now available to play for free:

  • Bowser’s Challenges are now available!
  • By completing one of Bowser’s challenges you can unlock the previously locked course 1-4, where you can do battle with Bowser! You can check the details of Bowser’s challenges by tapping 1-4.


If you clear course 1-4…

  • You will get new courses to play in Toad Rally! On the newly playable courses, red Toads will also be joined by blue and green ones to cheer you on!
  • You will be able to get buildings from the Shop that you previously couldn’t using those blue and green Toads. Among the buildings you can get is the Blue Yoshi’s House, which lets Blue Yoshi join your adventure!


New buildings to be added:

  • Look forward to the new buildings that will be added in an upcoming event!


Easier to get Rally Tickets in the Bonus Game House:

  • You can use the Rally Tickets you get to play Toad Rally!


Easy Mode can now be selected at the entrance of World Tour courses:

  • You’ll now be able to clear those trickier courses using Easy Mode!


The appearance rates of different colored Toads in Toad Rally has been adjusted.

  • You’ll be able to get lots of Toads and use them to get more buildings!


Adjustments have been made to the tutorial to make it easier to understand:

  • The tutorial will appear upon launching the game for the first time. Or, you can access it any time by tapping the How to Play button on the lower-right corner of the World Tour screen.
  • Learn all about Mario’s special actions, pink coins, and more!


Ease of play has been improved:

  • Adjusted the number of Rally Tickets that you get from the ? Block.
  • Adjusted the requirements to get some buildings in the Shop.


Other changes and improvements


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But this article does not end here, because there there’s more to this new update than what’s mentioned and it is four gifts in the gift box, which includes a Gold Toad Statue and some other rather nice goodies that we’ve got a photo of right here:


Additionally, as mentioned in the update notes above, the four new Yoshi characters have been updated and as much as I’d have liked to share the requirements to get them all, there’s a slight problem, I’ve already met the requirements for three of the Yoshis, so instead, I will just mention three other items added instead. Items such as a Gold Fireworks Cannon (costs 20,000 Gold Coins,) Silver Fireworks Cannon (costs 10,000 Gold Coins,) and a Regular Fireworks Cannon (costs 5,000 Gold Coins.)


And just like that, we’ve reached the end of everything we know about the new update (so far.) But remember, for everything Super Mario Run related, the site to go, is


Source: App Store

By Jack Longman

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6 thoughts on “[Update] Here’s Everything we Know about the Super Mario Run Version 2.0.0 Update”
  1. Ya know, I just removed this game from my phone as a way to prevent myself from ever playing it again! Haha, I loved it, but I just burned myself out trying to 100% everything. I finally did – and then promptly deleted it before more content could be added!

    Nice to see they’re adding more content to it, I was under the impression that Nintendo had no plans to add anything more.

    1. I know what you mean, I did the same and once the update came out, I just had to get all the new characters. Luckily I could already get three of them due to already meeting the requirements but it can become a little too much.

      1. I was up to 5,000 Toads so most likely I would automatically get some awards just from opening the game, but I know the rabbithole addiction that I’ll go through again if I do!

        1. I’ve got 9999 Toads. Max leveled every bad guy who can level up for more coins. Own two of every building and item and greenery and I still play it every day.

    2. As for new content, they said they wouldn’t do new levels and worlds, but new buildings would be something they’d do and events.

    3. I have literally 100% cleared it for the second time this year and it’s the only game I can boast such a thing about.

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