[Interview] Miketendo64 Twitter Based AMA with 13AM Games’ Alex Rushdy Recap

Since we love conducting interviews, and like to give back to our fans whenever we can and get them involved with our antics whenever possible, we wanted to find a way to merge all of those things together, and we did.

We decided we’d reach out to some devs to see if they would be up for doing some Twitter based AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and one particular 13AM Games dev was all too happy to take us up on our AMA invite and while the AMA is now well and truly over, here’s some of the very best highlights of our AMA with Alex Rushdy: 

AMA Intro

Banjo Or KazooieFav ConsoleFav Games So FarGoing to E3

Fav VG characterIndie Fighter GameStreet Fighter Switch

Guilty Gear

Runbow Sequel Changes

Runbow 2 Cameos

Runbow on Playstation

Too Much Waffle

Runbow On Switch

How long in development


Please bear in mind this is not the whole of the AMA and while we will not be sharing the entire thing, we will be adding more and more questions and answers in the coming days. So make sure to check back for all of that and more!


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