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Nintendo To Keep 3DS Going Well Past 2018

E3 2017 has been a big success for developers and journalists alike. IGN have been on fire grilling Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Amie for more details on the latest announcements from the Big N and also how the 3DS will fare against the Switch. Reggie Reaffirms that the 3DS in not going anyway soon and that Nintendo are still driven to keep the 3DS systems going alongside the Switch as they firmly believe that they offer two completely different experiences.

“The way we continue to make Nintendo 3DS vibrant as a platform is first we continue to innovate from form factor standpoint,” Fils-Aime said. “So the New 2DS XL is just the latest for us in having form factor innovation. We know colors are a key differentiator, consumers love the variety of different colors. And also the larger screen and the different form factor in the 2DS family, we think is a going to drive and continue to drive the 3DS platform.”

“We’re going to continue to bring new content, and that’s what’s going to keep this device vibrant and keep it going well into 2018 and beyond.”

You can read the full article here.

Source: IGN


Rocket League Developers Talk Game Details On Switch


Matt Kim from US Gamer had a chat with Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham at E3 2017 about their game Rocket League coming to the Nintendo Switch. Jeremy Dunham was very happy for Rocket League to come to the Switch and is well on board with cross play between Switch & XBox. Here is details that also came from the interview.

– Even if Rocket League isn’t the most graphically challenging game, it’s very dependent on the physics, which forced Psyonix to trade off marginally better resolution if it meant getting the game to run properly on the Switch version
– Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s success Switch was a huge motivator for the Psyonix team to get it right on the Switch

“In terms of pure greenlighting for when this project started, three months ago. If you wanna talk about when we first started investigating, messing with dev kits, late last year was about when we first started looking at it.”

– Nintendo first contacted Psyonix about a potential Switch outing before the console was even officially announced
– 8-player local multiplayer
– two-player split screen on a single Switch with each player using a single Joy-Con (party style)
– Works with the Switch Pro Controller

And if you are yet to see the trailer for Rocket League, we also have that covered.

Source: US Gamer & NintendoEverything

Metroid: Samus Returns’ Producers Talk With GameSpot About Game Conception, Features & More

During E3 2017, GameSpot got the opportunity to talk with Metroid Producer Yoshio Sakamoto & MercurySteam’s Jose Luis Márquez about how Metroid: Samus Returns came into development, who approached who, and the features that have been integrated into the game. You can check out the highlights of the interview below.

GameSpot: How long has Metroid: Samus Returns been in development?

Yoshio Sakamoto: About two years.


Did Nintendo seek MercurySteam out for this project or was it the other way around?

There was a very fateful meeting, so we’ll tell you that to start off with.

I just wanted to start out by saying I’ve been wanting to make a 2D Metroid game with today’s technology for quite a long time. It wasn’t only my personal desire, but also because I know there are a lot of people out there in the world who have been clamoring for a 2D Metroid game.

Then I heard of MercurySteam and they were looking to take on the challenge of remaking a Metroid game. It wasn’t Metroid II, but again I’d heard about this desire from the MercurySteam team.

I knew MercurySteam from their development work on Castelvania. I thought, “We’ve got to meet with these guys,” and so we flew out to Spain [where MercurySteam is located]. Over the course of that meeting, obviously we had a great time. It seemed like, wow, there’s a lot of potential here, and basically that’s really how it got started.

Jose Luis Márquez: Like Sakamoto-san said, we approached Nintendo to make a remake of a classic game. We are also a fan of the series, so we were happy to know that they wanted to collaborate with us.

How challenging has it been to revisit that game? It’s fairly old by today’s standards, and there are a lot of features that have been added into later Metroids that weren’t available in that title. Has a lot of it been redesigned around the more modern features?

As you said, of course, there’s a lot of new elements that we felt that we needed to add, things that were core to Metroid gameplay, so that would be some of these new abilities that we’re looking at.

Thanks to that collaboration with MercurySteam we were able to incorporate new stuff that is in line with what the series would expect, but on top of that, brand new stuff that is above and beyond that, and we were able to create what I think is a really wonderful installment in this series, and a large part of that is in thanks to this collaboration that we have.

What was the reason you went with polygonal visuals for this game as opposed to the traditional pixel style of older 2D Metroids?

For myself, my answer would be, of course, we wanted to incorporate a lot of varied animation. We wanted to make it look as good as we could and we thought really the polygonal art style was much more suited toward what we wanted to be the look of the game.

I think another merit of using polygons was that, because the games in 3D, we wanted to be able to look at things from a variety of different angles and we wanted to create what we think are these very dramatic and cool cut scenes.

If you would like to read the whole interview, you can find it here.

Source: GameSpot

[Review] Plantera DX (Nintendo Switch)


Developer: VaragtP Studios & Ratalaika Games

Publisher: Rainy Frog Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Simulation, Action & Strategy

Release Date: 8th of June, 2017 (JP) Continue reading [Review] Plantera DX (Nintendo Switch)

[Video] Super Mario Odyssey Supports Co-op Mode

If you was wondering whether Super Mario Odyssey would be supporting multiplayer, you may be a little disappointed but it will feature co-op gaming much like it did in Super Mario Galaxy. By that I mean that 2 players can play at the same time using each Joy-con, One to control Mario and the other to control Cappy. By controlling Cappy, the second play can defeat enemies and collect coins including the hard to reach ones and the first player gets to enjoy playing as Mario. you can see for yourself via the video below.

[Video] Why Nintendo Should Make Amiibo Cards For Switch

With Nintendo really pushing the Nintendo Switch with crystal clear advertising as to what it is, a home console on the go, and still driving the amiibo brand by announcing even more amiibo figures releasing throughout the year, it is fair to say that Nintendo are still on board with the Toys-to-life program. I love amiibo as it allows me to collect my favourite character and figure form an display them in all their beauty and the fact they can unlock extra content in games is a bonus, I fear that amiibo figures may not key in too well with the Nintendo Switch’s Streamlined “Gaming on the Go.”

Not everyone who owns a Switch, owns amiibo and those that do are not necessarily going to whip them out in public to scan on top of their console to earn some extra goodies or unlock a costume. Also with some amiibo figures being hard to find due to their limited availability, sure there must be an easier way to collect our favourite characters and still unlock the extra goodies in our favourite games. Well there is and it comes in the form of amiibo cards and allow me to explain how they can work better for both the consumer and Nintendo with our video below.


[Review] Mighty Gunvolt Burst (Nintendo Switch)


Developer: Inti Creates

Publisher: Inti Creates

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Action

Release Date: 15th of June, 2017 (JP, EU & NA) Continue reading [Review] Mighty Gunvolt Burst (Nintendo Switch)

[Video] ARMS Day 0 Tips (Nintendo Switch)

Nintendo UK have launched a video on their YouTube Channel which has Nintendo fans and Smash Bros Experts giving tips about this new competitive game to help give prospective players the edge over friends and in competitions.

On another note, GameXplain learned that there may be an announcement about ARMS during the Treehouse E3 Live Stream later today during their ARMS segment

Source: Nintendo UK

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Details Have Been Datamined

Details about the Switch’s online app have been datamined from the console. Some fans have found this information by rooting around in the console’s data files and it seems to have a lobby function built in. The name was also found along with an image that comes with a typo which will hopefully get fixed when it becomes official.

Here is what was found within the source code:

Your room has been created.

You can invite friends to the room via
the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app.


Code for friends to join the room without an invitation

Allow Nintendo Switch friends to join the room using a code

You can use the pre-release version of the service for free

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge

Invite friends and enjoy voice chat while gaming, all via your smart device!

The Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app is required to use this feature

Send Notification to My Smart Device

You can use voice chat from the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app.

Your room has been created.

With any luck, these features will be implemented soon as Splatoon 2 is set to be released next month which uses the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge to match up players and enable voice chat.

Source: Atheerios (NeoGaf)

Glixel Talks With Reggie Fils-Aime About Nintendo’s Direction, Competitive Play, Revamping Franchises & More.

The folks over at Glixel were able to get an insightful interview with Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime, discussing the direction Nintendo is heading with the competitive scene, Revamping Franchises, their Mobile Game Market strategy and so much more. We have provided a few extracts below but you can check out the full interview here.

Nintendo seems to be quietly becoming more and more about competition in the design of its games. Mario Kart, Splatoon, nowArms and of course, Smash Bros. Is that a recent shift? Is there a broader, esports ambition there?
You know, it’s not a recent shift. When you look at the NES system – the first system with two dedicated controllers. If you look at what we’ve done with N64, which was a true four-player machine – and you look at GoldenEye and some of those experiences and obviously Smash Bros. has been part of the competitive gaming circuit for a long long time and even the original Nintendo Championships from 1995, we’ve been in the space for a long time. What I would say is different in how we think about competitive gaming is that we think about the community, we think about trying to encourage and empower the community – you see that with Splatoon, you see that with Smash Bros. – and for us it’s about having more and more players engaged and having fun and battling each other versus how others are thinking about in terms of leagues and big startup money and things of that nature, that for us is not as interesting, at least not today.

It seems with the DS, and now especially with the Switch, that there’s a closeness – an intimacy – that you’re going for with your hardware.
Honestly, I think that’s driven by the game. What I mean by that is – let’s take The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That is about me and my Nintendo Switch, and whether I’m playing it this way or that way, to me that is not an experience I’m looking to share with others versus Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I mean, to me that game’s all about four of us or six of us or eight of us playing together. And so, I think it’s game-based whether I think it is a personal experience or whether it’s a social experience. We’re fortunate in that our devices enable you to have both.

Is that why Kirby and Yoshi are very simple brand names – which feels like a reboot? Are you seeing a generational shift?
Certainly we constantly have to reintroduce people to our IP. Zelda:Breath Of The Wild – I’m a huge Zelda fan – but I recognize there were 15 year olds who didn’t know what Zelda was, didn’t know the magic of the Zelda franchise and creating something that they could own and say “this is my Zelda, this is fun, this is a game I want to play,” was critically important. And yes, we’re doing that with Metroid and we’re doing that with Yoshi and we’re doing that with Kirby. We have to. Continuously. Folks like us will continue to play these franchises that we love but we constantly have to refill that pipeline with new fans to engage with these intellectual properties.

Source: Glixel.com


[Video] E3 Pokken Tournament DX Invitational Underway

The Pokken Tournament DX Invitational is now well underway and the first round has been uploaded to YouTube which you can view right here. We will be posting the following rounds as they get uploaded.

Splatoon 2 Runs 1080p At 60 FPS When In Docked Mode & Salmon Run Gameplay

During the Nintendo Treehouse Live Stream at E3, one of the Staff that demonstrated Splatoon 2 mentioned that the game will run at 1080p & 60 frames per second (Handheld mode will be only be 720p). Splatoon 2 producer Hishashi Nogami then confirmed that it was indeed correct.

The Treehouse team also got hands on with the Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 2 and showed that the difficulty of the mode can go as far as 200%. You can see for yourself below.

[Video] New Yoshi 2018 Game Showcase On Nintendo Treehouse E3 2017

Nintendo are going full force with their showcasing of games at E3 and the Nintendo Treehouse are following suit by providing gameplay to some of the games that were announce during the Nintendo Spotlight presentation. One such game was titled simply as Yoshi for now, which has been slated for a 2018 release for Nintendo Switch. You can check out the gameplay in the video below.

[Review] Venom Switch Racing Wheels Video Review

Hello hello to all you lovely readers, I have a video review for any of you looking to enhance your Nintendo Switch experience. Venom Gaming UK graciously sent us a pair of their Switch Racing Wheels Accessories (courtesy of Little Big PR) that actually work rather well with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but can also double as a decent enough controller to play other games as well like Ultra Streetfighter II or NBA Playgrounds. So without further ado, allow me to present you with our Video Review.

[Video] Super Mario Odyssey- Developer Diary Looks Into Customization & Confirms Functionality With All Current Amiibo

Nintendo have uploaded a video title “Super Mario Odyssey- Developer Diary Which gives a look into the customization of costumes in game and controller options. It also stated that all current amiibo will work with Super Mario Odyssey. How they will function with the game has not been confirmed but wouldn’t it be nice if they game Mario themed costumes. Anyway, you can check out the Dev Diary video below.