Super Mario Odyssey is most definitely one of the hottest things at the Nintendo booth at E3 and the web right now (for Nintendo fans anyway). So much so that we just can’t get enough of all the incredible details that are flowing out into the internet. Nintendo Everything have courteously compiled a list together of what you can expect from Super Mario Odyssey ranging from Gameplay controls to the diversity of the Kingdoms and so much more. Check it out below.

– Hat serves as a weapon, a platform, a way to collect items and a tool to capture enemies
– Hat throws mapped to Joy-Con motion controls
– Can also use the X and Y buttons to fling it
– Flicking your wrists once throws the hat out
– Flicking them up or down will send your hat in those directions
– Flicking both wrists also creates a spin attack, spinning the hat around Mario
– Switch Pro Controller supported, which has gyro support
– Capture Bullet Bills to fly across areas inaccessible to Mario before
– Capture lightbulb-like objects to zoom to inaccessible areas of New Donk City
– Worlds called Kingdoms
– Capturable giant binoculars that give you a better vantage point of the whole area
– Capturing a Chain Chomp will let you break down huge obstacles
– Extremely stretchy-legged monster used to hop to new platforms
– Wild-looking capture opportunities were part of the huge prototyping process that took place for Super Mario Odyssey
– It was this process that lead to the game’s different Kingdoms, with different game mechanics
– Stages have high density of gameplay elements
– Mario must rescue Princess Peach from Bowser yet again
– He’s taken her far outside of the Mushroom Kingdom for this jaunt
– Not saying how many Kingdoms in the game, but they’ll be diverse
– See things never before in Mario titles
– Many of these you’ve seen in the real world
– Power Moons are the things you collect
– These power Mario’s airship as he flies from Kingdom to Kingdom
– Instead of Mario being kicked out to a main world after he finds each, he’ll keep moving ahead to new ones
– Far more Power Moons than main-game collectables in games like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine
– There aren’t also any “mandatory” story moons to collect as well
– This was difficult to develop for
– Can continue the story or just explore and go at your own pace
– Choosing either of those play styles is something Nintendo hadn’t really had to do before in a 3D Mario

Source: Nintendo Everything

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