[Random] The Costumes of Super Mario Odyssey

When it comes to Super Mario Odyssey, the game has plenty of cool things to offer, just like various costumes, but did you know the costumes have been worn before?


On the top row we have Mario as seen in Picross 2 (1996) and Mario x Qix (1990), whereas on the bottom row we have Mario from NES Open Tournament (1987) and Yoshi’s Cookie (1993) and even then the cameos don’t seem to end there, as going by the footage and photo we have below, a certain Super Mario Maker outfit is available in-game as well.


Also purely because we can, here is a photo of the map for Super Mario Odyssey and a link to its official Twitter account:



Stay tuned for more Super Mario Odyssey news!

Source: @RetroCabeza (Twitter), Nintendo JP (YouTube) & @mario_odysseyJP (Twitter)


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