This week’s News round-up consists of the Pokémon Sword exclusive Pokémon SirFetch’d which is the evolutionary form to Farfetch’d. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is confirmed to receive DLC and three classic Dragon Quest games were confirmed to be coming to the West on Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest Logo

Square Enix has revealed that the first three Dragon Quest games are coming West for the Nintendo Switch. It was previously revealed that they are releasing in Japan but it has now been confirmed that North America and Europe will also be getting all three games. Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries Of The Legendary Line and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds Of Salvation will all launch on September 27th and are available to purchase and download separately on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

We have an overive from the official announcement below:

Upon its release in 1986, the pivotal DRAGON QUEST series became a cultural phenomenon, accumulating a large, passionate fanbase of millions worldwide, and set the standard for the RPG genre. This modern collection of the classic titles features simple and intuitive controls that mimic retro gameplay, paying homage to where the legacy began.

The iconic Erdrick trilogy begins in the acclaimed DRAGON QUEST where players begin their voyage as the “Hero,” a descendent of the valiant hero Erdrick in an epic journey through the historic realm of Alefgard. DRAGON QUEST II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line takes place a century later, where the young prince of Midenhall embarks on a journey to find the other two descendants of Erdrick in order to defeat the nefarious Hargon. The third and final title in the Erdrick trilogy, DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation, takes players through the land of Aliahan, where a young hero has been charged with an impossible task of slaying Baramos, the master of darkness.

DRAGON QUEST will be priced at $4.99, DRAGON QUEST II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line will be priced at $6.49, and DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation will be priced at $12.49. All three titles will be available digitally for the Nintendo Switch system on September 27 and are rated T (Teen) by the ESRB.

Source: Square Enix PR

Luigi's Mansion3 logo.pngA listing for Luigi’s Mansion 3 has appeared on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The game is now available to pre-load ahead of its release on October 30th. What is interesting about the listing is that reveals that Paid DLC will be coming to the game in the near future. Towards the end of the description in the listing, there is a statement in regards to Paid DLC and that it will bring new content to the Game’s multiplayer modes, Scarescraper and ScreamPark. 


No other information has been shared at this time.

Source: Nintendo Switch eShop



The Official Pokémon Channel teased a new Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield earlier on in the week with a pixelated image. It has now been officially revealed to be a Sword exclusive evolutionary form for Farfetch’d. The new Pokémon is Sirfetch’d, the fighting-type Pokémon. It yields a leak sword and a leaf shield and possesses the ability Steadfast.

If you have yet to see the introduction video for Sirfetch’d, you can check it out below.

Source: The Official Pokémon Channel (YouTube)

Fight N Rage Logo

Blitworks Studios have announced that they are bringing the 2D arcade beat ’em up Fight ‘N Rage to the Nintendo Switch. The game will be releasing on the console on September 27th. The game features three-player local co-op, unlockable costumes, alternate paths and extra characters.

We have an overview and a trailer for the game below.

Fight’N Rage is a 2D arcade brawler inspired by the classic fighting gems of the 90’s. It mimics the aesthetics and simplified three-button gameplay of legendary games such as FInal Fight, Battletoads and Captain Commando.
Originally released on Steam, Fight’N Rage is set in a far future in which human beings are enslaved by mutants. A female kick-boxer named Gal, a minotaur-like rebel mutant called Ricardo, and F. Norris, a mysterious ninja whose past is a mystery, will join forces to defeat the mutant leader The Boss and bring back peace to Earth.
Fight’N Rage features three players local co-op mode with optional friendly fire. It contains alternative paths, cutscenes and endings that can change based on the selected characters and your own decisions.
Source: Blitworks PR
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