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Weekly News Round-Up (November 11th, 2019) Happy Birthday Miyamoto!

Hey folks, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield have been getting a bad wrap from fans before giving the games’ a chance to defend themselves but let’s look at the more positive side of things for this week. We have Untitled Goose Game and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate winning awards at the Golden Joystick Awards, Shigeru… View Article
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Weekly News Round-up (November 4th, 2019)

Hello all! for this week’s Weekly News Round-up, We have surprise game releases, Cease & Desist Takedowns on YouTube For Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Leaks and Events being canceled in Japan.   Nintendo has released a new game straight to the Nintendo eShop called The Stretchers. Published by Nintendo, the game is actually developed by… View Article
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Weekly News Round-up (October 28th, 2019)

Well, this week has been a head-turner with some topics. Shigeru Miyamoto is to be awarded the ‘Person of Cultural Merit’ award in Japan for his worldwide recognition in the creation of the Super Mario and The Legend Of Zelda video game franchises. Ex Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime has been achieved “Legend” Status. He… View Article
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Darksiders Genesis

Weekly News Round-Up (October 21st, 2019) Darksiders Genesis Release Date, Two-Point Hospital Delay,

Hey folks, we apologize for missing out on the news round-up last week, attending EGX took distracted me a little bit with covering the weekly news. This week, however, it’s back to normality and there is a fair bit to cover. THQ Nordic have released a new trailer for the next installment in the Darksiders… View Article
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Weekly News Update (September 30th, 2019) Luigi Month, Alpha Dream Bankruptcy, Super Mario Maker 2 Update

This week is a bit of a roller coaster ride for news. The game developers for the Mario & Luigi Series, Alpha Dream has filled for bankruptcy. Super Mario Maker 2 receives a new update that allows friends to play together online. The official Super Mario UK Twitter account has changed their account name to… View Article
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Weekly News Round-up (September 23rd, 2019) – Mario Kart Tour, Mario Kart Wheel, etc.

A new week, a new round-up. Whilst I can’t cover everything that has happened (I can never find enough hours in the day), here are the most notable things that have happened this week. Mario Kart Tour has now released on smart devices and it seems to be a bit of a bittersweet experience, most… View Article
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Weekly News Round-up (September 16th, 2019) – SirFetch’d, Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC

This week’s News round-up consists of the Pokémon Sword exclusive Pokémon SirFetch’d which is the evolutionary form to Farfetch’d. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is confirmed to receive DLC and three classic Dragon Quest games were confirmed to be coming to the West on Nintendo Switch. Square Enix has revealed that the first three Dragon Quest games… View Article
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SNES - Nintendo Switch Online

Weekly News Round-up (September 2nd, 2019) – Nintendo Direct, SNES Games On Switch, Etc.

Hey folks, it’s time for our weekly news round-up! So obviously, straight out of the bag is the Nintendo Direct, which aired on September 4th for US and UK (September 5th for everywhere else) and announced many new games coming to the Nintendo Switch. It also officially confirmed games that were rumoured shortly before, like… View Article
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Weekly News Round-up (August 26th, 2019) – Ice Age: SNA, Shovel Knight Dig, Jumanji: TVA trailer

Hey folks! Another new change to Miketendo64, is we will be rounding up the weekly news into one article as opposed to the many that we do daily that clutters up our followers’ email inboxes. While there will still be so much to cover in one article, we will highlight our favorite news headlines and… View Article
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