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If any of you, like myself had been hoping for a Luigi’s Mansion amiibo to release alongside Luigi’s Mansion 3, you are out of luck. Nate Bihldorff of Nintendo Treehouse was recently interviewed by GameXplain and one of the questions they asked was whether amiibo will be supported. Nate reveals that the game does not have any amiibo functionality.

Luigi's Mansion 3 amiibo

This is a bit of a downer as it means it is unlikely that Nintendo will release a new Luigi amiibo if the game doesn’t have amiibo support. I had already had my heart set on collecting, Luigi, Gooigi, Professor E. Gadd and Polterpup amiibo should they have been announced but I guess it is not to be.

If you have yet to see the interview with GameXplain and Nate Bihldorff, you can check it out below. If you want to skip to where Andre asks Nate about amiibo support, you can find it from minute 26:10.

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