Luigi's Mansion 3 Achievements

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has plenty to do with tons of collectibles to find and ghosts to hunt and collect. There are also 53 Luigi’s Mansion 3 Achievements for those that really want to go the extra mile. The achievements are broken up into four categories. These categories are Collection, Hotel, Battle, and Scarescraper.

Some achievements can only be earned in certain game modes. The Gems, for example, can only be found in the main story. Coins, on the other hand, can be collected through both the main story and Scarescraper Mode. There are a few particular achievements like “Collected 3,000 gold bars” which you might not be able to do in the main story alone. Fortunately, the gold bars you collect in ScareScraper Mode can also count to earning the achievement.

Some of Luigi’s Mansion 3 achievements are not viewable in-game until you have started working your way through that particular achievement. Instead, they are listed as ???. Not to worry though as we have you covered. We have listed every achievement below as it is displayed upon completion in the game. Use the contents to take you to a particular section of the guide.

How to view Luigi’s Mansion 3 Achievements

To view your achievements, you will need to go to the pause menu and then click on ‘E.Gadd Hotline”, from there, select “Log” and you will be taken to your objectives. Press the R button and you will be shown the Achievements screen.


Collection (23)

  • Collected a total of 10,000 coins
  • Collected a total of 6,000 bills
  • Collected a total of 3,000 gold bars
  • Collected a total of 150 pearls
  • Collected all gems in the hotel
  • Collected all gems in the basement
  • Collected all gems in the Grand Lobby
  • Collected all gems in the RIP Suites
  • Collected all gems in the hotel shops
  • Collected all gems in the mezzanine
  • Collected all gems in the Great Stage
  • Collected all gems in Castle MacFrights
  • Collected all gems in the Garden Suites
  • Collected all gems in Paranormal Productions
  • Collected all gems in the Unnatural History Museum
  • Collected all gems in the boilerworks
  • Collected all gems in the Tomb Suites
  • Collected all gems in the Twisted Suites
  • Collected all gems in The Spectral Catch
  • Collected all gems in the fitness center
  • Collected all gems in the dance hall
  • Collected all gems in the master suite
  • Captured all Boos in the hotel

Hotel (17)

  • Rode the elevator 50 times
  • Found all haunted objects in the 2F dressing room
  • Removed all spiders and webs behind 5F laundry room
  • Sucked up all merchandise in the hotel shops
  • Cleared billiards table in the 2F entertainment room
  • Found and defeated the ghost orchestra on 4F
  • Found the royal coffers in Castle MacFrights
  • Used the Strobulb on all Strobe Flowers in the Garden Suites
  • Captured the director ghost in Paranormal Productions
  • Destroyed all exhibits in the Unnatural History Museum
  • Played music in the boilerworks observation room
  • Found and popped the beach ball in Tomb Suites
  • Cleaned up all stuffed bunnies in Twisted Suites
  • Shot down the moon from the Spectral Catch
  • Got all mice in the fitness center locker room
  • Snuck into the hidden vault in the dance hall
  • Found the Golden Goobs in the Master Bathroom.

Battle (7)

  • Defeated 500 total pests
  • Captured 999 total ghosts
  • Captured 500 Mini Ghosts
  • Defeated a ghost by slamming it into another ghost
  • Destroyed a Hammer using a single tether
  • Defeated 6 ghosts at once (view how-to video)
  • Slammed a ghost 7 times in a row. (press the A button rhythmically to slam, don’t mash)

ScareScraper (6)

  • Cleared the 5-floor ScareScraper
  • Cleared the 10-floor ScareScraper
  • Defeated 40 rare ghosts in ScareScraper.
  • Revived teammates 20 times in ScareScarper.
  • Completed 100 total floors in Scarescraper
  • Defeated Boolossus 20 times in Scarescraper

We hope you find our Luigi’s Mansion 3 Achievements guide useful. If you get stuck on any of them and would like any tips, be sure to leave a comment and we will help in any way we can!

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