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Super Mario Odyssey Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Well guys and girls, today is November 12 and it marks the closing of our Super Mario Odyssey Giveaway. So it is time for us to announce the winner but before we do, we would like to thank everyone who participated and that though this giveaway has ended, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t another Giveaway in the works. We do love our giveaways here at Miketendo64 so be sure to keep following us as to stay updated on our next giveaway, along with our reviews and other great content.

So to start off, the three runners-up who will be receiving our Mario Odyssey amiibo cards are;


And the Winner of our Super Mario Odyssey Game Giveaway Is….


Congratulations to you all! We will be in touch with the winners shortly to ask for your postal addresses to send you your prizes. Please note that we are sending them from outside the US, so it could take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive.

To everyone else that participated, thank you again and though this may be no great prize, we have put together a photo collage of our top entries.

super mario odyssey giveaway photo collage-694089011..jpg

But like we said before, we do have another giveaway coming up real soon so there is always another opportunity to win with Miketendo64!

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!


A Super Mario Odyssey Giveaway!!!

To help celebrate the arrival of Super Mario Odyssey to the Nintendo Switch and as a final act to #MarioWeek, we are giving away a physical copy of the game to one lucky follower. That’s not all though, as we will also be including 3 amiibo cards of the newest Super Mario Odyssey amiibo courtesy of our Good friend Juanill0. We will also select three runners up that will also each win three amiibo cards featuring Super Mario, Princess Peach & Bowser in their Bridal best.

Mario Odyssey Amiibo Cards

Well thoses are the prizes but you may be asking “How can I enter the giveaway?” Well don’t you worry as I am here to tell you how!

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[Giveaway] Power of Two (an I and Me Plush Toy Giveaway) Begins!

Hey guys, know how we did that whole I and Me giveaway on Twitter? Well we’re not quite done with the game just yet, or with giveaways in general!


So with that thought in mind, here’s a little announcement we wish to share for our next giveaway, courtesy of a little something we wrote with Ratalaika Games: Continue reading [Giveaway] Power of Two (an I and Me Plush Toy Giveaway) Begins!

Hyrule Herald Hosting Charity Fundraiser & Nintendo Switch Giveaway!

Our Friends over at Hyrule Herald & Ready Gamer One are hosting a charity fund raising event and giveaway to help raise money for Camp Sunshine which is a retreat for children with life threatening illnesses and their families. Their goal is to raise $1000 for the charity and will be giving away a Nintendo Switch with The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. You can check out their Full Announcement below

Hyrule Herald & Ready Gamer One Looking to Raise $1000 for Camp Sunshine Fundraiser

The Hyrule Herald and it’s podcast, Ready Gamer One, are looking to raise $1000 for Camp Sunshine, a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families in an online fundraiser.

Camp Sunshine was started in 1984 with the mission of providing retreats combing respite, recreation, and support and enabling hope and joy for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families throughout the various stages of any child’s illness. With sessions offered year round, Camp Sunshine books sessions that cater to the entire family, which includes on-site medical, psychological, and offers bereavement sessions for families coping for the loss of a child from a supported illness.

Starting Monday, August 14th, The Hyrule Herald will initiate the online fundraiser with a free Nintendo amiibo giveaway on their Facebook page. Once live, the fundraiser will function as an online raffle, meaning that every $1 donated, the entrant is guaranteed two “raffle tickets” that will be drawn at random throughout the week. 

So there’s no confusion, if someone were to donate $5, they’d receive 10 tickets, $10, 20 tickets, $20, 40 tickets, and so on. There’s no limit to how much someone can donate. Also, a ticket has been drawn, that does not mean if there were more tickets in the mix, that the other tickets are taken out of the drawing. The more you donate, the better your chances to keep winning!

“We’re hoping people will donate for this awesome cause,” says Lucas Corbitt, managing editor of The Hyrule Herald. “Ben has done his his homework in selecting a great organization that will benefit children and their families. How could a Nintendo fan-site not choose this organization for a fundraiser?”

The grand prize for the giveaway is a brand new Nintendo Switch console and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild collector’s edition. The full fundraiser prize roster is below:

  • Hyrule Herald Admin for A Day
  • Ready Gamer One Special Guest Host for An Episode
  • Up to 8 World of Nintendo Collectible Figures
  • Up to 10 Random amiibo
  • Nintendo eShop Cards
  • GameStop Gift Cards
  • Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch
  • Two 3DS Titles
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for the WiiU with Wolf Link+Midna amiibo
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch + The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Collector’s Edition

Both The Hyrule Herald staff and Ready Gamer One staff have equally agreed to participate in milestone challenges for this fundraiser event. After a milestone dollar amount is meant in the fundraiser, our staff members will participate in different challenges for fun.

“Even after just a few hundred dollars are raised, my amazing staff has agreed to participate in some form of a mildly humiliating challenge that harkens back to the glory days of Nickelodeon,” says Ben Cornett, owner of The Hyrule Herald and Ready Gamer One. “When choosing Camp Sunshine and seeing their mission statement is about benefiting not only children, but their families and to make lasting memories, all I can think back is to being a kid and enjoying TV time with my family, which either alternated on some exciting NES game play or something on Nickelodeon or Disney.”

If James Marsden will get slimed for Splatoon, we can too.

“A lot of us that worked together previously did these kind of challenges and what not before, and if it’s to raise money for charity, I welcome a pie in the face,” added Lucas Corbitt. “I have no problem looking silly if it’ll get us to our goal.”

The goal is set to $1000. When asked if the goal is not met, Mr. Cornett replied, “Unfortunately if we don’t get to the $1000 mark, then we’re not giving away the Switch. It doesn’t mean we’re not donating raised money to Camp Sunshine. We’re going to provide them whatever we raised, but I don’t like to think like that. I have faith in Nintendo fans. When it comes to benefiting children, most Nintendo fans will spare more than a dollar.”

“This fundraiser gives our brands a chance to stand up and be a beacon of hope. Ben tires to instill that philosophy into all of us that work with him,” says Branden Loera, Host of Ready Gamer One. “He always leads by example and I know for him, it’s not about how many likes, follows, re-tweets, or click-bait articles can get out there. For him, it’s about making a difference in the world and inspiring others to do so, too.”

When asked why he settled on Camp Sunshine, Mr. Cornett replied: “Camp Sunshine came to my attention when working on a project for my actual job. I had the great pleasure of working with the very talented and energetic Tomm Polos, and he opened up to me about Camp Sunshine and the charity work he previously did for them. Mr. Polos inspired me to choose this organization with his selfless act of giving and the hard work he put himself through in running up the Empire State Building. The least we can do is take a cue from him and inspire others.”

Winners for the contest will be announced through the week of the event. Once the winner is contacted and announced, they will have 24 hours to claim their prize before a re-draw occurs. All prizes will ship in September 2017.

For more information, stay tuned to our various social media channels and our podcast, Ready Gamer One. 

5 Weeks of I and Me (a Miketendo64 Giveaway)

At Miketendo64, we love our giveaways and because there’s never been a giveaway for Switch, where 50 download codes of a single game were available to be one, we wanted to be the first!


So here is what we did. We joined forces with Ratalaika Games, who brought I and Me to Nintendo Switch for Europe on July 6th whilst Rainy Frog Games brought it to Japan on the same day and we were given 50 codes to do as we please! Therefore because it is 50 codes, we want to make the giveaway to be special, so instead of giving them out in a single week, we’re giving away 10 a week, every week, for 5 weeks, so that way more people have a chance to win.

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Grow your own Garden with Plantera & Plantera Code Giveaway Details!

For quite some time now it has been known that Ratalaika Games have been working on a Plantera port for both Wii U and 3DS, but up until now, there hasn’t been any news of a release date, until today!

But unlike other Plantera articles you may have seen today, covered by our fellow media sites, we actually received a press release from Ratalaika which offers a description on the game, covers cross-buy and even covers differences between the Nintendo versions and the original Steam version, and you can see it right here:

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Want to Win a Digital Copy of SteamWorld Heist for the Wii U? Then Listen Up!

In Europe, SteamWorld Heist releases this week and the company behind the game are giving away two digital copies for the game and we’ve got the details here:

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A Mew for You (A Miketendo64 Giveaway)

Love Pokémon and want to get your hands on a free Mew? Then listen up because this might just be the giveaway for you! Continue reading A Mew for You (A Miketendo64 Giveaway)