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The First Monthly Summary is Now Viewable with the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app

Just before the Switch released, Nintendo put out the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, but for those of us who hoped it would provide an accurate record keeping of our Switch game playing, sadly that is really not the case.

For those of us who downloaded the app, we are already aware the app does not separate user play time, meaning if you and a friend both use the same Switch and one played for one hour and the other played for two, the app will say three regardless, but even then the means of record keeping is not accurate to the very minute. I’m not expecting the app to tell me I played Breath of the Wild for 2 hours 3 minutes and 37 seconds as that would be ludicrous, but it would have been nice to be given an actual minute as opposed to rounding it off the nearest 5. (In this case, nearest 5 would be 2 hours and 5 minutes.)


As far as this app goes, while the premise is good, the statistics could be a lot better and more work needs to be done with it so that users can put play restrictions on individual players and not just on the whole system. However at this point, you may be wondering what does all this have to do with the subject matter this title hints out?


Well the whole inaccurate record keeping has everything to do with it, because as we have moved into a new month, the first monthly summary (for March 2017) is available for viewing now and instead of being able to tell me just how many hours I put into each games, it prioritises the games in a different way, by only showing the Top 10 titles I spent the most days playing.


Then when I actually go into the breakdown to see what’s what, it can’t even tell me just how many hours I have spent playing Zelda and the other titles, or how many hours I myself have out in, since I’m not the only user playing it (for example, avlongman9 also uses my Switch and has played for at least 8 hours.) But even then, I’m not getting accurate numbers and nor are those of you who also have the app, because the numbers are of course rounded off to the nearest 5/10.


So like I previously said, the app is good, but it needs a lot of work and could be far better. Parents and players want, no need a more accurate means of keeping track of just how long they/their kids have been playing and right now, the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app just isn’t cutting the mustard so it will be interesting to see what Nintendo does next, i.e. update the app to make it more accurate and better, or just add a proper means of record keeping to the Switch.


But I’m waffling on now, so I’m going to call this done and let you all get back to your Sunday Funday of gaming and I’ll see you all again next week for more Miketendo64 Nintendo coverage!



Source: Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App



Super Mario Run has Run its Way to the Google Play Store

Good things come to those who wait and you android owners have waited long enough.


While it is not the 23rd of March in Europe or North America, it is in Japan and Australia and that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from releasing the app worldwide and finally bringing it to the Google Play Store, so if you’re eager to try it out for yourself, the time is now!


Source: Google Play Store


Save the Date! Super Mario Run Runs its Way to android Devices on March 23rd

Owners of android devices, you have been patient for far too long and now it is time to be patient a little while longer!

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Aspiring Switch Owners can now Download the Switch Parental Controls App

Whether you own an android phone, or an iOS device, you can now download the Switch Parental Controls app straight from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

There is however two things that will need to be said, in order to set the app up, you will need a Nintendo account to sign into and you will also be requiring a Nintendo Switch to sync/connect the app to. So even if you didn’t download it today, you can do so tomorrow when you actually have a Switch to call your own. Continue reading Aspiring Switch Owners can now Download the Switch Parental Controls App

Google is Now Actively Promoting Super Mario Run & Fire Emblem Heroes in the Google Play Store

Just in case android users weren’t aware Super Mario Run & Fire Emblem Heroes are on their way, they will be aware now!

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Android Version of Fire Emblem Heroes Appears to Use Google Play Games

But why does this matter? I guess you’re going to have to read to find out.

According to Fire Emblem Heroes’ Play Store page states the game uses Google Play Games. A feature many games in the store uses, but a feature that often comes with in-game achievements, leaderboards, and even automatic sign-ins and page on mobile devices, a certain. But for the sake of asking it again, why does this matter?

Image may contain: text

Well how about the fact that Miitomo doesn’t use Google Play Games and while Super Mario Run is not currently out on android just yet, it does however have a pre-register page like Fire Emblem Heroes does in the Play Store, except unlike Heroes, it doesn’t use Google Play Services. This means the android version is the first of Nintendo’s apps to incorporate such a feature, but shows there is more to the game then we know already and has something to offer to devoted Google Play Games achievement seekers. Plus Miketendo64 gets credit for noticing and reporting on it first.

No automatic alt text available.

Although joking aside and yes the credit line was only intended as a joke, it would be interesting to learn what kind of achievements the game will utilise and see just how the leaderboard will be incorporated and function.

  Fire Emblem Heroes- screenshot

Heroes just got a little more interesting.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes

You Can now Pre-Register for Super Mario Run For Android Devices

Nintendo might not be ready to announce an Android release date for Super Mario Run just yet, but they have just given us a release window. Continue reading You Can now Pre-Register for Super Mario Run For Android Devices

Pokémon GO Has Now Surpassed 100 Million Downloads on Android Devices

It seems the recent releases in additional countries has really helped Pokémon GO soar to even greater heights as the app has amassed over $200 million dollars in revenue and surpassed 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store. Continue reading Pokémon GO Has Now Surpassed 100 Million Downloads on Android Devices

15 more Countries see the Release of Pokémon GO

It seems the global rollout for Pokémon GO is back in the full swing of things now as a whopping 15 more countries have been added to the list of nations officially allowed to play Pokémon GO. The 15 nations where the app is now downloadable from the Google Play Store and the App Store are as follows: Continue reading 15 more Countries see the Release of Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is Sitting Pretty at 75 Million Downloads

Sensor Tower have been at it again, crunching the numbers for Pokémon GO and a few interesting things have turned up, for example there are twice as many people playing Pokémon GO on Android devices as opposed to iOS.
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Pokémon GO Surpasses 50 Million Downloads Worldwide & That’s Just on Android Devices

When we covered the release of Pokémon GO in Japan, on the 22nd we wrote it was expected Pokémon GO would sustain another 10 million downloads within 4 days of the release and be at 60 million downloads by the 5th of August. Well those expectations failed to consider just how popular the Pokémon GO is. Continue reading Pokémon GO Surpasses 50 Million Downloads Worldwide & That’s Just on Android Devices

The “All-New” Pokémon Game for Android Devices is Out Now!

At the start of this month, there were a few rumours going around, rumours such as a Sun and Moon reveal, (this rumour came to be before Masuda sent out the tweet that kicked everything off,) more details on the upcoming Pokémon movie, Pokémon GO leaks and a new game announced for mobile devices. Well a game has been announced, but it’s not new in the slightest. It is out now though!


Who remembers back in April, over a month and a week ago when it was announced that the Pokémon Trading Card Game beta version was now available in the Google Play Store for Android tablets? Well after 5 weeks of getting to grips with the beta, the full version is out now! To run it, your Android tablet will want to be running on Android OS 4.0 or later and if you are a fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, then this is something you will love as you will be able to battle against friends and other players all over the world, build decks from your own card collection and even compete in online tournaments. Oh and if you’re wondering if it’s on iOS devices, it is and has been since 2014. It even saw a new update at the start of last week.


But for Android users, the path to becoming a Trading Card Pokémon Master starts here! Will you be downloading the free app? Let us know!


Source: John Dye of Android Authority

Camp Pokémon – Now in the Google Play Store

Mobile app Camp Pokémon has been out for quite some time on iOS devices, (October 2014) and now after quite the wait, the Google Play Store has opened its doors to Camp Pokémon.

Camp Pokémon finally made its Android debut on the 14th of April and is free to download, so if you are looking for an app in which you can learn about Pokémon, explore an island where all manner of mini-games can be discovered, then Camp Pokémon is the mobile app for you.

It even comes with the Pokémon Theatre where you can see all sort of promo videos for fans of all ages. Then there’s the new Pokémon TCG Match activity, plus pins and stickers that can be used to track your progress and collected throughout the game.



And just in case you find yourself getting stuck, the camp counsellors are on hand to guide you through your latest Pokémon adventure.


 Now although the official Pokémon website merely states Android devices, Camp Pokémon doesn’t work with all phones, so if you do want it, you’re better off using a table. So what are you waiting for? Take a trip to Camp Pokémon today! Even if you don’t have an Android device, (tablet) you can still play it if you have an iPad, iPod Touch or an iPhone device that are operating on iOS 7 or later.


Source: Pokemon.com