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It seems the recent releases in additional countries has really helped Pokémon GO soar to even greater heights as the app has amassed over $200 million dollars in revenue and surpassed 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

It was only 13 days ago, the app had surpassed 75 and now just under two weeks later, another 25 million Android users have downloaded the app. The app’s only been out for just over a month and although average play time does appear to be dropping, it is still the most played app in a single day by most users, so the Pokémon GO train is still relevant and with so many countries still without access to the app, we probably have another month of the same before Niantic bust out the Legendries.2.png

Me personally, I’d rather see a new means to track Pokémon than get my hands on a Moltres, (necessary updates first, another reason to play second.) But what about you, what do you want to see come to Pokémon GO next? Update? Or Legendary Birds?


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