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Sensor Tower have been at it again, crunching the numbers for Pokémon GO and a few interesting things have turned up, for example there are twice as many people playing Pokémon GO on Android devices as opposed to iOS.


When we covered downloads for Pokémon GO the other day, all we could do was place Pokémon GO somewhere between 60 and 100 million downloads as we only had the number for Android users had downloaded the app, to go by, but we can now add another 25 million to the grand total. But that isn’t all Sensor Tower turned up, because according to the latest numbers, Pokémon GO which was previously the first app to achieve 10 downloads in a single week, is also the first app to hit 50 million downloads worldwide, in the shortest period of time. (19 days.)

Also in the report though by Sensor Tower, they statethat they are of the opinion that download numbers will start to slow now as Pokémon GO releases in territories where the market is smaller, but they do point out that Pokémon GO could still hit 100 million downloads within 60 days of its initial release. Although there are a number of other beliefs that that been blogged lately that put the app hitting 100 million within 40 days. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


Source: Randy Nelson of Sensor Tower

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