Reggie Explains Why Wii U Hasn’t Been A Success


Online Spanish magazine, La Tercera, recently caught up with Nintendo of America COO (Reggie Fils-Amie) and asked why the Wii U has failed to excite consumers. Fils-Amie had this to say:

“When we launched Wii U, we missed the opportunity to be clear on the concept, to show off its capabilities and what the users could do. And that hurt us. Sales were also hurt, during the beginning of its lifespan, by the lack of games. And although we’ve sold 13 million consoles, against 20 and 40 million from the competition (Microsoft and Sony, respectively), what pleases us the most is that Wii U has the games with the best reviews and ratings from fans.”

I recently wrote an article on why I think the Wii U failed which you can read here.


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Goodbye Pokevision! Niantic are on the Offensive!

If you, like so many, have been using pokevision, you might have noticed today that pokevision hasn’t been working today, due to its free services being unavailable, well it seems you might have to get used to that because pokevision might not be coming back.

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Nintendo Explain Why the Pokémon GO Plus Accessory Release has been Pushed Back to September

When it was revealed the Pokémon GO Plus accessory would not be releasing this month, but in fact, release in September instead, no reason for this was given. In fact all we could really do was speculate on why they would delay it, but now we don’t for a representative from Nintendo has come out and spoken to Polygon and provided the answer: Continue reading Nintendo Explain Why the Pokémon GO Plus Accessory Release has been Pushed Back to September

PDP Donkey Kong Amiibo Display Review

Our Figure Man, Kuribo tackles his biggest challenge yet, the PDP Donkey Kong amiibo stand. Here is his review on such a monstrous item and why he thinks it is ideal for collectors.

It has been a while since I have mentioned it so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank for supporting this site and allowing me to be part of their team.  Mike helped make this review possible and I know I speak for both of us when I say we really appreciate your patronage of our sites.

Amiibo Warp Pipe Stand with Kirby

PDP have been making Amiibo accessories quietly now for some time and while I have reviewed the Warp Pipe Stand already, PDP’s products seem to be flying under the radar with many Amiibo collectors.  The Donkey Kong Amiibo stand has a distinct retro feel and seems to be the best designed stand yet.  Surprisingly, it is currently only available on Amazon.  I wonder if Best Buy or Toys R Us will stock this item later on like they have with PDP Amiibo accessories like the Warp Pipe.  I have been…

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Pokémon GO version 0.31.0 Comes with Noticeable Changes for Android Devices

*UPDATE (31/07/16): Version 1.10 of Pokémon GO is now available for iOS users to download and it brings with it all of the same changes and fixes the Android update possess.


A new update for Pokémon GO for Android devices is out and it is something to be excited about as the new changes do consist of a few things we actually wanted, such as being able to customise our avatar once again and bug fixes that pertain to the Pokémon we meet in the wild, i.e. the Poké Ball glitch! Continue reading Pokémon GO version 0.31.0 Comes with Noticeable Changes for Android Devices

PokéStops: Here one Minute and Gone the Next!

By now a few of you may have noticed a few PokéStops disappearing completely, as well as Gyms and it is because Niantic have done some tweaks on their side, but the changes don’t just stop there. Continue reading PokéStops: Here one Minute and Gone the Next!

Hands On With Pokémon GO: Pokémon GO Hunters! (jhlongman)

I’ve been meaning to do another one of these, but with everything going on, I’ve not really had the time until now, so here’s my next instalment for “Hands on with Pokémon GO!”

Since my last/first piece for this series I’ve only had three chances to go out and experience the delights of Pokémon GO, especially since for the likes of me, just one hour of playing it eats up quite a chunk of credit, when I use the data on my Pay As You Go SIM card, so last weekend I tried something else. The something else was wifi, as I visited a locale that has a number of wifi spots dotted around a number of PokéStops, but honestly wifi is just the worst way to play. Every time a Pokémon that I really needed/just wanted popped up, I’d go to take two steps towards it and it would be gone, due to me losing connection because I am no longer in range of the wifi spot I was just using.

To say it only happened once would be a lie, it happened a lot and when there were Pokémon beside me I could catch, they were mostly Nidorans (both male and female) and Caterpies and given the number I had already, I couldn’t be that bothered with catching them. Still I wasn’t in any rush to leave just yet, so I thought I would try hatching eggs instead, what with being .3k shy of three eggs hatching, but have you tried walking round in circles with wifi as your only internet connection? People soon catch on to what you’re doing and with internet being so bad in my neck of the woods, occasionally although I would be within in range, the wifi would go in an instant and I’d have to spend up to 20 minutes trying to reconnect.

Hatching those three eggs took far longer than it needed to and to be honest with you, they only gave me more of the same so that day was something of a bust in the end, so I went out the next day, topped off my phone and used it all up catching whatever came my way and a lot did come my way and I caught them all! I caught so many that I could actually evolve around 40 Pokémon, but I didn’t because in a few days time, Mike Scorpio would be in town and the two of us were going to set out hunting Pokémon!

That fateful day was the 27th of July and the two of us were ready to go. The car was fuelled up, the laptop was on and I had a whole load of balls waiting to be thrown! Using the data on Mike’s phone as he allowed me to tether to it, my connection was perfect and I was able to catch a few more Pokémon that I didn’t have before, such as a decent Machoke and a very hard to catch Butterfree that ate up a lot of my balls, what with me having to attempt to catch it twice within 10 minutes. (The app glitched and it got away the first time, but when I rebooted Pokémon GO, the Butterfree was back and I wasn’t going to let it get away from me again.)

We, the Pokémon GO Hunters certainly didn’t catch them all that day, as problems continued to rain down on us as the server crashed, PokéVision refused to work and Mike’s GPS refused to work most of the time, but I didn’t walk away empty handed, not when we found a nice quiet place to sit down and do some evolving. Through the process I managed to jump from being Level 17 to a few thousand points shy of Level 20 and managed to add at least 15 Pokémon to my Pokédex, so I am rather pleased with that, plus with us having “failed” in what we set out to do, it just means we’ll be back to do it all again and be on Hands on with Pokémon GO once more. So as long as there are still Pokémon waiting for us to catch, Mike and I have plenty of more playing to do!

March 3rd is Judgement Day for Disney Infinity’s Online Services

One of the biggest shockers this year was the announcement that there will be no Disney Infinity 4.0 for the Disney Infinity series is coming to an end and now it has been announced that al Disney Infinity community features and online services for all versions will be discontinued on the 3rd of March. Continue reading March 3rd is Judgement Day for Disney Infinity’s Online Services

Breath of the Wild Demo Will be Playable at Gamescom 2016, but There’s a Catch

Revealed on the website, the Breath of the Wild demo will be playable at Gamescom next month in Cologne, Germany, but only 50 lucky gamers will get the chance to play it. Continue reading Breath of the Wild Demo Will be Playable at Gamescom 2016, but There’s a Catch

Super Mario Fun Time in Miitomo

The Mario collaboration with Miitomo has truly landed as a whole range of new t-shirts are available through new stages for Miitomo Drop! and My Nintendo, so don’t delay, Mariofy your Mii today and if it’s details you’re after, the following images cover everything you could possible need to know: Continue reading Super Mario Fun Time in Miitomo

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is Listed to Retail in North America

*UPDATE (30/07/16): It seems a 3DS retail version of Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is also coming to Europe, as there is now an Amazon listing for the game on According to the listing it will also release on the 16th of October and will cost €29.99 euros.

According to a listing up over at GameFly, the very same GameFly who leaked Darksiders Warmastered Edition, it looks like North America could be getting another physical release for a Shantae title this year, as Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is supposedly getting a retail version for the 3DS this September.

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Opinion: What Nintendo Did Wrong With Wii U


Nintendo’s latest home platform hasn’t had the best of times since the system was released back in 2012…boy, has it really been that long? Nintendo thought that the Wii U would ride to success on the coattails of the Wii. Unfortunately the luck they’d enjoyed since 2006 had run out.

I remember that day in June when I first saw the Wii U. I’d just arrived home from school and did what a student who had finals coming up was expected to do. Grab some snacks, put my feet up and look at Nintendo’s E3 presser…don’t judge me for I was only 13 😀


When I saw that controller I was blown away. I’d never seen anything like it. I remember telling all my friends about it the next day at school, they couldn’t care less and I couldn’t understand. I mean finally a Nintendo system with graphics comparable to…

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Darksiders Warmastered Edition will Release October 25th on the Wii U

Nordic Games have officially announced Darksiders Warmastered Edition for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U and that the title will release across all console platforms on the 25th of October. Continue reading Darksiders Warmastered Edition will Release October 25th on the Wii U

Say Hello to Miitomo version 1.4.0

It’s time to head on over to the App/Google Play Store because the new update for Miitomo is out and it’s actually a rather good one what with a new mini-game, more choice and other new changes, which can all be found below: Continue reading Say Hello to Miitomo version 1.4.0

Miitomo Summer T-Shirt Contest Winners Revealed!

The Miitomo T-shirt contest on Twitter has come to an end and the winners in the 3 participating regions have been announced. For those of you that were unaware of the contest, Miitomo America, Europe and Japan were holding a vote to allow Miitomo users to vote for their favourite Super Mario themed T-shirt design which would be redeemable for free via My Nintendo. The other T-shirts will still be obtainable but at a cost in Miitomo. The Winning shirts in each region are as follows;

Europe: Bowser Tee

United States: Boo Tee

Japan: Boo Tee
The T-shirts will become available from July 29th.