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Following the recent appearance of Gen 2 Pokémon in Pokémon GO, the mobile game has made a fierce comeback!

The Valentine’s Event tried its best to get Pokémon GO to reclaim its top spot, but the app just didn’t make enough money during the week-long period to reach the required amount, but Gen 2 sure as hell did. Once those critters appeared, we’re all spending so much money that Pokémon GO is now the highest grossing game in the App Store and third highest in the Google Play Store. Sure both Game of War and Mobile Strike are in front of it, but there’s plenty of time for that to change and with more Pokémon set to release as time goes on.

So what does this mean? Well it means we best get ready to accept Pokémon GO’s is going to be something that dominates for quite some time, because when we get bored of it and lose interest, Niantic will find a way to get us playing it again. Long live Pokémon GO!


Source: Nintendo Everything


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