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When we covered the release of Pokémon GO in Japan, on the 22nd we wrote it was expected Pokémon GO would sustain another 10 million downloads within 4 days of the release and be at 60 million downloads by the 5th of August. Well those expectations failed to consider just how popular the Pokémon GO is.


With over 50 million downloads on Android devices along and a minimum of 10 million on iOS devices, Pokémon GO has already hit the 60 million spot and is soaring towards 100 million global downloads. It was only twelve days ago, on the 12th that Pokémon GO was just at 10 million downloads for Android devices, but then what do you expect when more and more countries get access to the app? Of course downloads are going to skyrocket and now that France also has access to the app, at least another 5 million downloads is guaranteed before this month is over.


Whether you love it or hate it, Pokémon GO intends to stick around for a long time, just don’t expect to play it on August 1st when hacker group @PoodleCorp intend to take down the servers for the whole day.


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