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(Opinion) Mike Scorpio On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

WARNING! This Post May Contain Minor Spoilers!

I have been trying to find the words to describe this game and the time to write them. Alas, I have finally managed to find both and will now take my time to express my thoughts about The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I was never a fan of the name to start with and when the game was announced, I did feel a little disappointed that Nintendo’s biggest Zelda Game to date was named like a Discovery Channel Program. Name aside I still had high hopes for this game and the long wait that all of us Zelda fans have endured had me bordering fanatical obsession, constantly scouring the Internet for news that would shed more details about what was to be the best game ever coming to the Wii U (and the Switch).

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Link Can Ride The Elks In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

It seems that Horses are not the only thing Link can ride in the Zelda: Breath Of The Wild as he can also mount and ride Elks as well. YouTuber SwimmingBird941 has recorded footage of doing just that and also a lot of other things you can do in the game. It is worth noting that even though you can befriend and sooth the elks much like the horses, they do not sprint or able to be registered and kept in the various stables dotted around Hyrule. There may be somewhere in the game where you can store them but that remains to be seen.

Link Ride Elks BOTW.png

If you would like to see the video created by SwimmingBird941 and see how Link can wrangle the elk and ride him, we have provided it below. You can find the scene at 2:10


Source: SwimmingBird941

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Characters Revealed! Meet Daruk, Revali & Mipha!


Japanese Videogame Publication Famitsu has shed some light on some of the new characters that you can expect to meet in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. some characters come from races you may recall from previous Zelda titles including Zoras, Gorons and also Ritos.


First off is of course Princess Zelda of the Ruined Kingdom of Hyrule. She sets off to investigate the ancient ruins scattered around the world. According to Famitsu, she is a wise and curious girl with a deep complexity. She seems to have a more active role in this game than she has had in previous Zelda games and would be interesting to see if she also participates in battles.


Mipha is a Zora girl who resides in Hyrule and happens to possess a unique power that no other Zoras have. As a result, she is somewhat introverted and doesn’t talk very much. She also wields a spear which Famitsu wonders if she will use it at some point in the game.


Daruk is a Goron Warrior who has taken refuge in the mountains of Hyrule. He is normally a calm soul but when entering battle, his demeanor changes and becomes a very brave warrior that screams loudly whilst sweeping away his enemies.


Revali comes from the bird-like Rito tribe (from The Wind Waker) that lives in the skies above Hyrule. He wears a blue scarf much like Daruk & Mipha which may hint at a connection between these characters though they all possess different weapons.

No information has been shed about any of the other characters in the game but from what was seen in the Switch Presentation trailer for the game which came out Jan 12, it seems that the Gerudo, Koroks and the great fairy are also inhabitants of this new Hyrule.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Along with some old favourites, it looks like we can expect to see some new species in Breath of the wild as well, but I guess we will just have to wait a little bit longer until they get some coverage or until we can finally play the game ourselves.

Nintendo To Be Sharing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Screenshots Until Game Release

Nintendo will be taking to their Facebook page and releasing new screenshots of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild up until the game’s release. The first one you can see in our feature image above and we have included the unedited version below as well. Doesn’t that scenery look amazing!


You can also view it from its original source on facebook here.

Source: Nintendo (Facebook)

November 2016: Free Gift of Rupees & Food (A Hyrule Warriors Legends SpotPass Gift)

If there was any worry that the SpotPass gifts for Hyrule Warriors Legends would cease now that the final dlc pack is available now, for this month at least we can put those fears to one side.

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Link’s Awakening 64: A Ty Anderson Project

Yes, you did read that correctly, it is no joke nor lie and in actual fact, this is a mod project that has been in development since last July 21st 2015. Ty Anderson has been working very hard to bring the Story of Link’s Awakening into the 3rd dimension by using the graphic set and models of Ocarina Of Time, along with a few elements from Majora’s Mask as well and also some original music as well. To recreate the world of Link’s Awakening. The game seems to be coming along nicely but it will not be released as a standalone ROM but rather as a Mod for the Ocarina Of Time ROM, as to get around copyright laws and the like. Ty has taken to his Facebook Page to thank all of his followers and Patrons and has released the first trailer for Link’s Awakening on his YouTube Channel which shows just how much the game development has progressed. You can check out the trailer below.

Ty has released several videos over time to his YouTube Channel to show just how much progress he has made to the game and has also promised to those that support him on Patreon, for $2.00  a month, there will have the opportunity to  beta test the levels and provide input on them. It is surprising that this project is not more popular as it should be as a lot of Zelda fans do share a lot of love for Link’s Awakening and Ocarina Of Time. I really do hope that this Mod sees fruition, enough so that it slips under the radar of the Nintendo Hell Hounds that call themselves Lawyers so that we can all enjoy this combination of ingenuity, originality and yet extremely familiar.

Source: Ty Anderson (YouTube)

Happy 127th Birthday Nintendo!

Today (23rd September 2016) marks Nintendo’s 127th birthday! For a company that specializes in videogames in this current age, it was never always like that. What started out as a trading card and toy manufacturing company underwant a vast transformation in the 1970’s and has become the gaming giant many of us know and love today. This is truly an achievement by any standard as 127th years is more than Sony & Microsoft put together with another 16 years on top. To celebrate this occasion, we are going to list some trivia that you may or not know about the Kyoto based company: Continue reading Happy 127th Birthday Nintendo!

Zelda X Monster Hunter Stories Collaboration

Previously revealed during the Japanese Nintendo 3DS Direct, Link from the Legend Of Zelda Series will be getting a “cameo” in the form of a costume in the the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories. Capcom have just released a new trailer on their YouTube channel which showcases the main character dressed up as Link in the style of Skyward sword. That’s not all though, the collaboration extends to being able to ride Epona and allowing your Felyne Companion to wear Majora’s Mask.

You can check out the trailer below to see the magic of Zelda transcend onto Monster Hunter Stories.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Immersive Booth Tour @E3 2016

OMG!!!! Normally I don’t lower myself to silly acronyms but I do have a good reason for this time. I have just seen a video that has been uploaded by Nintendo UK on their YouTube channel titled The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Immersive Booth Tour. The video takes you around Nintendo’s booth at E3 and it looks amazing! Nintendo have really excelled themselves this year and it must truly be an inspiring and magical experience to all of those lucky souls that got to go there and see it with their own eyes. Continue reading The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Immersive Booth Tour @E3 2016

Good Smile Max Factory Link Legend of Zelda: Skwyward Sword Statue Pre-Orders Up

Our Man on the Figure & Figurine battlefield, Kuribo of NintendoFigures.Net brings us news of the Good Smile Skyward Sword Link figure that is now up for pre-order.


It is not every day that a seriously impressive statue goes up for pre-order, but that is the case today.  With all the news at Wondercon, the one figure that got lost in the shuffle (in my opinion anyway) was the Max Factory Skyward Sword Link.  When I saw pictures, I couldn’t believe the statue looked that good, but now with final images it is safe to say that it truly is.  This is the only figure I’ve seen that truly captures Skyward Sword’s art style.  The paint work is absolutely incredible!  The pose also looks well done and stands out from other Link statues that are on the market.  This new statue is 1/7 scale which I would guess works out to being around 10 inches tall.  It may not be the tallest in your collection, but it should be one of the nicest.

Max Factory Link Skyward Sword StatueMax Factory Link Skyward Sword Statue 2

If you’re interested in pre-ordering…

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Zelda Wii U Will Have Two Extended Demos At E3

Nintendo are solely focusing on Zelda Wii U at E3, the annual Gaming expo held in Los Angeles, this year at and will have two extended demos which will allow players to fully emerge themselves into the grasslands, forests and mountains of Hyrule that we have only had glimpses of as of yet. The media has been notified via email to set about 90 minutes to fully cover the scope of this experience and really get a feel for the gameplay. Continue reading Zelda Wii U Will Have Two Extended Demos At E3

Zelda U: A Tale of 2 Eras & The Sheikah Connection Nintendo Confirmed

Since we first laid eyes on the latest home console incarnation of Link, the cape and his garb, we suspected there could Sheikah connection. Then came more footage, this time showing Link, who on his person, he possesses a book with the Sheikah symbol on it and today the eye has returned.



Should you head on over to Nintendo’s E3 page, the very first thing you will see is the iconic symbol of the Sheikah, the eye as the page loads up with all of Nintendo’s currently released information for this year’s E3, which you can also read about here. There is no denying it now, not with the eye being the same colour as the concentrated energy/magic tips of Link’s high-tech arrows, the Sheikah are in fact a huge part of this game and regardless of whether or not Link is himself one of the Sheikah, which I find to be highly doubtful, but this is clearly a Sheikah influenced world and with what appears to be a ring of sorts around the eye, I can only hazard a guess it will have something to do with the gates of Time, which if you look at the image below, features a similar blue.


The Zelda theorist in me is compelled to say that with this “confirmation” from Nintendo, we really could be a seeing a return to the world we left at the end of Skyward Sword. But from what we’ve seen from the footage shared, it is just as likely that Zelda U takes could easily take place either after or before the events of Skyward Sword, although saying that, it could even be a case of both! I don’t for one second think that we’ve seen the last of the Gates of Time and as much as I would like to think this could be an earlier incarnation of Link, living in a vast world before Skyloft came to be, I don’t think it is.

From my perspective, I believe we’re seeing a post Skyward Sword Link who has travelled back into time to learn the ways of the Sheikah, so that the knowledge can be pass on to those in the future, to restore the tribe in the present. Either way though, with Aonuma stating this title does in fact have a connection to Twilight Princess, at some point, the story of Zelda U story has to involve the Interlopers and their banishment to the realm that would become the Twili Realm under the Interlopers influence. You never know, they could even be the underlings that served Demise and it was this banishment that aided in the efforts of sealing him as the Imprisoned in the first place.


But the paragraph above, is only just a theory, so please feel free to ignore it. But with time shift stones, the Sheikah confirmation and the Gates of Time connection, time travel must have some relevance to all of this. So unless any more on this breaks in the coming weeks, there’s nothing else to do except wait for E3 and see what Nintendo and the latest offerings of the Legend of Zelda series has in store for us.


Source: Nintendo (E3 page)


The Weapons of Hyrule Warriors

YouTube is a great source for finding some truly great videos regarding the Legend of Zelda and this is one of those videos. Think you know the Weapons of Hyrule Warriors? Think again. What GamesBrained has done with this video is great and it will make you see the 126 weapons of Hyrule Weapons in a whole new light.


Our Zelda Week YouTube Playlist

Hello to you all guys & girls! Seeing as everyone on my team has contributed in some way to our Zelda Week, I have realized that I have yet to contribute something. So I have put together a playlist of all of our Zelda themed videos on YouTube with an introduction video from Yours Truly. This playlist includes Let’s Plays, Gameplays, DLC Displays and lots more. I hope you all enjoy it as it was a lot of fun putting these videos together.

Well Guys & Girls, that’s all from me for now. Until next time, Keep On Gaming!

The Wind Waker Remaster that Could have Been!

When we first saw the likes of The Wind Waker, we wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, what with the cel shaded graphics and the Hero of Winds incarnation Toon Link. Suffice to say, the game wasn’t as appreciated as it could have been, but the story didn’t end there.


In 2013 we got to see the Wind Waker remastered in stunning High Definition for the Wii U and since then the game has been plodding along. It’s the first Zelda game released Nintendo’s current home console and as revealed by Nintendo, back in February, went on to achieve 1.69 million sales, but what if they didn’t rush the release? In 2014 we saw the beginning of the madness that is amiibos, these little toys to life figurines that not are in the form of iconic characters we love, but are a great means of unlocking additional or bonus content in almost all first party games Nintendo has to offer on the Wii U.

Had Wind Waker HD had the opportunity to experience the amiibo life by releasing in 2014, things would have been very different, starting with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD would have been one of the very first games on the console to get its own line of amiibos. Sure we already have Toon Link, but we would have gotten a Wind Waker Ganondorf, Tetra and maybe, just maybe, a King of the Red Lions amiibo and each one would have a special effect for the game. Ganondorf would act the same as the Smash Ganondorf amiibo does, by doubling damage received. King of Red Lions would have acted as an earlier means of getting the Swift Sail, which would leave Toon Link and Tetra to top up hearts, arrows and the like.


Sure it may seem like they wouldn’t really have had that much of an impact on the game, similar to how the Smash Zelda amiibos have a minor effect with regards to Twilight Princess HD, but it would have been the starting point for something new. So because there is Zelda series of amiibo established in this “alternate timeline,” the question to ask yourself is: “Would there still be Zelda amiibos in the Smash line?” The answer is yes, just like how there is a separate Super Mario Series, consisting of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Bowser, Silver and Gold Edition Mario. Furthermore, the Smash Zelda amiibos would be the same as the ones we have already, except we’d have two lots of Zelda amiibo, which would equally be highly sought after figurines, which would add more amiibo sales to Nintendo’s overall tally, but I believe would also add to overall sales of the game too, as all amiibo compatible games seem to do a hell of a lot better than the games that don’t.


Regardless of what Wind Waker HD would have been like with amiibo, as it is, it still remains one of the most beautiful and best looking remakes yet, having shown a vast improvement and it’s now a game that’s become part of the Nintendo Selects series for Europe, which means for those who could never afford it, now they can so sales should show some increase, especially when it means the collectors will need to get their hands on a copy. But something worth noting is that, even if it did have amiibo, the future of Zelda and amiibo wouldn’t be that much more different than where we are now. The reason I say this is because although in our world, amiibo was considered for Majora’s Mask HD, but decided it wouldn’t tie in to the game and work, no more was said on the issue and it would be the same for the alternate timeline where Wind Waker amiibos are a thing. Except this time it would be more, “we’ve already got one series in action, we can’t just put out another one this soon.” And it would be the same for Tri Force Heroes, because let’s face it, amiibo doesn’t really fit in for that game either. To make a series of amiibo just for that game would only have disastrous consequences, but also with so many costumes already available in the game, the last thing you’d want is to add a Mario costume, or even a Peach costume. (It’s bad enough Link’s dressing up as Zelda and in tights, we really don’t need to go down the whole Princess Peach angle.)


So now we come to 2016 and in both timelines (our one being the one with non amiibo compatible 2013 Wind Waker HD and the other being amiibo supported 2014 Wind Waker HD,) we would still see Twilight Princess HD with its Wolf Link amiibo and there’s multiple reasons why. Firstly it’s the 10th year anniversary of the original games’ release, Zelda’s 30th anniversary, a great means to add bonus content to a game and access it, it’s an amiibo that won’t have any issue selling, but also it would be the right time to bring back amiibo to the Zelda series. So in a roundabout way, even if Wind Waker HD did support amiibo, the Zelda series would be in pretty much the same place as it is now, except sales would be marginally better for both the game and amiibos due to having another popular series to sell.


You may of course be thinking what was the point of this entire piece then, since even if the journey started differently, the ending is only changed slightly? But in life and especially in the video game world, sometimes all roads do end up at a similar destination, but with the alternate timeline seeing Zelda more heavily associated with amiibo, it would result in a somewhat different future where Zelda U could be more amiibo orientated then the version we have on its way to us this year.

Either way, that’s my theory on this what Wind Waker What if? If you have any thoughts or comments, be sure to let your voice be heard in the comments, but should you have enjoyed all this talk regarding amiibo, be sure to check out my next feature piece, The Legend of Zelda: A Tale of DLC and Amiibo, as I’ll be diving even deeper into the Zelda-amiibo relationship and spoiler alert, it includes a Skull Kid amiibo.


Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on! We hope you continue to enjoy our little Zelda week!