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Since we first laid eyes on the latest home console incarnation of Link, the cape and his garb, we suspected there could Sheikah connection. Then came more footage, this time showing Link, who on his person, he possesses a book with the Sheikah symbol on it and today the eye has returned.



Should you head on over to Nintendo’s E3 page, the very first thing you will see is the iconic symbol of the Sheikah, the eye as the page loads up with all of Nintendo’s currently released information for this year’s E3, which you can also read about here. There is no denying it now, not with the eye being the same colour as the concentrated energy/magic tips of Link’s high-tech arrows, the Sheikah are in fact a huge part of this game and regardless of whether or not Link is himself one of the Sheikah, which I find to be highly doubtful, but this is clearly a Sheikah influenced world and with what appears to be a ring of sorts around the eye, I can only hazard a guess it will have something to do with the gates of Time, which if you look at the image below, features a similar blue.


The Zelda theorist in me is compelled to say that with this “confirmation” from Nintendo, we really could be a seeing a return to the world we left at the end of Skyward Sword. But from what we’ve seen from the footage shared, it is just as likely that Zelda U takes could easily take place either after or before the events of Skyward Sword, although saying that, it could even be a case of both! I don’t for one second think that we’ve seen the last of the Gates of Time and as much as I would like to think this could be an earlier incarnation of Link, living in a vast world before Skyloft came to be, I don’t think it is.

From my perspective, I believe we’re seeing a post Skyward Sword Link who has travelled back into time to learn the ways of the Sheikah, so that the knowledge can be pass on to those in the future, to restore the tribe in the present. Either way though, with Aonuma stating this title does in fact have a connection to Twilight Princess, at some point, the story of Zelda U story has to involve the Interlopers and their banishment to the realm that would become the Twili Realm under the Interlopers influence. You never know, they could even be the underlings that served Demise and it was this banishment that aided in the efforts of sealing him as the Imprisoned in the first place.


But the paragraph above, is only just a theory, so please feel free to ignore it. But with time shift stones, the Sheikah confirmation and the Gates of Time connection, time travel must have some relevance to all of this. So unless any more on this breaks in the coming weeks, there’s nothing else to do except wait for E3 and see what Nintendo and the latest offerings of the Legend of Zelda series has in store for us.


Source: Nintendo (E3 page)


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