Hyrule Herald Art Contest!

Our friends over at Hyrule Herald are holding an art contest for fans to conjure up what new item design they would like Link to use in a new game. The item has to be completely original but contestants can seek inspiration from the many items that Link has used in previous games like the Pegasus Boots, Wand of Pacci etc. The Winner of the competition will net themselves a download code for Pokemon Yellow for 3DS! check it out at there website Here.



Super Mario Maker – A Pattern Emerges


With the constant stream of costumes released on a weekly basis, the Miketendo64 team have begun to notice a pattern and with Nintendo sticking to form, the pattern continues to hold and now we feel confident to speak out on it.

It all started with Professor E. Gadd of Luigi’s Mansion fame. When he and his Paranormal Research course made their way to us, it was on the evening of the 4th of February for gamers in Northern America and the 5th for those of us in Europe and Japan and with his inclusion, a new row was created, #121-#130.


 At first this was just the first event course and costume released in a couple of weeks, (Paranormal Research however didn’t come alone as it was also joined by 4 Tokaigi 2016 Concert courses) but then exactly a week later, we got another event course, I Choose You! This new course didn’t just give us one, but three new costumes as the Kanto starter Pokémon had made their way into Super Mario Maker. Again this seemed like a single event, unrelated to Professor E. Gadd because why would it be? The only reason the Pokémon starters made it into the game was because of the anniversary, but why release them when they did? It seemed odd to release them on the 11th/12th of February, considering as the Pokémon anniversary and re-release of the original games, wasn’t due for another two and a bit weeks.

Original Source: MunchingOrange- YouTube

So there I was with this in mind, pondering the reason behind this and then came the next two costumes, Chitoge Kirisaki on the 18th/19th and Barbara the Bat on the 25th/26th of February. No longer do the release dates appear to be random, but more chosen by design. Sure we’ve had new courses release on Thursday evening/Friday morning, but never on a consistent weekly basis like we’re having now and the relevance of this is should Nintendo continue to follow this pattern, it means we can expect to see the next four costumes released on the same weekly basis, meaning a new event course can be expected to arrive on the 3rd/4th of March, as well as on the 10th/11th with number #129 due out on the 17th/18th and the last one in the row, number #130 itself making its way to us on the 24th/25th of this month.


Admittedly, all of this is merely a speculated theory on our part, but for now it seems to be holding and the cool part is it means next week as well as being able to unlock the Wolf Link costume with our amiibo when we finally get it and our copy of the game, but we’ll also get to play another event course too and that’s just gravy.


Now why give you one theory when we can give you two as we’ve also been thinking about row #131 onwards, which we’re dubbing amiibo row, a row specifically for amiibo exclusive character unlocks which will include Roy, Ryu, Wolf Link and Shadow Mewtwo and for anyone hoping for another update for Super Mario Maker, now might be a good time to listen up. From what we’ve seen of Wolf Link, the costume appears to be an amiibo exclusive, which will be the same for the other costumes, until May when an update will come out making these costumes able to be unlocked by clearing 100 Mario Challenge on expert mode again and again (just a theory).


Were Nintendo to do this right now, we would be able to start getting these costumes, but should they hold out, they can guarantee themselves some more amiibo sales and then a couple months down the line after this batch has acquired some sales, Nintendo will release a new update for the game that would enable players you didn’t purchase the amiibos, the chance to unlock the costumes, but they will have to pay for them through blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears, a state in which expert mode made me undertake every time I played it.


We also theorise that this won’t be a single event, as the same can be expected to happen again when Bayonetta, Cloud and Corrin come out, as well as other amiibos that come to light from this point onwards and we also believe Shovel Knight will make an appearance eventually, but not until Shovel Knight actually sees a 3DS and Wii U release in Japan.


Before we finish, we would just like to say that all of the above, is purely a theory on our part. You in no way have to believe it and are more than welcome to shoot it down and you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below, we merely ask you to at least consider it.

Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on!


#Pokemon20 & #Zelda30 Month Now Over

The month of February has come to an end and with it the anniversary dates of Pokemon (20th) and The Legend Of Zelda (30th). Though not a lot was really done with The Legend
Of Zelda except a little build-up for the release of Twilight Princess HD and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Pokemon on the other hand got it’s own Superbowl commercial, Two new games (Pokemon Sun & Moon) announced for the end of the year, Pokemon Red, Blue, Green & Yellow were released as downloadable titles for the 3DS along with an app called Pokemon Bank which will allow players to transfer their Pokemon from R,B,G & Y and also XY & ORAS to the new games when they release. Detective Pikachu was also teased but was no further details were given. At select store across the globe, there have been free giveaways of legendary Pokemon for XY & ORAS. The Pokemon Company have really outdone themselves and leaves you thinking why didn’t The Legend Of Zelda get any fanfare?

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I suppose really it could be due to the fact that The Legend Of Zelda had its parade (figuratively) for it’s 25th Anniversary and so an extra 5 years didn’t seem like that much of a big thing. However, anything to build up hype for a game franchise that has lasted this long, Surely you would have thought it would be good opportunity to hash out Zelda Merchandise, downloadable giveaways, small tokens of appreciation and the like? Even a little teaser trailer for Zelda U would not have gone amiss. It would have severely reinforced the occasion and get fans back on board the hype train. The only thing that we got close to some kind of Zelda U News was a few videos on YouTube by SuperMetalDave64 that “Confirmed” that Nintendo would be releasing Zelda U with the NX at the end of the year according to his inside source at Nintendo. The videos have since been removed from his YouTube channel which could mean a number of things which I shan’t digress.


On another note, regardless of Zelda U News or not, it has been a good month for us at Miketendo64. We have now got over 670 fans & followers across various Social Media including Facebook & Twitter. Our Website has had over 15,000 hits and this month has been one of our most productive in terms of posts (64), views (3,909), visitors (3,029) and followers (80 new). We want to thank you all for your support as we would not have got this far without it. We have only been going since May of last year and to have the amount of following that we have now from no previous experience in blogging or journalism (Me anyway, Jack IS a Journalist and a major crutch to lean on in our operation ;). As we get more popular and can find means to support this website financially, we aim to start doing giveaways like download codes for games, DLC, etc.


On the topic of our popularity boost this month, we would like to share with you our popular posts of this month for those that have not had a chance to read them yet. For those of you that have, well, feel free to read them again or skip this bit;

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Official Timeline Updated #ZeldaMonth

Pokemon Sun & Moon Details Leaked!

Super Mario Maker Wallpaper Maker

The Masks Of Majora & The Other Demon King!

For #ZeldaMonth, we celebrated in our own way by uploading various feature articles and videos to our YouTube Channel including Let’s Plays of The Legend Of Zelda, A Link To The Past and Ocarina Of TimeWe also launched a new webseries called Amiibo Smash! The first episod of which is dedicated to #ZeldaMonth as it features Link & Ganondorf going head to head in an epic battle with a Smashing Finish.

In the next list, we have included a number of our Zelda themed articles that we have compiled for the Anniversary of The Legend Of Zelda that dives into fan theories, our personal experiences and why we love Zelda so much. Feel free to give them a read or bookmark them for later.

The Birth Of A Legend: The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend That Never Ages- The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D

Navi’s Goodbye & The Events That Followed (A Fan Theory)

Manga & Zelda: A Link To The Past Graphic Novel (Review)

Should There Be A Legend Of Zelda Movie?

The Legend Of Zelda Top 5 Saddest Moments

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Fan

Well to say the least, February is all but done with but the Month of March still brings us lots of goodies. What with Twilight Princess HD coming this week (March 4th), Pokken Tournament (March 18th) and Hyrule Warriors Legends (March 25th) along with many more downloadable titles from independent developers too.

Well Guys & Girls, that’s all from me for now. Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!


Pokémon Yellow – Why I Chose You!

Twenty years ago, Japan saw the release of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green, with the rest of the world receiving Red and Blue in the short years that followed, but just as North America was getting Red and Blue, Japan got Yellow and now thanks to #Pokemon20 all three games are back with a vengeance!


Just like in the games themselves, choosing your starter isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, it requires consideration and the same is said with the games. Each one has different Pokémon available in them, such as Nintetails and Scyther and Pokémon  Yellow is no different, because despite it have Pokémon from each game in it, it only has half from Red and half from Blue/Green, but it does have a Pikachu who follows you around, refuses to evolve into a Raichu and it is possible to get all three starters in it, which for me is the selling point.


I don’t want to choose between the starters, I can’t because I love them all equally. Every time I had to make the choice between them I would think of the sunglasses wearing Squirtle who ran with his pack. Or the Charamander who was abandoned by his first owner and would become an unruly Charmeleon and an even more so unruly Charizard before eventually becoming tame. Sure that’s just the series version of the both of them, but that’s how I always saw them, whereas Bulbasaur I saw only as the ideal starter due to the fact he has the edge over not just the first but the first & second Gym Leaders you come across.


 Also forget about the Kanto game for the moment, we’ve got Pokémon Sun and Moon to consider now. That’s coming out this year and the Pokémon we catch in Red, Blue & Yellow, we can carry over to the new games thanks to the Pokémon Bank, meaning we’ve got Mega evolutions to consider and out of the three, Charmander is the only one to go on to have two which are both equally badass and awesome to look at. We can’t just think short-term on this, we’ve got to think long-term and that’s why I just had to go for Pokémon Yellow, because I can get all of the Kanto starters and when Sun and Moon are out, I will be a able to Mega evolve them, which is something I’d really like to do, seeing as how I’ve yet to have that particular pleasure.


Plus with Yellow, more of the original Pokémon I actually like are in that version of the game and sure I may not be a Pikachu fan and playing Yellow means him going with me everywhere, but if Charmander and Squritle are in toe, I can easily tolerate him, plus another thing to consider is Yellow is in colour and the version I never really got to experience the first time round, it was about time to correct that mistake and I am really enjoying this game. When not playing Bravely Second, I’m playing Pokémon Yellow and my team are getting stronger.


Pokémon Yellow, Blue/Green and Red, are everything you could want in a Pokémon game, sure it’s much more simplistic compared to what we have now, but this is the game where all the new mechanics and ideas evolved from, the game where Pokémon were Pokémon and becoming household objects inspired Pokémon like Chandelure. Then of course there’s Trubbish and Vanillite, two Pokémon which are quite literally a rubbish bag and an ice-cream cone. The Gen 1 games are pure classics, everything a true Pokémon game should be and its really great that it’s been made possible to re-experience these games again in their original form, which includes the original glitches and let’s be honest, we loved the glitches and the games just wouldn’t be the same without them.


To those still trying to make their choice, I wish you the best of luck. Yellow was an easy choice for me because it gave me the three best reasons, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur and who can say no to a choice like that? I couldn’t and that is exactly why I chose Pokémon Yellow.

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Nintendo’s Gaming News Weekly Round-up! Pokémon Everything


Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

From Mario to Link, to Inklings to Pokémon, as always, we’re here to keep you updated on all of the latest news. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week. These are the Miketendo64 News Highlights of the week!



It’s become something of a tradition now to start of the news round-up, so why break the formula now? Diving right in, we didn’t just learn about one costume this week, but two as both Barbara the Bat and Wolf Link are now available, but unlike Barbara, the only way to get the Wolf Link costume is to introduce your Wolf Link amiibo the GamePad, but not all of us have our Wolf Link amiibos yet, we still have a week to wait, but rather a week than a month.


Source: Super Mario Maker says Yes to Wolf Link but Shovel Knight is Still Incompatible


Minecraft U (VERSION 1.8):

Minecraft U was on the receiving end of an update this week and instead of telling you about what was brought to the game, we have footage of the new content in action, which you can see right here.


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (TWEETS & TRAILERS):

With the release almost upon us, Nintendo have been up to all sorts this week with regards to promoting the game, putting out not just one but quite the number of trailers for the game and more tweets direct from Malo, concerning Poe Souls and more, but my favourite thing they’re doing, has to be the new series they’re doing: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Retrospective and just in case you haven’t yet, you can see Episode 1 right now:



#Zelda30 may have come and gone, but until March rolls on, it is still #ZeldaMonth here at Miketendo64, so it’s only natural we kept the celebrations going by reviewing not just one, but two Zelda titles that have given us so much over the decades, albeit they are the VC version of Zelda 1 and OoT 3D as opposed to OoT 64. The two games couldn’t be any more different and if you fancy seeing how we got on and what we thought of the games, be sure to check out the reviews with the following links:

The Legend that Never Ages / The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Review (3DS)

The Birth of a Legend / The Legend of Zelda – Review (Wii U)


However if the Ocarina or Zelda 1 aren’t to your liking, we have a batch of reviews on games that just might be to your tastes. Be them games on the Wii U, or the 3DS:

Nintendo 3DS Game Reviews

Nintendo Wii U Game Reviews


This week on Miketendo64 (A WHOLE LOT OF POKÉMON)

Coming in at our third most viewed piece this week, is our news piece: Pokémon Direct Coming Tomorrow (26th February), in which we wrote about the Pokémon Direct which occurred just before this weekend.


Taking our second most viewed spot was another Pokémon Direct news piece: Pokémon Direct Confirms Sun & Moon, a revelation that was welcomed greatly by all those in the Pokémon community.

Now as for this week’s number one, given as how this is #PokémonMonth and our other two pieces were Pokémon related it’s obvious that our number one piece is also Pokémon related: Pokémon Sun & Moon Details Leaked. Prior to the news of the immediate Pokémon Direct, we were of course talking about the discovery of logos and trademarks for Pokémon Sun & Moon, a discovery that left fans divided between believing if it was a hoax, a possibility that would never come true and hoping like mad that these games will be confirmed during the Direct, which they were.

Poke Moon



Plenty of new titles became available in the eShop this week, titles such as Pokémon Ranger and the original Gen 1 games, Red, Blue/Green and Yellow. I’ve already downloaded my copy of classic Pokémon Yellow and Pikachu and I have already paid a visit to Brock and earned my first badge with help from Mankey. But it’s not all Pokémon this week as Bravely Second has also seen its European release and it is just so good and with Twilight Princess HD out next week, I need to seriously put some hours in enough to get it out of my system or beat the game and New Game+ before TP HD arrives. (I blame the demo, I enjoyed it way too much).




Given everything that’s gone on, only one game with many news articles this week, could take our Big news section and it is of course the Pokémon series. Even before we learned of the Direct we were talking about the series, be it Pokémon GO, the Mew distribution or even just about Pokémon Day, but then the rumours of Pokémon Rainbow started building momentum and before you knew it, the discovery of Pokémon and Moon came to be and then the Direct was announced. But it was no normal Nintendo Direct, but a Pokémon Direct, a 6 and a half minute show solely about the franchise’s history and just where it aims to go during the Holiday season of this year and that direction is Pokémon Sun & Moon. What started as a rumour became a leak and that leak was revealed to be true and the timing and the way it was all handled was perfectly done.

It is a bit of a shame though that Nintendo didn’t do the same with Zelda U during its anniversary. But back to Pokémon, this is also the week which sees Pokémon Day and the Pokémon Day Qualifiers happening in GameStop shops all across the United States of America and just in case you missed it and still haven’t got round to see it yet, here is the Pokémon Direct 26.02.16:

We wanted some hard hitting Pokémon news and this week we got it, Gen 7 is not only confirmed, but it will be out this year and all Pokémon you catch when playing through the anniversary released Gen 1 titles can be transferred to the new game, thanks to the Pokémon Bank, a must have application for all Pokémon Masters! And with this month of February almost over, we move into March, the month of Celebi’s distribution, the release of Pokkén Tournement, Twilight Princess HD and Hyrule Warriors Legends. March is going to be a great one!

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PokemonRed – A Super Mario Maker Series: Season 2

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

With Gen 7 Pokémon Sun and Moon officially confirmed to be on their way to us in the Holiday Season, what better way to get into the adventuring mode than to play both the original Gen 1 games and the second Season of our Super Mario Maker PokemonRed series.


Having covered Season 1 in our last feature, this one is all about Season 2, so first let’s start with the differences between the two. Season 2 possesses two additional episodes, which now have more detailed level layouts, including details added to really make the cave locations pop. Season 2 also introduces a new reoccurring character in the form of Rosy, the Pokémon Day-care woman, aka Rosalina and she knows just as much about the new Pokémon world as Professor Shroom does.


Professor Shroom now has a newly revised lab, a much upgraded and larger version than the one we get to briefly see in Ep4: Spiny Forest and like any good lab, it comes with its own reading materials. Lurking in the bookcases are comments regarding Shroom’s research notes, which change with every episode and clues you in to his current projects and more.  Also because of his popularity, Professor Shroom now makes regular appearances and his own extra special levels, which includes him conducting a field test.


Then, just like Season 1, there are two more available Gym Badges, but also new level settings as players can now take to underwater locations, but because more two Gym’s isn’t enough, there’s also a Brawler’s Club you can visit to get your very own Mankey and take on the Fighting-type Machokes. Victory guarantees you the Bronze Fist, but getting to the secret Dojo is no small task. There is also the inclusion of Mega-Star evolving for Pikachu and a couple more “Pokemon Purple” episodes to continue Mewtwo’s story.

Now if you have happened to miss our feature piece on Season 1, not to worry because this link will take you straight to it:

PokemonRed – A Super Mario Maker Series (Season 1)

But should you wish to continue reading, below is a quick list of previously revealed Pokémon who made it into the series and a couple of spoilers for future episodes and this time there are 40 names on the list:


PokemonRed List of Random Pokés:

#001    Bulbasaur        (Bulbasaur costume & Green shell Koopa)

#003    Venasaur         (Large Green shell Koopa)

#004    Charmander    (Charmander costume)

#006    Charizard        (Charizard costume)

#007    Squirtle            (Squirtle costume & Red shell Koopa)

#009    Blastoise         (Large Red shell Koopa)

#012    Butterfree        (Fighter Fly costume)

#017    Pidgeotto         (Yamamura costume)

#025    Pikachu           (Pikachu costume)

#027    Sandshrew      (Monty Mole)

#013    Weedle            (Wiggler)

#036    Clefairy            (Kirby costume)

#050    Diglett  (Resetti costume and Goomba)

#051    Dugtrio (Multiple Goombas)

#052    Meowth           (Felyne costume)

#056    Mankey           (Diddy Kong costume)

#057    Primape           (Donkey Kong costume)

#064    Kadabra          (Kamek)

#065    Alakazam        (Large Kamek)

#067    Machoke         (Hammer Bro)

#068    Machamp        (Large Hammer Bro)

#069    Bellsprout        (Piranha Plant)

#072    Tentacool        (Inkling Squid costume and Blooper)

#073    Tentacruel       (Large Blooper)

#090    Muk                 (Master Belch costume)

#092    Gastly              (Boo)

#094    Gengar            (Large Boo)

#098    Krabby (Sidestepper costume)

#100    Voltorb (Bomb-omb)

#101    Electrode         (Large Bomb-omb)

#104    Cubone           (Dry Bones)

#105    Marowak         (Large Dry Bones)

#115    Kangaskhan    (Bowser costume and Bowser Jr.)

#118    Golden (Red Cheep Cheep)

#119    Seaking           (Large Red Cheep Cheep)

#129    Gyarados        (Wriggler)

#140    Kabuto             (Buzzy beetle)

#149    Dragonite        (Large winged Bowser)

#150    Mewtwo           (Mewtwo costume)

#641    Tornadus         (Giant Lakitu)

Season 1 may have set the premise and initial story, but Season 2 has truly taken the story and developed it more so and truly brought the Super Mario Maker series to life and with that in mind, below you can find all the details for the complete Season 2.

PokemonRed – The Complete 2nd Season:

 PokemonRed Ep10: Rosy’s Day-Care:

            To show just how much different Season 2 is compared to one, the first episode opens with our Pokémon trainer having made it to Rosy’s Day-Care, where Rosalina is all too eager to introduce us to her many friends and allows you to play with them all. Do a good job and she might even let you keep one.

Course ID: 8FC0-0000-0175-1186



PokemonRed Ep11: The Secret Lab:

            Given the attack on his lab in Season 1, Professor Shroom has taken to hiding out in his secret underground lab, where he’s asked you to visit him. With a new Poké Ball developed, new containment facilities and plenty of reading material, the lab is certainly worth the visit.

 Course ID: A414-0000-0175-AC8A



PokemonRed Ep12: Mewtwo Returns:

            In the second “PokemonPurple mini-episode,” the story continues after Mewtwo’s victory against Dragonite but the battle has taken its toll on Mewtwo and now the Psychic Pokémon is injured. His only hope is an explorer who happened to be exploring the cavern Mewtwo sought shelter in. 

Course ID: 8A1F-0000-0178-E6A2 



PokemonRed Ep13: Back to Dry Dry:

            Following the Professor’s advice, our hero returns to Dry Dry Caves, where a new route is accessible and a secret Brawler’s Club awaits. Victory promises total ownership of a Mankey and the right to lay claim to the Bronze Fist, but before you can even undertake the Dojo’s challenge, first you have to find it.

Course ID: 16BC-0000-018B-F0A6



PokemonRed Ep14: Dry Dry Gym:

            With the Dojo beaten and the route to the secret Pokémon Gym discovered, it is time to call upon your friends and see if you have got what it takes to beat the Dry Dry Gym and earn yourself the Rubble Badge.

Course ID: 55D5-0000-019B-0F1F



PokemonRed Ep15: Shroom at Sea:

            In order for you to even reach the underwater Gym of Rio Cheep Cheep, you’ll need to acquire Dive Equipment and with none already available, Professor Shroom has been hard at work developing it and now he is ready to commence his final field test. It should be a very simple swim provided he doesn’t get too distracted by the sights.

Course ID: 7A3C-0000-019C-CF6A 



PokemonRed Ep16: Bowser Attacks!:

            Finally out of Dry Dry Cavern, our hero finds himself back in Bom-omb Town, but all is not well for Team Bowser are on the scene and laying waste to the entire Town. Desperate to locate Professor Shroom and Mewtwo, Team Bowser will leave no stone unturned. They’ve become so desperate that they’ve even got a Tie-Fighter to help them destroy Bom-omb, but there is nothing you can do to stop the attack, so just flea and hopefully you’ll make it safely to the other side.

Course ID: 56AA-0000-019E-6113



PokemonRed Ep17: Rosy Unscathed:

            Worried about Rosy’s safety, you’ve been asked to check in on her and her Pokémon, but when you get there it is not destruction you find, but the entire location has been remodelled as Rosy’s made a number of changes and started to grow flowers again. Safe Protected from the outside danger, you may as well spend the time getting to play with some more of her Pokémon.

Course ID: 2C97-0000-01A0-2163 



PokemonRed Ep18: Mewtwo Awakens:

            In the third PokemonPurple episode, Mewtwo is still gravely injured as Professor Shroom is doing his best to get the Pokémon back to his lab but trouble follows. Desiring revenge, the Dragonite from before gives chases and it will take a miracle to elude the wrathful Pokémon and a miracle is exactly what will happen, for Mewtwo is not going down without a fight.

Course ID: 18D8-0000-01AA-6A1A



PokemonRed Ep19: Frog Suit Time!:

            With the Dive Equipment ready, it’s time to head back to the secret lab and take it out for a swim, whilst also getting a very special gift, a Mega-Star for your Pikachu, the time for Mega evolving has come and the path to Cheep Cheep Gym is open.

Course ID: 6D54-0000-01AD-757D



PokemonRed Ep20: Rio Cheep Cheep:

            With the Series Finale now here, our hero has made it to Rio Cheep Cheep, home to hundreds of Water-type Pokémon and the Water-type Gym. In what will be one of the hardest Gym’s to date, it’s time to turn the tide and show off just how far your Pikachu has come. The Froth Badge awaits and with it, a new friend in the form of Squirtle, but just because the Season ends here, the adventure does not.

Course ID: ABA9-0000-01AD-E710



Season 2 really raised the bar as far as this series is concerned, but it also showed just how far the series can grow with every new Season and Season 3 has some very special storylines and levels set in motion, so if you’ve become a fan of the series, you’re not going to want to miss it because Dragonite will be making a return and it will be Charizard who will face him and whilst the first episode of Season 3 isn’t out yet, we have got two special promo episodes out, celebrating both the series and #Pokémon20. You can find details on both courses below:


#Pokemon20 – Train on!: (Promotional Episode in-between Seasons):

            Pokemon continues to give, so it only felt fitting to give back to such an amazing series with a level created out of love and our way of saying thanks and happy anniversary!

Course ID: E099-0000-01AD-753C




PkmnRed – The Series Continues!: (Promotional Episode in-between Seasons):

            A quick an easy level more about design rather than gameplay, which was released prior to the Season 2 Finale as thanks to all those who continue to play and star the episodes, whilst also showing some Charizard love.

Course ID: 4C52-0000-01AB-F51C



            And this concludes the complete low-down on PokemonRed, but the Pokémon adventure doesn’t end here because this week alone we still have Pokémon Day and the release of the original Gen I games on the 3DS. 2016 truly is the year of Pokémon because the distributions and new titles just keep coming.

Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on!

A Super Mario World – Super Medley

Normally, we at Miketendo64 scour through the Internet to find fan made projects and news to post on our website. Rarely do we get the opportunity that Nintendo Fans seek US out. Today has been a good day in that fellow fans of our blog have asked us if we could share their YouTube video of a Super Mario Medley consisting of a Piano, a Guitar and a whole load of talent. Andrei Burdeti and his wife Jannie are talented musicians and lifelong fans of Nintendo and Super Mario and it is both a pleasure and an honour for us to see that represented in their video. We asked Andrei what inspired him to creat this project and this is what he had to say;

“The reason why I started this project is simply because I am a huge Mario fan! I’ve had a history with the plumber: I was born the same year as the original Mario and it was also the first game I ever played. I grew up with Mario 3 and Super Mario World…but I am also a musician, currently finishing my Doctorate in classical guitar. A few years back in 2010, I tried my hand at some videogame arrangements for guitar quartet (Mario Galaxy’s Main theme and Dragon Quest’s Endless World; both of which can be found on my channel). I wanted to keep going, but getting a skilled group together to rehearse was a difficult task.”
“In 2014, I met my wife who happens to be the most amazing pianist. Since there is not much music written for guitar and piano, I decided to arrange a piece. Given that I had arranged mostly videogame music before, I decided to have a go at it again.” 
“We started this project around October of 2015. The whole project took over 300 hours: arranging, rehearsing, recording both the audio and video, editing, adding the green screen effect, recording my playing of all the levels in the game, troubleshooting, and last but not least waiting for my trusty old 2008 mac book pro to respond after every click. 🙂 It was a lot of fun and we look forward to producing more in the near future!”
You can watch the Super Mario World – Super Medley by the Burdeti Duo via the embeded video below or directly from their YouTube Channel

If you would like to see more of the Burdeti Duo’s videos and projects, be sure to check out their website www.andreiburdeti.com. If you have your own Nintendo themed projects, be it videos, games merchandise, etc. be sure to contact us for a chance to appear on our blog!

Thanks Andrei for getting in touch with us!

Time to Rock Out with the Bat Out

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

Wait no longer Bat fans, Barbara’s rock show of an event course has landed and its time she got to join the ranks of Professor E. Gadd, Bulbasaur, Charamander, Squirtle and Chitoge Kirisaki, as she claims the #126 spot.

She has been the victim of a bit of hate lately as a number of Super Mario Maker gamers are speaking out more and more about their hate of constant influx of characters they’ve never even heard of, when they would much rather a general update to add something more substantial to the game, but baby she don’t care.

Barbara the Bat is here now and her going away is not an option and although some might consider her costume not worth the hassle of completing the latest event course, they might have a fair point, but like that was going to stop me from going after her and go after her I did. If you, like me are interested in playing Barbara’s level, you can catch both her level description and character trailer, below:


 Barbara in Tomatoland:

Hello, my dears! I’m Barbara the Bat. …What are those blank looks for? Don’t you know who I am? I’ll have you know I’m the star of a little series called Jam with the Band. It’s very big in Japan, you know! You should all be thankful for this precious opportunity to join the ranks of my minions.

            Do have to say though, the star of Jam with the Band (Diagasso! Band Brothers), she does come across as a bit full of herself going by the description alone, still you’ve got to admire the wording used, how it speaks to the majority who don’t recognise her, although as far as descriptions we’ve seen before go, it could have done with a little more work on it. But that’s just my two cents worth, be sure to let us know what you thought of the course and Barbara’s way of presenting it to us and don’t forget you can always check back for more Super Mario Maker news.

Cometh the Celebi

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

The Month of Mew is nearly over and in just a few days, the Month of Celebi begins as the Monthly Mythical Pokémon distribution continues.


Although the Mew giveaway is over for most of us, those in Denmark, Sweden and Norway can still get their hands on Mew, as the event has now reached your part of Europe and you can collect your Serial Code for Mew from BR stores across all three countries. Fortunately you won’t be pressed for time to get your Mew as the event runs from now until the 30th of April, so there is plenty of time to claim you very own Mew. Now for those of you who are in the UK, you will need to rush to your nearest GAME, because although the event hasn’t finished yet, it does on the 28th so you will need to be quick.


March marks the arrival of time travelling, Psychic/Grass-typed Celebi, who, as previously divulged, will be available to us all via Nintendo Network, between the 1st and 24th of March and just like Mew and the other Mythical Pokémon being distributed this year, Celebi will be Lv.100 and have the following moves:

  • Confusion
  • Recover
  • Heal Bell
  • Safeguard 

If you are new to the series or just new to receiving Pokémon via Nintendo Network, the process is fairly simple. All you need is to be present in an area where you can access the Nintendo Network, your hand-held console and your copy of either Pokémon X&Y and ORAS game:


How to Receive your Celebi:

-First turn on your device, load up the game and access Mystery Gift.

Click “Receive Gift,” then “Get Via Internet.

-You should then see the gift Pokémon (Celebi) pop up and be asked if you want to receive it. Select “Yes.

-You will then be told to not turn off your device whilst receiving your gift.

-Once received you will be able to see the “Wonder Card,” which thanks you for playing Pokémon and tells you that you can pick up your gift from the delivery girl at any of the Pokémon Centres in game.

-Lastly, go to a Pokémon Centre of your choice, and speak to the delivery girl. She will then give you your Celebi. (Whoooo!)


Should you need further explanation, you could always use the link below for further instruction: 



After Celebi, April’s Mythical Pokémon is of course Jirachi, which is also meant to be solely available from the Nintendo Network, but then in May, when it is the turn of Darkari, it will be back to receiving Code Cards and Serial Codes from designated stores, such as the locations we had this month. For a list of countries and their chosen stores look below, but be advised a few of these could be changed closer to the day, but for now the locations are solid:


Distribution Points:

  • Australia: EBGames
  • Austria: Able to acquire from GameStop
  • Belgium: Able to acquire from GameMania
  • Canada: EBGames
  • Denmark: Able to acquire from BR
  • Germany: Able to acquire from GameStop
  • Italy: Able to acquire from GameStop
  • Netherlands: Able to acquire from GameMania
  • Norway: Able to acquire from BR
  • Spain: Able to acquire from GAME
  • Sweden: Able to acquire from BR
  • Switzerland: Able to acquire from GameStop
  • United States: Able to acquire from GameStop
  • UK: Able to acquire from GAME


But it’s not all Mew and Celebi this month and the next, as other Pokémon distributions have also come to light. Pokémon such as a special Delibird, holding the Relic Gold item, which is only available for those who participated in the Festive Feud Battle Competition that took place last year in December. You only have until the 28th of February to get yours before it’s too late. As for the second distribution announced, this one concerns a Shiny Ho-Oh, which is to celebrate the opening of the new Pokémon Centre on Kyoto. Ho-Oh will be distributed at all Pokémon Centres from March 16th until the 24th of April, 2016.


Lastly there will also be a special Psyduck available in Japan, during the month of March at the Kyoto Pokémon Centre, due to appearances by Junichi Masuda, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, for signings as part of the #Pokemon20 celebrations and let us not forget the distribution of the Kanto starters as new Mario Costumes for Super Mario Maker.

Source: Serebii.net

Pokemon Direct Confirms Sun & Moon

Well guys the moment we have been waiting for over the last two days of finding out about the latest Pokemon Direct has been and gone. It has confirmed the Trademark rumors that arose yesterday and has announced that Pokemon Sun & Moon will be available for a worldwide release in the Holiday season this year and will be coming out on the Nintendo 3DS. It has also confirmed that the eShop titles of Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow will also be compatible to trade with the new games via the internet with something called Pokemon Bank. Are you guys hyped about this news or were you expecting something more or something else entirely? I did thoroughly enjoy how the Direct started with the Gameboy screen and the waves of Nostalgia hit me like a tsunami. It was a bit random for it to finish the way it did to be honest. I was kinda hoping it would shed some more news on Pokken Tournament like a special update or extra characters earned or Pokemon Stadium Wii U which would have been awesome or some kind of Pokemon event. but anyhow it has all but passed so for those that have not watched it yet you can catch it here on the Nintendo Direct Website or via the embeded video below.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Details leaked!

Details have been leaked after Nintendo had filed two new Pokemon games on a European Trademark Website today. There is little doubt that these games will be announced tomorrow in the Pokemon Direct. Details have popped up on Fantendo.wikia.com  including where the games will take place, Pokemon can follow you outside of their ball, the class of trainers you can face, Gym leaders and so on though at this moment I would take it with a grain of salt until the big wigs at Nintendo or the Pokemon Company confirm it to be gospel. There is also no mention of what console these games will be coming to but I would suspect it would be the 3DS or the handheld version of the NX.



Pokemon Direct Coming Tomorrow! (26th February)

That’s right guys & girls, you have heard me correctly. There is a Nintendo Direct centered around Pokemon coming tomorrow. It comes just in time for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon which is February 27th. the Pokemon Direct will be available to watch on Nintendo’s Twitch channel or from their Nintendo Direct website and no doubt will be available to watch on YouTube shortly after.

You can watch it at 7 am PT in North America, 3 pm GMT in the UK and 4pm CET in Europe.

This Direct will focus only on Pokemon News and will hopefully give us some news about what the next Pokemon game might be, more details on the Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow versions and if they will interact with the later generations of the game (i.e. trading). I know it is a long shot but I would quite like to see amiibo functionality as well (random prizes like items, an extra master ball or rare candy for example). What would you like to see come from this Direct? please let us know in the comments section below.


Source: Nintendo

Enter The Bat: Super Mario Maker

Written by: J.H. Longman

If Batman and Batgirl are everyone’s first and second favourite bat, Barbara the Bat, the recognised protagonist of Daigasso! Band Brothers, is certainly the third favourite and she is gearing up for her next appearance, in Super Mario Maker.


Sure it may seem a bit of an odd move on include such a character as lesser known as she is, but then again this is a game that has included the likes of Necky, Chitoge Kirisaki and let’s not forget about the Mercedes-Benz costume. Not every costume is going to be a winner and yes it could be an all-star line-up of the costumes of characters we really want, but then that would be Nintendo staying “inside the box,” and honestly, these lesser known ones do add diversity to the game and its line-up, so even if they aren’t the ones we want, they’re a lot better than nothing at all, but at this point, it would be nice if new rumours or even confirmation for another update, came to light.

Love her or hate her, Barbara the Bat is on her way, arriving in the evening of the 25th of February for those of you in Japan and on the 26th for those of us in Europe and Japan and yes, she certainly is no Wolf Link costume, but for those of us who don’t have the amiibo already, we still have to wait a while before we can even get that, so Barbara will certainly do, for now at least and for those of us who are impatient to get her, you can catch her character trailer right here:

Besides Daigasso! Band Brothers, Barbara the Bat’s other appearances only consist of her making a brief appearance in the DS game English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills, in which she gives the player a phrase they must write down and an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. To lay eyes on her in Brawl, you will need to find 25 songs hidden through-out the game, afterwards you’ll be able to summon her as a random Assist Trophy character, who takes to the stage and plays us a song with a similar effect to Donkey Kong’s Bongo beat. In Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS, she does not make a return as a assit trophy but as an even smaller role in the form of headgear for the Mii Fighters. She does have a collectible trophy in the 3DS version.


Still with Babs joining the party, music levels might just get a whole lot rockier and that would certainly be something to see!

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

Amiibo Smash!!! A New Webseries


We at Miketendo64 are always looking for ways to entertain our followers. After much investment, we have decided to dive into the world of Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS and really put amiibo to the test. Both Super Smash Bros and amiibo have been out for a fair while now so it is time to put them through their paces and train them to top form where they will then compete with and against each other to see who truly are the Titans of Smash! This webseries pits Lv 50 Amiibo against each other in a Stamina & Heavy Special Smash, no items barring the Smash Ball and a huge array of stages to battle on. To start off our new miniseries. We have an epic amiibo battle between two characters that have been mortal enemies of each other since their series began. It is The Hero Of Time, Link himself against the Dark Lord Demon King Ganondorf from The Legend Of Zelda. It is a one on one battle with no damsels to get in the way, This is a true battle of courage against power and there can only be one victor.

We have also done a follow up in the series with Princess Zelda & Sheik against Samus & Zero Suit Samus. Who has the better alter ego? Is the Princess of Hyrule a lot stronger than she looks? Has the intergalatic Bounty Hunter Samus Aran got this in the bag. Watch now to find out!

Miketendo64 #ZeldaMonth Let’s Plays


To Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Legend Of Zelda, Jack & Mike play through the first dungeon of several The Legend Of Zelda games on the Wii U and Wii U Virtual Console. Our first episode takes them on a Journey through the first in the series The Legend Of Zelda. With No guides, No Map, Tempermental controls and only memory and persistence to go on, expect lots of fails, wrong directions and the eventual triumph.

In the second episode, Jack & Mike play through the first dungeon of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past SNES. They go searching for a princess calling for help and find a dying uncle in a dungeon. Expect a lot of Grass cutting, procrastination and the eventual Damsel Rescuing.