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Written by: J.H. Longman

Today we celebrate one of the greatest anniversaries in the world video-gaming, for today is the day the Legend of Zelda turns 30. Last year it was Mario and later on in the year it will be Metroid, but right now, it’s all about the Legend of Zelda.


The original game may have arrived in the west in 1987, but the first Zelda gamers were born the year before, when Japan saw the 1986 release of what would become not just one of the biggest and most memorable games on the NES, but one of the most iconic games to shape the entire video-gaming industry, but also become a series that has fans all over the world and still shows no signs of slowing.


But just what is it that makes the Legend of Zelda truly great? Is it the reincarnating Hero who greets us regularly in new art styles, in a series that continues to evolve and have such engaging stories, or is it the fact that each game becomes our own story? Not just the story of Zelda, but the story of us. We all remember our first Zelda game, the one that made us fall in love and become fans for live.


I know how the Legend began and I even know how my story began, but for the rest of the month, us here at Miketendo64 want to hear your story. Your Legends and we want every detail. It’s not just great games and story that has kept this great series going these last 30 years, it’s all of us who are still playing it and just can’t get enough of it. Without Zelda, our lives would be different. Without us, the Legend would have died off a long time ago.

Today is Zelda30, may the Goddesses continue to smile on the series and see us to Zelda50 and may the forthcoming Zelda U be everything we dream it will be.

For anyone interested, we have a special Zelda 30th level out on Super Mario Maker, you can check it out for yourself with the link below: 

30 Years of the Legend of Zelda

And because our love for this series doesn’t just end there, we shoot this video of us playing through the first dungeon in the NES classic, the Legend of Zelda:

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