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Great news Zelda fans, we may not have gotten a special event course to celebrate the 30th Legend of Zelda anniversary, but we are getting a Wolf Link costume, in fact some of us do already.


Discovered today by @NintendoForce, the very special Wolf Link amiibo unlocks a Wolf Link costume in Super Mario Maker, complete with Midna riding on the back of Link. Instead of taking the #126 slot, Wolf Link snatches up #132, which could just mean that costumes #126-#130 will continue to be unlocked by completing certain event courses, but costumes #131-#140 will be more special costumes that require amiibos, amiibos such as Roy, Ryu and maybe even Shovel Knight.


 Although if Shovel Knight is indeed a new costume for the game, unlike the newly discovered Wolf Link costume, is not available as of this moment. I’ve tried tapping the amiibo on the GamePad but the Shovel Knight amiibo continues to be incompatible with Super Mario Maker, so if he’s not costume #131, I can only think of one other who could be, Shadow Mewtwo, another amiibo which comes out next month, only it’s an amiibo card and not an amiibo.


As usual, Wolf Link comes with his own set of sounds and tunes, which includes a playful chuckle from Midna and a howl from Wolf Link. If you’re lucky enough to already have a Wolf Link amiibo, be sure to tap it in now, because Wolf Link is raring to go and if you haven’t yet, you can now see him in action, courtesy of GameXplain


Now just because we don’t know who or what the other costumes are, at least we do know one of them is a costume we really want and its one of a few we made sure to include in our recently posted Super Mario Maker costume Predictions piece. A piece which includes Shadow Mewtwo, Roy and Wolf Link and if you want to see who else made it onto our list, be sure to check out the link below:

Super Mario Maker – The Costumes we Want and the Ones we May Get!


Source: @NintendoForce (Twitter)


By Jack Longman

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