Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

Having finally seen the likes of A Link Between Worlds, Majora’s Mask, Tri Force Heroes and The Legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker HD has been sorely missed, but it is missed no longer. For the last couple of weeks in the European version of Nintendo Badge Arcade, we’ve been able to grab the Zelda badges we couldn’t the first time round, badges from Worlds, Mask and Heroes and now Toon Link has come to join the party and he has brought a whole lot of badges with him. Other than the usual multiple Link’s and Master Sword, up for grabs are items, such as bombs, collectables, sails, Sages and even Link’s family. The Wind Waker HD has truly sailed in and hopefully it will stick around long enough for us to grab the really good ones. Sure there’s all ways next time, but next time doesn’t exactly complete our sets now does it?


It does however bring up the question that with the release of Twilight Princess literally two weeks for now, will Twilight Princess HD also be coming to the arcade? Because if it does, I think it is safe to say we all want the Wolf Link badge, as hard as it may be to get, but that is neither here or now, what is now is Wind Waker HD and it is time to start collecting.


By Mike Scorpio

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