Details have been leaked after Nintendo had filed two new Pokemon games on a European Trademark Website today. There is little doubt that these games will be announced tomorrow in the Pokemon Direct. Details have popped up on  including where the games will take place, Pokemon can follow you outside of their ball, the class of trainers you can face, Gym leaders and so on though at this moment I would take it with a grain of salt until the big wigs at Nintendo or the Pokemon Company confirm it to be gospel. There is also no mention of what console these games will be coming to but I would suspect it would be the 3DS or the handheld version of the NX.



By Mike Scorpio

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6 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun & Moon Details leaked!”
  1. I am so looking forward to these! But am I the only one hoping for a full 3D release on the NX? It doesn’t have to be Sun or Moon, but just a Pokemon. It needs to be done!!

      1. Its the same I feel about a Pokemon MMO. To me, it seems they are scared of literally drowning themselves with money. As you say its just odd. We can always still hope.

  2. Hey man I love your blog! Thanks for the follow on my site, I have another one all about Pokemon if you’re interested in reading! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks, I shall be sure to follow your other site if you give me the link. Most of our posts and blogs are read by others members on WordPress so its only fair to help support each other. Thank you for your following too!

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