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Twenty years ago, Japan saw the release of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green, with the rest of the world receiving Red and Blue in the short years that followed, but just as North America was getting Red and Blue, Japan got Yellow and now thanks to #Pokemon20 all three games are back with a vengeance!


Just like in the games themselves, choosing your starter isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, it requires consideration and the same is said with the games. Each one has different Pokémon available in them, such as Nintetails and Scyther and Pokémon  Yellow is no different, because despite it have Pokémon from each game in it, it only has half from Red and half from Blue/Green, but it does have a Pikachu who follows you around, refuses to evolve into a Raichu and it is possible to get all three starters in it, which for me is the selling point.


I don’t want to choose between the starters, I can’t because I love them all equally. Every time I had to make the choice between them I would think of the sunglasses wearing Squirtle who ran with his pack. Or the Charamander who was abandoned by his first owner and would become an unruly Charmeleon and an even more so unruly Charizard before eventually becoming tame. Sure that’s just the series version of the both of them, but that’s how I always saw them, whereas Bulbasaur I saw only as the ideal starter due to the fact he has the edge over not just the first but the first & second Gym Leaders you come across.


 Also forget about the Kanto game for the moment, we’ve got Pokémon Sun and Moon to consider now. That’s coming out this year and the Pokémon we catch in Red, Blue & Yellow, we can carry over to the new games thanks to the Pokémon Bank, meaning we’ve got Mega evolutions to consider and out of the three, Charmander is the only one to go on to have two which are both equally badass and awesome to look at. We can’t just think short-term on this, we’ve got to think long-term and that’s why I just had to go for Pokémon Yellow, because I can get all of the Kanto starters and when Sun and Moon are out, I will be a able to Mega evolve them, which is something I’d really like to do, seeing as how I’ve yet to have that particular pleasure.


Plus with Yellow, more of the original Pokémon I actually like are in that version of the game and sure I may not be a Pikachu fan and playing Yellow means him going with me everywhere, but if Charmander and Squritle are in toe, I can easily tolerate him, plus another thing to consider is Yellow is in colour and the version I never really got to experience the first time round, it was about time to correct that mistake and I am really enjoying this game. When not playing Bravely Second, I’m playing Pokémon Yellow and my team are getting stronger.


Pokémon Yellow, Blue/Green and Red, are everything you could want in a Pokémon game, sure it’s much more simplistic compared to what we have now, but this is the game where all the new mechanics and ideas evolved from, the game where Pokémon were Pokémon and becoming household objects inspired Pokémon like Chandelure. Then of course there’s Trubbish and Vanillite, two Pokémon which are quite literally a rubbish bag and an ice-cream cone. The Gen 1 games are pure classics, everything a true Pokémon game should be and its really great that it’s been made possible to re-experience these games again in their original form, which includes the original glitches and let’s be honest, we loved the glitches and the games just wouldn’t be the same without them.


To those still trying to make their choice, I wish you the best of luck. Yellow was an easy choice for me because it gave me the three best reasons, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur and who can say no to a choice like that? I couldn’t and that is exactly why I chose Pokémon Yellow.

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