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[Review] Morphite (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Level 77
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Category: Action, Adventure, Platformer & Puzzles
Release Date: 2nd of November, 2017 (EU & NA) Continue reading [Review] Morphite (Nintendo Switch)


[Feature] The October 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up

It’s that time of the month again, another month has ended and a whole lot of reviews were posted, only this time, a whole lot more games were reviewed and Super Mario Odyssey made its way to the general public!


Without any further delay, it is my utmost pleasure that I get to present to you the excellence that is our October 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up: Continue reading [Feature] The October 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up

[Feature] Super Mario Odyssey Reviews Round-up!

If you are ready this, than it can only mean one thing, the embargo for Super Mario Odyssey has lifted and the reviews are pouring in!


Sadly at this time we do not have a review of Super Mario Odyssey live on the site due to the fact that our physical review copy didn’t actually arrive until today, which you can see in a new video we’ve uploaded today that we’re sharing right here: Continue reading [Feature] Super Mario Odyssey Reviews Round-up!

[Review] Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch’s Story: COMBAT (Nintendo Switch)

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Category: Role-Playing & Adventure
Release Date: 28th of September, 2017 (EU, NA & JP) Continue reading [Review] Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch’s Story: COMBAT (Nintendo Switch)

[Review] Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Cubetype
Publisher: NIS America
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Category: First Person, Action & Fighting
Release Date: 10th of October, 2017 (NA), 13th of October, 2017 (EU) & 2nd of November, 2017 (JP)
Continue reading [Review] Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle (Nintendo Switch)

[Review] JYDGE (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: 10tons
Publisher: 10tons
Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Category: Action, Top-Down Shooter, & Arcade
Release Date: 19th of October, 2017 (EU & NA) Continue reading [Review] JYDGE (Nintendo Switch)

[Editorial] Nintendo Switch: A Gamer’s Best Friend and a Reviewer’s Worst Nightmare

Hey guys, don’t mind me, this is “Miketendo64’s Manical OverlordJack Longman, aka Jacktendo92 and today I’ve cooked up a little something just for you!

Image result for nintendo switch Continue reading [Editorial] Nintendo Switch: A Gamer’s Best Friend and a Reviewer’s Worst Nightmare

[Review] Neon Chrome (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: 10tons

Publisher: 10tons

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Shooter, Role-Playing & Action

Release Date: 12th of October, 2017 (PAL & NA) Continue reading [Review] Neon Chrome (Nintendo Switch)

[Feature] Miketendo64 Insider: A Quick Look at our Upcoming Reviews for October 2017

Hi there my name is Matthew or you can just call me LMG_Gaming, and as a new applicant to be a Miketendo64 reviewer for Nintendo Switch games, I was tasked with the job of informing you all with a inside look at all the games you can expect us to review on the coming weeks. Well, here they all are: Continue reading [Feature] Miketendo64 Insider: A Quick Look at our Upcoming Reviews for October 2017

The July 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up

July may be over, but plenty of fantastic games like Miitopia made their epic debut in the month just and just before we all get carried away with the epic games that release this month, (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle being one of them,) here is the ultimate list of every game the Miketendo64 staff got round to review.


I present to you the July 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up: Continue reading The July 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up

[Review] New Frontier Days- Founding Pioneers (Nintendo Switch)

  • Platform Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date Mar 23, 2017
  • No. of Players 1 player
  • Category Simulation
  • PublisherArc System Works Co., Ltd.

Wonder what it may have been like when the first Pioneers went to America. Setting up camp, building an outpost which would turn into a town and then into a thriving city? Well wonder no more as New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers allows you to do just that! in what could be described as a cross between Civilization and Sim City, New Frontier Days has you go try to work with virtually nothing besides a few ammenities to get you going, you then have to task your fellow pioneers to chop down trees, hunt boar, shear sheep and build up your little settlement. Seems easy enough and after a few play-throughs and getting to grips with how to better manage your pioneers without running out of resources or having your entire settlement be utterly destroyed by a giant boar  on a rampage (yes it can happen).

This point and click adventure would sit well on PC and feel right at home on mobile devices but it is a welcoming addition to the Switch Library as well. Though it has simplistic sprites and rough animations, it’s colourful graphics and texturing will suck you in anyway and the music never seems to grate either. I rather enjoyed it and even after promising myself I will only play it for an hour here and there, it basically became all I played and the whole day disappeared from me. There are various modes which all offer the same thing so your best bet is to go through Story Mode to learn the basics and find your feet. in Story Mode, most features and buildings are locked until you can level up your settlement enough to progress to the next age. You will then be able to unlock new buildings that can create better materials which are required to construct even newer buildings. It is an endless cycle and will have you grinding away for hours but then again, it is where most of it’s charm is so watching your settlement become more expansive and self reliant does give you a sense of accomplishment.

Other modes include Free Mode & Survival Mode, Free Mode allows you access to all buildings and features from the get go and will basically let you go on your way without hindrance or ‘Natural Disasters.’ Challenge Mode on the other hand, you can choose which difficulty you would prefer which will depend on how much of a masochist you are as the higher difficulties will throw more hardships at you and more chances of bad things happening to you and your settlers.


Of course, what kind of game would it be without any drive for success? Well of course the game would be a little boring so naturally there are objectives like hunting animals, create buildings, process a certain amount of materials, etc. Completing them will reward you with more cash, materials or gems that you can use to upgrade your buildings to open up more functions like processing better materials. Fulfilling certain tasks unlock achievements and also open up a piece of a larger picture of some of the game’s artwork.



I have spent a lot more time playing this game then I thought I would and rightly so, it is a strangely compelling title that keeps you going long after promising yourself that you will only play for 10 more minutes. It is a pleasant change of pace to the many other types of games that are currently available. My sister who is a big Mass Effect fan and loves her shooters and extreme violence, found herself fully immersed in its appeal. So, I guess what I should say is, if you are looking for an affordable game that you can easily sink some hours into, then definitely give this game a try because at just $9.99 it isn’t going to break the bank and will definitely keep you entertained.




Jacktendo Selects: My Top 5 Switch Games of June 2017

Hello and welcome back to Jacktendo Selects, the monthly feature in which sees me count down my favourite games on Switch in the month that they came out and reveal the game I’m most looking forwards to from the following month!


This time around, instead of revealing the Top 6, I’m revealing the Top 5 Switch games that met my rules! “What rules may they be?” you may wonder. Well a game can only appear in this list, if I have personally played it and reviewed it. It will also need to be a full game, which means if it is a demo like the ARMS Global Testpunch, than it won’t be making an appearance, but the full game sure is! Continue reading Jacktendo Selects: My Top 5 Switch Games of June 2017

The June 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up

June may be over, but plenty of fantastic games saw a release in the month that has just past and before we all get carried away with the epic games that release this month, here is the ultimate list of every game the Miketendo64 staff got round to review. I present you the June 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up:

Continue reading The June 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up

Review: The Girl and the Robot

The Girl And The Robot Video Game Review

Title: The Girl and the Robot
Company: Flying Carpets Games
Nintendo Wii U (Originally on Steam)
Release Date:
August 2016
How we got the game:
We got a free digital download code from Miketendo64

The Girl and the Robot was the first game produced by Flying Carpets Games, funded by generous Kickstarters. It boasted an interesting gameplay dynamic between the two titular characters as well as a cute rapport between the girl and her robot friend.

When I saw the trailer for this game, I was certainly intrigued. I was thinking about it getting it before Miketendo64 reached out to us. We were more than happy to give the game a go.


The mechanics of the game comprised of switching between the girl and the robot, mostly in order to solve puzzles in the landscape to allow the heroes to move forward in their journey. While you played as the girl, the robot stayed put in place and vice versa. The girl was able to jump as well as being small enough to squeeze through certain areas, while the robot was the fighter of the two. Armed with a sword, shield, and arrows, the robot played the role of the girl’s protector.

We played on the Nintendo Wii U, so the controls on PC may differ, but for the Wii U, the controls were clunky at best. Every single button on the gamepad was used, including L, R, ZL, and ZR. The left control stick was to move the characters while the right one was used for the camera. The camera was not automatic so it was often hard if we had to make a quick getaway.

I myself kept mixing up the bow and shield buttons, often bringing out the shield when I wanted to ready an arrow. The controls, while clunky, did well in mimicking the way robots move. While the controls did get awkward, it was a challenge ensuring that the characters were moving how we wanted them to.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, I did enjoy how the controls controlled like a robot. I do wish the camera mechanic was better, but it was doable. I found myself doing okay with the controls. In battles where it was six against one, it was challenging, but I did alright given the controls. It took some getting used to, but we managed.


This game had a minimalist style, at least on the Wii U. The graphics were definitely charming, showing off the robot’s mechanical moves and allowing the girl’s expressions to shine through during close-ups. The setting surrounding the characters wasn’t too expansive, giving players brief glimpses of what lay ahead in the isolated world.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The background graphics were very pretty. I did enjoy how you could only see a little bit ahead. Sometimes a doorway would show a bright light or darkness depending on the situation leading you to have no idea what was to come next.

The surroundings kept us intrigued, keeping us in suspense about what lay behind the next corner. More often than not, we kept the girl behind in a safe spot and scouted as the robot, terrified that an enemy would pop up in an attempt to make us get a game over. The music did well with the graphics, often being minimalist itself. Most of the setting seemed to be up in the sky, floating islands perhaps, and the music was quiet enough to reflect the peace and isolation.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We tried so hard not to get a game over, even though we had no lives, no health, or no continues. The “game over” didn’t mean anything. You just started back where it last auto-saved. Anyway, I did find the music enjoyable. Even though there wasn’t much music or sound at all, the sound effects were well done and the music that was there was calming.

The battle music could definitely be intense, and I really enjoyed the mood that music set for the fights! Coupled with the fact that you couldn’t see too far ahead in the journey, the sudden fight music heightened the suspense the player feels while playing. I found that the music and graphics were very well done.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The story is a tough one to figure out. The game starts off as the girl locked up in some sort of tower. After saving a bird, an old man opens the door for her. She ventures out, finds the robot and a pendant to control him, and then together they go on a journey together. However, there’s no dialogue or barely any explanation as to what exactly is going on.

We quickly learned that other robots that we encountered were only interested in recapturing the girl, presumably to lock her back up. The pendant is what gives the girl a rapport to the one robot that is interested in protecting her, his fighting skills and her flexibility allowing both to venture forth together. As we progressed through the deserted (aside from enemy robots) hallways, roads, and mazes, we catch glimpses of paintings and pictures depicting a royal family.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We’re assuming the girl is a “princess,” yet we still don’t know what happened. We don’t know why this one robot (who we named Leo) had any interest in protecting the girl and we also don’t know who the main antagonist. There were two boss battles, both with a woman who we’ve deemed the witch, but we don’t know who she is or what exactly she’s trying to accomplish. If anything, the bits and pieces we did get were intriguing enough to have us keep moving forward.


The Girl and the Robot was a quick game, able to be completed in just a few sittings if one really wished. While the story and characters were cute, I do not see myself picking it up again anytime soon. At the end of the game, it became apparent that this was only Act One of The Girl and the Robot, leaving me a little unsatisfied. If I get the inkling to play Act Two whenever that gets released, I may pick up Act One again to refresh myself with the beginning of the story.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I found the game to be enjoyable, even though it was short. It took us almost nine hours to complete, though some people have spent a much shorter time on it. If I want something simple minded to play, this was a cute game. The puzzles were interesting as well. Still, as Kris said, the ending was unsatisfying. Now that we know there is supposedly a second act, it makes sense, but we don’t know when that will get released. Being so short, it would have made sense to have one big game. Anyway, I look forward to the next game if only because I’m curious as to what the story really is about.

The Girl and the Robot gets…
Video game review: 3 Lives
3.5 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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The May 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-Up

Keeping you guys on your toes is one thing we do best here at Miketendo64 and as well as being a Nintendo News Site, we also post our fair share of reviews each and every month!

But one thing we’ve never done is post a feature article that has links to every game that was revealed during that time, so we’re going to change that right here right now! It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to the May 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up:

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