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Man, I swear each week is passing quicker and quicker. I know I can’t wait for The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening to release at the end of the week as I will finally get my hands on the Collector’s Edition, complete with artbook and that incredible Gameboy Steelbook Case. Speaking of which, we will definitely have to do an unboxing video and we will have some gameplay footage to share with you for this week’s Gameplay Sunday. We also have gameplay footage of Jet Kave Adventure which releases this week on Nintendo Switch.

This Tuesday, we have a special interview for you all. Randomly alternating on Tuesdays with our Content Creator Spotlight feature, we will be launching our Community Spotlight Feature. This week, the Splatoon Gaming Community NM5 & Friends takes its turn in the limelight. We speak with Richard, Jess, Dottie, Will, and Ash about how the community was founded, their experiences in the community and how their lives have changed for the better, thanks to the love and appreciation that the members have for each other.

Wednesday, we have a couple of reviews for you including TerraTech and the Super Eon 64 Adapter for the Nintendo 64. Both are penned by the incredible Jonathan Ober and are both worthy of reading.

As usual, we will have the Weekly Switch eShop Releases on the Thursday and the Weekly News Round-Up on Friday. With any luck, our Unboxing Video for the Link’s Awakening Collector’s Edition will be uploaded on Friday as well.

Switch Nindies will return on Saturday to cover the Weekly Mobile News for Nintendo’s Smart Phone offerings. Sunday as we mentioned before, we will have some more gameplay footage for you.

Now, for the moment some of you have been waiting for. It is time to announce the winner of our M64 September Giveaway. Well, as much as we would love for everyone who participated to be winners, it is just not in the budget. But for those who didn’t win, just know that next month, we will have a whole new Giveaway for Luigi’s Mansion 3!!!

So, without further ado, let us announce who will be awakening on a tropical island this weekend in Link’s Awakening. Congratulations to… Josh Dilla AKA @deeatombomb! We will be in contact with you shortly to ask for your postal details. Thank you to everyone for participating and we wish you good luck in our next Giveaway!


Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

By Mike Scorpio

I am Chief Administrator for Miketendo64.com A news & reviews website for Nintendo related articles and merchandise. An intermediate gamer with over 20 years of experience spanning 4 decades and 4 generations of Nintendo Games Consoles From the NES up to the Wii U. I also manage our YouTube Channel where I post videos frequently ranging from Let's Plays, Unboxings, Let's Talk Abouts, Our Wii U Lv1 Playthrough Series and the Super Mario Maker Bros Show! and a whole lot more, we even have our own Miketendo64 Directs!

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  1. Oh wow, can’t believe I just read my name in there! Thanks so much, for this & all the amazing work you do!

    1. You are welcome Josh. If you use Twitter, can you send us a DM so we can verify your account and we can start the process of sending you your game.

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