Food Truck Tycoon nintendo switch review

Developer: Baltoro Games

Publisher: Baltoro Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Simulation, Strategy, Puzzle & Adventure

Release Date: February 8, 2019 (EU & NA)



Delectable meals on wheels.


Would you like to own your own food truck? Baltoro games the creators of games such as Flow line VS and Ludo Mania, have cooked up another edition to add to their list of creations, The game is called Food Truck Tycoon.

In Food Truck Tycoon, you are the owner of a food truck, your job is to complete orders made by customers who visit your food truck, there are sixty levels you must complete in the game, and each level will bring a new challenge you must concur.

In the levels, you will have to serve customers meals. Each customer will have a different order combination, one might want (sausage, with mustard and salad), the other might want (sausage, mustard, bread, salad, and a soda). The orders will begin to get challenging and complicated as you progress through the game.

The levels will start out easy but get harder as you go, with each level having a goal that will require you to make a minimum amount of money to complete the level. There is a progress bar at the top of each level, which helps players with an indication of how much you are making within each level.

There are also things that are unlockable through playing levels in the game, you will be able unlock new things to cook such as a deep fryer for fries, corn dogs, (put the other things in here), and are able to upgrade current existing items for example, the frying pan, you will start out with one frying pan until you have enough money to get another frying pan, and will be able to upgrade to a maximum of three pans that can be used to fry the sausages.

Along with the upgrade kitchen items you can also upgrade your interior design of the outside of your food truck, you can upgrade the chairs, plants, and Umbrella. There are three options of interior design that you can change your food truck to for each of the items.

If you are worried about not being able to make enough to upgrade or change the items you wish to change in the game, don’t worry because you will be able to earn more with achievements, which can be earned by completing tasks such as “Losing your first level” or completing “all 60 levels”.

The game’s controls are suitable for the game, you can use the Nintendo Switch Touchscreen, Joy-Con, or Pro Controller. The controls are analog stick to arrange items onto plates, A button for selection to both give the customer their order and to move one order from one place to another, L button to activate the soda machine and ZR to select the soda and give it to the customer.

Food Truck Tycoon’s visuals are great and the game plays beautifully both in docked and handheld mode. I personally enjoyed playing the game docked because I think it works better on the big screen especially when you are always moving things around in the levels.



Food Truck Tycoon is a delightful game with a range of content. The levels, interior customization, upgradable kitchen features, and achievements, all make the game worthwhile and a fun time awaits whether you’re playing on the go, or in TV mode.





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