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[Editorial] My Best Mario Moment? The Day Mike Scorpio met Charles Martinet!

Hey guys, welcome back to yet another Editorial penned by me, “Miketendo64’s Maniacal OverlordJack Longman, aka Jacktendo92 and today I feel like talking about myself for once!

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[Interview] Mario & Me (Mike Scopio)

Here at Miketendo64, with the release of Super Mario Odyssey in sight, #MarioWeek has arrived and since Mario means a whole lot to all of us, via a series of posts, you’re going to get to see how much the plumber means to those of us who are part of Miketendo64.

Kicking this new series of mini-interviews of, is Miketendo64 overlord Mike Scorpio and this is how he got on when we put him through his paces with our Quick Fire round:

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Just Dance 2018 To Receive “Just Mario” Exclusive Map On Nintendo Switch

To all of you that had high hopes that the “Jump Up Superstar” Theme Song for Super Mario Odyssey was the exclusive Mario Map coming to the Nintendo Switch version of Just Dance, may be disappointed to hear that it may not be the case. The exclusive Mario Map has been confirmed to be a remake of “Just Mario” which originally appeared in the Just Dance games on the Nintendo Wii and has been updated for the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Jump Up Superstar WON’T be added, it still could be as a little extra surprise for us big Nintendo fans that are riding the hype train for Super Mario Odyssey. I guess we will know soon enough closer to the game’s release.

[Video] ARMS Producer Versus UK SMASH BROS Pros In ARMS

Nintendo proposed a challenge against two UK Super Smash Bros professionals to put their expert gaming skills to the test. The test being to take on The Producer of ARMS, Kosuke Yabuki at his own game, ARMS. The two pros being Tom G-P Scott & J.Miller.

Three videos were posted, the first being an introduction and the other two featuring the two Smash Bros Challengers playing Mr Yabuki to see who will come out on top. You can check out the videos for yourself below.


[Video] Splatoon 2 Shifty Station Footage

The First real Splatfest begins today in Japan and the rest of the world can get in on the action tomorrow. Footage of the exclusive Splatfest stage Shifty Station has been uploaded and can be seen in the video below. Also, Nintendo have extended their Splatfest theme, Mayonaise Vs Ketchup, into actual gameplay by changing the colour of the ink to match the colour of the condiment theme each player has chosen for the splatfest. I guess we will all be Dressing up for this splatfest (Sorry, for the terrible pun).

Source: Snorth93 (YouTube)

[Review] Infinite MiniGolf (Nintendo Switch)

  • Platform Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date Jul 28, 2017
  • No. of Players up to 8 players
  • Category Sports, Party, Multiplayer
  • Publisher Zen Studios
  • Developer Zen Studios

I was never too keen on golf as a sport and I have always shied away from videogame representations because I couldn’t think of anything else more boring and yet I am about to review a golfing game for the first time. To be fair, Mini Golf or “Crazy Golf” does have a more “Fun” appeal to it with its varied courses with their own themes and Zen Studios have managed to catch my wavering interest with Infinite MiniGolf.

Inf MG 4

If you was to cross Super Mario Maker with Crazy Golf, you will get this game, as not only does it have a fairly well rounded single player and multiplayer, Infinite MiniGolf also comes with it’s own Course Editor so you can create your own courses and share them with others to play on and vice versa, there are a near infinite amount of courses for you to play when you are feeling bored and there are three different themes to choose from which include; Giant Home, Halloween Mansion & Santa’s workshop to give more variety to your courses.

Inf MG 3

If you are one of those folks that just loves to customize your avatar then you will happy to know that this game has you covered. There are so many customization options that you could easily spend gaming sessions just messing around with the different clothing options, ball appearance or even different golf clubs, fancy using a baseball bat instead? Well get your level up high enough and you can purchase one!

Inf MG 1

As regards to game modes, there are a few to take your pick, the Single player offers Tournament, Quick Play, Editor & Course Browser. Local Play will allow up to 8 players to take it in turns on a single Switch console and Online play will allow up to 8 players to play together online. Tournament Mode is where you can play against 3 AI players for 10 rounds on various sets of courses that also include a themed character. Some of these characters can help or hinder your progress by sending your ball straight to the hole or as far away from it as possible or even out of bounds. These characters depend on which theme you are playing so if you are playing on the Halloween Mansion Courses, you will get Werewolves, vapires and ghosts and in Santa’s Workshop, you will have Reindeer, Elves and Saint Nick himself.

Inf MG 6

Each Tournament theme has for different sets of courses with their own mascot and also have three modes of difficulty which you can only unlock by completing all of the current difficulty options available. This means that over the three themes available and each with their own mascots and difficulty settings means that there are 36 different tournaments to choose from not to mention the many user created courses that have been uploaded to the game’s server. All of these courses share a simple goal, to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible and/or with the highest score. There are many obstacles to get past and power-ups that you can use to overcome them like the rocket to give you a boost in the direction the ball is going or the control stick so you can move the ball manually until it loses momentum. There are gems that you can collect to help improve your score but the most point that you can ge is usually with a Hole in One along with collecting some gems along the way and bouncing of the cushion for extra points.

Inf MG 7

Going back on the subject of customizing, you have to increase your level which will unlock more items which you can buy with point cards. To get these point cards, you have to play Tournaments and other courses to earn them. There are also missions that you have to complete in order to get coins which you can use to buy packs that will also give you point cards and even items for your Avatar. If you want to get to the good stuff like having an anchor for a club, get ready to grind your way through the missions to get as many coins as possible.

Inf MG 2

What does make this game appealing is that it has such beatuiful graphics. I am glad that Zen Studios have managed to get such a sharp and colourful looking game working incredibly on the Switch, I have yet to experience frame-rate drops the level of detail that goes into each course can sometimes be distracting and make you want to wander around the levels to explore their beauty. The music is fun and I have yet to turn it down because it is grating on me. In fact I turn the volume up so I can enjoy every note.

Inf MG 5


Infinite MiniGolf is a great little game to own and at $14.99 it does feel a little pricy but with the possibility to make your own courses which you can play on with friends and share online, it does go a great deal to compensate the price tag. There is plenty of content but I would like to see continued support which would bring more themes to the game like maybe an Ancient Egyptian theme or maybe a Space theme. This could come as free DLC or even with a small purchase fee. I feel that this is more than a deserving title to own on the Switch and can be enjoyed by everyone. So I think that 8/10 is a good enough score for Infinite MiniGolf which does offer plenty of content, plenty of fun and with the extra option of being playable anywhere on the Nintendo Switch, any time is a good time to play Infinite MiniGolf.


[Video] Death Squared Launch Trailer & Press Release

Our friends over at SMG studio have released a trailer of their game Death Squared for the Nintendo Switch. The game allows up to 4 players navigating  little robots through a hazardous facility whilst avoiding lasers and other obstacles and trying not to fall to your death. Death Squared in now available on the Switch eShop but if you are on the fence about getting it, maybe the trailer will help put your mind to ease.


Here is the official Press release for Death Square from SMG Studio:

Death Squared Out Now on Nintendo Switch™
SYDNEY – July 13, 2017 – Death Squared, the couch co-operative puzzler where a team of robots work together to escape an ominous laboratory, is now available for Nintendo Switch.
Grab a Joy-Con and guide up to four cuboid companions through a gauntlet of treacherous test chambers. To reach safety, each player must hit their color-coded waypoint, but hidden dangers such as lasers, spikes and other devious devices are scattered throughout each stage.
With puzzles designed around cooperation, requiring every player to survive for the group to advance, one false step can send the whole team back to square one. Luckily, each misstep comes with an instant respawn allowing groups to quickly put newfound information to use.
Death Squared vaunts an 80-stage campaign for up-to-two players, 40 additional four-player party mode puzzles and plenty of unlockable vault content, including Nintendo Switch-exclusive levels unseen in the previously-released PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One versions of the game.
“With easy-to-use controls, Death Squared was designed as an accessible experience for hardcore players and non-gamers alike,” said Patrick Cook, lead designer, SMG Studio. “I created it so I could have something to play with my family. And now with Nintendo Switch, everyone can simply share a Joy-Con with a child, grandparent or friend, and enjoy our couch co-op puzzler wherever life takes them.”
To learn more about Death Squared, please visit the game’s official website.
If you would like to see our review for the game, you can check it out here.
Source: SMG Studios PR

[Video] Bulb Boy Video Review & Gameplay

Well after having the game for a little while and finally finishing it just the other day, it was time for me to do another video review. Bulb Boy is definitely an interesting game with its dark horror-esque themes and has given me quite a few sleepless nights. Its an intriguing Point & Click adventure that makes you want to keep going, if only to just reach the end and never play it again due to the horrors that you have witness and it’s unsettling dark humour.

So, without further ado, I present you our Video Review & Gameplay Video of Bulb Boy by Bulbware.

Rocket League Devs Say Nintendo Have Been Very Helpful, Cross-Play Is Inevitable

During a recent interview with Game Industry, Psyonix’s Vice President of Publishing Jeremy Dunham opened up about their relationship with Nintendo and bringing Rocket League to the Nintendo Switch.

“Nintendo has been very open with giving us whatever resources that we need, answering any questions that we have, allowing us to do cross-network play, which is a big deal and very important to us and they had no problem with that at all. That was the very first question I asked them. I said: ‘If we are going to commit to doing this, would you guys allow us to do cross-platform?’ And they told me that if it is important to us, then we will do cross-platform. There wasn’t even any hesitation.”

Dunham also explained that cross-platform between consoles is inevitable and that they have plenty of security measures in place to protect user information which can’t be datamined.

“We don’t share data between platforms. And there’s no way that they can get in there and data mine anything from us, because it is all our own system. We handle the matchmaking and we handle the servers, it is all on our side, so we think we’re covered. We are huge believers in cross-network play. Especially now that Minecraft has made the announcement that they want to do the same thing that we’ve been doing. It is inevitable. How long inevitable actually becomes reality, I don’t know. But we think we are getting there. The key is for the community to really get behind the idea.”

Dunham also went on to confirm that they have no plans to create a sequel but will continue to support Rocket League as a single platform as opposed to turning it into a franchise.



“We look at Rocket League as a platform, and not as a franchise for us to make very different versions of,” Dunham says. “Rocket League is a game that, as it expands, it is still the same game. It is not Rocket League Karts or Rocket League RPG. We don’t want to exploit the brand. We want to reward the players, that’s how we look at it. Our vantage point is that if we are going to make a new game, then it needs to be a new game, we want it to be its own thing that’s built on its own merit and its own expectations. It will have its own team, its own philosophies and it will be a separate thing.


The Nintendo Switch version of Rocket league has been optimized to work on the platform and will run at 60 FPS when in docked mode and is compatible with the Pro Controller. Players can also use the Joy-Cons separately as well. It will also support 2-player split-screen in tablet mode and up to 4 players in TV (Docked) Mode.

If you would like to read the full interview, you can check it out here.


Source: Game Industry


[Video Review] GoNNER (Switch)

GoNNER has at last arrived to the Nintendo Switch and so it is time for me to do another Review/Gameplay Video. Come watch as I work my way through a maze of roguelike levels whilst trying to rack up as high a score as possible.

GoNNER will definitely be getting plenty of play time on my Switch and is worthy of a score of 7/10. The gameplay is addictive and the various weapon and power up combinations offers plenty of replayibility. A game worthy of adding to your Nintendo Switch Game Library.


[Video Review] Drop It! Block Paradise (Wii U)

Continuing with my new style of Video Reviews, I give my review along with gameplay footage of Drop It! Block Paradise. This colourful game of strategic block elimination along with funky background music to keep you engaged

This game has doesn’t have too many negatives but unfortunately, coming to the Wii U will not give the game too much success as a lot of people have moved on to the Switch. With this in mind, I feel that 6/10 is a reasonable enough score which I would consider 7 if it was to come to the Switch.


[Video Review] The Girl And The Robot (Wii U)

Trying to change the formula a little, I have decided to do my review for The Girl And The Robot in video format. I feel that sometimes games are just not justified enough with written words and images alone so rather than just talk about the game, I can show you it at the same time.


My official Score for The Girl And The Robot is an honest 7/10. Gameplay is fine and the Music does help set the tone but there doesn’t feel to be any real drive or story development which is a bit of a shame because the game could really benefit from it but still a nice game nonetheless.

The June 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up

June may be over, but plenty of fantastic games saw a release in the month that has just past and before we all get carried away with the epic games that release this month, here is the ultimate list of every game the Miketendo64 staff got round to review. I present you the June 2017 Miketendo64 Review Round-up:

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[Video] Oceanhorn On Switch, A Video Review

As Jack will be handling the official written review for Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas which is now available for Nintendo Switch. I thought I would give my thoughts about the game via Video Review. This is more just my thoughts and opinions on the game with some off-screen gameplay thrown in as well. Feel free to watch the video below. Please forgive the shoddy camera work for the off-screen footage. My tripod has broken and it isn’t easy to hold the camera steady whilst trying to move around with the Joy-con Grip.

[Review] Venom Switch Racing Wheels Video Review

Hello hello to all you lovely readers, I have a video review for any of you looking to enhance your Nintendo Switch experience. Venom Gaming UK graciously sent us a pair of their Switch Racing Wheels Accessories (courtesy of Little Big PR) that actually work rather well with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but can also double as a decent enough controller to play other games as well like Ultra Streetfighter II or NBA Playgrounds. So without further ado, allow me to present you with our Video Review.