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[Patch Notes] Mario Tennis Aces Version 2.3.0 for Nintendo Switch (Co-Op Challenge 3, Character balances, and more!)

A new update for Mario Tennis Aces arrives and with it a variety of game balancing, new characters, and more! Read on for official patch notes: Mario Tennis Aces Version 2.3.0: [Released 2/28/18] 3rd Co-op Challenge: Shy Guy Train Tussle! The new Co-op Challenge, Shy Guy Train Tussle, will be available from the start of… View Article
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Costumes arrive for Chain Chomp in the March Online Tournament (Mario Tennis Aces)

Participation costumes for the online tournament in March have been announced! Those who earn enough participation points will be able to unlock three unique hats for Chain Chop to wear on the court. If you play a match in the March Online Tournament and collect the necessary bonus points, you’ll be able to use a… View Article
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Kamek and Dry Bones join the roster in Mario Tennis Aces in April/May

Nintendo Japan has announced the inclusion of both Kamek and Dry Bones to the Mario Tenis Aces roster. One added in April and one added in May with this months addition (March) being Pauline. Are you ready to serve up some shots with these new playable characters? Let us Know! Source
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[Patch Notes] Mario Tennis Aces Version 2.1.1 for Nintendo Switch (Plenty of Adjustments and Fixes)

Much like with Smash, a new update is also out for Mario Tennis Aces today and you can read all about it right here:   Mario Tennis Aces Version 2.1.1: [Released 12/13/18]   Changes to Online Tournament: Fixed the issue of not being able to upload latest results to player rankings when certain conditions coincide… View Article
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Rafa Nadal Vs Super Mario

The Demo “Exclusive” Classic Mario Outfit, will be Added to Mario Tennis Aces at a Later Date

A couple of weeks ago, as something of an incentive, it was revealed that those who played the Mario Tennis Aces: Online Tournament demo, would be able to get a “Classic Mario” outfit in the full version of the game. Although it was never stated the outfit was a demo exclusive, it was implied, but… View Article
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[Spoilers] Step up to the Court! The Mario Tennis Aces Demo has Been Datamined

Having only just released yesterday for North America and today for Europe and Japan, the Mario Tennis Aces: Online Tournament demo, has already been datamined  and a whole ton of details have been revealed. Details such as the full character roster, bosses and courts. Naturally, there is a chance that the information we’re about to… View Article
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[Video] Jimmy Fallon plays Mario Tennis Aces

Having already had some fun with Nintendo Labo, as part of The Tonight Show, show host Jimmy Fallon, got to play with another Nintendo product this month and its none other than Mario Tennis Aces. Just under 5 minutes of footage can be seen here: Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (YouTube)
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[Press Release] New Adventure Mode Trailer and 9 Playable Characters for June’s Mario Tennis Aces Demo

Earlier today, thanks to Nintendo Japan, the first wave of details rolled out for Mario Tennis Aces. Hours later, Nintendo Europe and Nintendo America have saw fit to provide details of their own, which includes a trailer for the game’s Adventure Mode and the news that the demo will actually have 9 playable characters, 5… View Article
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Mario Tennis Aces’ Pre-Launch Online Tournament Kicks off in June and has a Reward for all Participants

How’s this for on the line Johnny? Except for a few teases here and there that revealed more characters, we’ve had no real news regarding Mario Tennis Aces, since it was shown off in the Nintendo Direct that aired on May 8, 2018. Not even a date for the pre-launch online tournament, until now. The… View Article
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