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Fire Emblem Heroes Live Stream Coming Tomorrow (April 28th)

More News will be coming about Fire Emblem Heroes during a 10-minute Live Stream tomorrow (Friday 28th). It is not known what will be shown during the stream but if you want to watch it, it will be hosted at the following times.


– 8:30 PM PT
– 11:30 PM ET
– 5:30 AM in the UK
– 6:30 AM in Europe

You’ll be able to watch the stream as it happens below.


The Stream has only been announced for Japan at this current time but the news shared during the stream should apply to all all regions where the game has been released.

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (YouTube)


Representative Director Genyo Takeda Retiring From Nintendo

Since the 1970s, Genyo Takeda has been working at Nintendo but it seems that he will soon be retiring from the company as stated in a document that was included with Nintendo’s Earnings Release that was disclosed today.

He was assigned the Role of Representative Director and “Technology Fellow” in 2005 and has mainly worked on Nintendo’s Hardware but has also directed and produced titles including Punch-Out! and Pilotwings 64. Takeda’s Role will be taken over by Ko Shiota and will be made official on June 29th at the 77th Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders.

Source: Nintendo Japan

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Makes Nintendo’s Million Sellers List For Switch (Just Misses Top 10 For Wii U)

There will little doubt that Zelda: Breath Of The Wild would be extremely popular to both Zelda fans and non-Zelda fans alike. In the 7 weeks that it has been released, it has sold just under 4 Million Copies on Switch and Wii U. The Nintendo Switch sold the vast majority of copies at 2.76 Million and the Wii U version just over the Million mark (1.08 Million). Nintendo have added Zelda: Breath Of The Wild to their Million Sellers list (The Switch version being the only one so far and the Wii U version just under Mario Party 10 (Oh, the shame! Just kidding, I actually like Mario Party 10). Anyway you can check out the Million Sellers list below. Continue reading Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Makes Nintendo’s Million Sellers List For Switch (Just Misses Top 10 For Wii U)

Here Is Nintendo’s Release Schedule (April 2017)

Nintendo have been having a busy day with their Earnings Release as they have disclosed their Release Schedule showing which titles will be coming to which console (including past titles & hardware that have released previously). It is good that Nintendo are trying to minimize the waiting time between releases for the Nintendo Switch but it does seem a little barren fo May. Maybe they think that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will keep us entertained until June 16th when ARMS releases or that third party titles will help pick up the slack between first party titles. You can check out the Release Schedule below.


Source: Nintendo Japan

ARMS! Mechanica’s Alternate Costume Revealed Along With Revolver Arms Weapon

Keeping up with promoting their newest IP, Nintendo have released more screenshots for ARMS via the official Twitter Page. This time focusing on an alternate costume for Mechanica and the new Revolver Arms weapon. You can check out the Tweets below along with a loose English translation of the original Japanese Tweet. Continue reading ARMS! Mechanica’s Alternate Costume Revealed Along With Revolver Arms Weapon

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mega Event Coming To Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run players can enjoy a new event coming to the Mobile game this Friday. The new Mega Event promotes the launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch by rewarding players with “Deluxe” buildings and decorations depending on how many times users play Toad Rally. You can check out the In-game Notification below.


If you want to get hold of these new buildings and decorations, you best be sure to spend those toad Rally tickets come this Friday (April 28th).

Source: Super Mario Run (In-Game Notification)

Splatoon’s Squid Sisters, All Is Not As It Seems After The Final Splatfest

Hard to beleive that the last Splatfest in Splatoon ended 9 months ago. The theme was the Squid Sisters Callie & Marie themselves and though Team Marie proved victorious, the was no ill will between the two when the Splatfest ended, which is what we are lead to believe. However, the Squid Research Lab have been researching the Squid Sisters and have issued a report that something is amiss between the two. Below is the report as seen from the Squid Research Lab’s Tumblr account.

Squid Sisters ReportSource: Splatoon US

Inti Creates To Reveal Two New Games & Blaster Master Zero DLC Plans At BitSummit 2017

Inti Creates will be announcing two new games and revealing details about DLC for Blaster Master Zero at A 5th of Bitsummit which is a Indie Dev Festival in Kyoto. The Festival will take place between May 20th-21st of this year at Miyako Messe in Kyoto.

We did speak recently in an interview with Matt Papa, the Localization Director for Blaster Master Zero who said that Gunvolt will be coming to Blaster Master Zero as a playable character and that there are more goodies inbound as well.

Matt Papa: However, if you want some Gunvolt action on Switch, he will be coming to Blaster Master Zero as a DLC playable character down the line! There’s also other DLC goodies in the pipeline too, so stay tuned for announcements in the future.

Miketendo64: I like the sound of that!

Source: JapaneseNintendo.com Bitsummit.Org

Wall Street Journal Lists What To Watch For In Nintendo Earnings

WSJ Journalist Takashi Mochizuki has published in the Wall Street Journal what to look out for from Nintendo when they announce their Earnings Report at the end of their 2016 Fiscal Year this week. Such topics include Nintendo Switch Sales, Quality Of Life Products, Smartphone Games and more, you can check it out below. Continue reading Wall Street Journal Lists What To Watch For In Nintendo Earnings

Super Bomberman R Free DLC Now Available!

Konami have just released a Press Release announcing the new Free DLC that is now available to download for Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch. Update version 1.3 officially confirms 4 new stages, 2 new accessories and the ability to change the enemy AI difficulty settings along with other tweaks and changes. You can see the press release below. Continue reading Super Bomberman R Free DLC Now Available!

Super Bomberman R To Update To Version 1.3 This Friday (April 21st)

Konami’s Super Bomberman R will be receiving a new update this Friday (April 21st) and will update the game to version 1.3. A brand new stage will be coming to the Nintendo Switch game and various fixes and improvements to the difficulty setting and other tweaks

SBR Tweet

Source: Bomberman Official Twitter Page

Take It Or Leaf It! The Grass Gym Cup Comes To Pokémon Duel

The Grass Gym Cup comes to Pokémon Duel in the latest update includes stat increases to attack and movement for Grass and Poison type Pokémon. The event lasts until April 26th and booster redemptions up until May 2nd.

Serebii 2 - Copy

Source: Serebii.net

Pokémon Sun & Moon April Battle Competition Registration Now Open, Competition Begins April 28th

Pokémon Sun & Moon On 3DS has opened registration for the next Battle Competition title “2017 Internation Challenge April Competition.” It is a Double Battle Competition that use the VGC 2017 rules and only Pokémon from the Alola Pokédex can enter, Legendaries or Rare Pokémon like Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, Necrozma or Zygarde are not allowed to Participate nor can Mega Stones be used. Registration is now open and the competition will be underway from April 28th until April 30th. Below is an extract from Serebii’s Website.

Serebii 1 - Copy

Source: Serebii.net

Splatoon 2 Amiibo Compatibility Detailed

Splatoon has taken to their tumblr account to share more on what the new series of amiibo will do in Splatoon 2. You will be able to bring your amiibo friend into the game and take in-game photos with them and also customize them with your preferred gear and load-outs so you can use them on a friend’s Switch. You can check out the extracts from the blog below. Continue reading Splatoon 2 Amiibo Compatibility Detailed

(Spain) Get Ready For Gamepolis V Videogames Festival 2017 In Malaga On July 21st – July 23rd

If any of you live in Spain or just so happen to be in Southern Spain on vacation during the fourth Weekend Of July (July 1st & 2nd fall on Saturday & Sunday), be sure to check out Gamepolis V Videogames Festival 2017, the fifth annual videogames festival in the Palacío Ferías building in Malaga. It boasts an experience that will be great to share with friends and fellow gamers with all the latest videogames & consoles including the Nintendo Switch and even those from yesteryear in the Retro section. There will also be eSport tournaments to participate in and much more. Here is a list of the things you can expect:

  • Expo
  • eSports
  • Retro
  • Conferences
  • Cosplay
  • Indie
  • Concerts
  • Developers
  • Virtual Reality
  • Youtubers

The ticket booth is now open online so if you are in the area when its doors are open, you can get your tickets here. I must let you know that the website is in Spanish (Duh!) but can be easily translated with Goog Translate. Below is a poster for Gamepolis V 2017.


Source: Gamepolis.org