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In 2015, when we first started up Miketendo64, we were in for a treat as regards to Nintendo games. The Wii U may not have been successful and had a pretty barebones library at launch but it started building momentum with games in 2015. Such games include the likes of Super Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Xenoblade Chronicles X Mario Tennis Aces, Devil’s Third, and StarFox Zero. 

As we were a new website, we didn’t have support from AAA publishers back then. We did our best to support the Wii U and purchased games when we could. What games we did purchase though, we did thoroughly enjoy. Super Mario Maker, in particular, was a huge favorite of mine. It even inspired me to produce our own series of YouTube videos where we played courses created by other people. The Super Mario Maker Bros. Show. Watching them now still brings makes me laugh and the ingenuity that people had to create such incredible courses surprises me still.

Yoshi’s Woolly World was a joy to play and though general gameplay could be considered simple, the challenge was in collecting all the collectibles. I loved the many costumes that you could decorate your Yoshi in and the amiibo compatibility that allowed you to scan in patterns and designs corresponding to the amiibo. Ganondorf Yoshi has to be my personal favorite design yet.

Xenoblade Chronicles X was, at the time, one of the biggest open-world RPGs that I had played. It had an interesting battle mechanic and so much to explore and do. Though I did play a few online multiplayer missions on occasion, my main experience with the game was largely in the solo campaign. I had not played the original Xenoblade Chronicles but it was not necessary as the story in XCX was not related to the first game.

StarFox Zero was a bittersweet experience. I enjoyed the general gameplay and the current gen graphical style of the game. What stopped me from really enjoying the game was the controls. The Wii U Gamepad provided an in-cockpit experience which was cool but when having to look at two screens to navigate and shoot, it was a bit too perplexing for me. The limited Edition also came with the physical disc for StarFox Guard which was a tower defence game that featured Slippy and his uncle who protected facilities from pesky robots.

That was just some of the games on Wii U that we played. Which games did you enjoy on Wii U back in 2015? Let us know in the comments below.




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