Hello all! From all of us at Miketendo64, we would like to wish you all Happy Holidays! We also would like to thank everyone one of you who has visited and supported our website this year, even while the the whole world is in tatters.

2020 has been an incredibly tough year for us all and we can’t wait to usher in 2021 and leave this year behind us. The worldwide pandemic has knocked us all on our preverbial asses and has affected us all in different ways. It has forced some people to work from home, it has cost people their lives, left the global economy in a right state and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

However 2020 and the pandemic has affected you, we hope you can still find it in yourselves to share some festive joy with others that need it too. While we may not be able to have a typical festive season with our families and friends this year due to the risk of spreading COVID-19, we should not let that stop us from getting together in other ways. Be sure to Skype, Zoom, or Face Time your loved ones. Playing board games with each other whilst in lockdown or overseas might be tough but there are plenty of video games you can play online with each other.

It is all the more important to connect with one another now than it ever has as we continue to social distance ourselves from one another physically. We hope you all find appropriate means to stay connected with your loved ones over this festive season and that 2021 will be much kinder to us all.

Happy Holidays to you all and until next time, Keep On Gaming!

By Mike Scorpio

I am Chief Administrator for Miketendo64.com A news & reviews website for Nintendo related articles and merchandise. An intermediate gamer with over 20 years of experience spanning 4 decades and 4 generations of Nintendo Games Consoles From the NES up to the Wii U. I also manage our YouTube Channel where I post videos frequently ranging from Let's Plays, Unboxings, Let's Talk Abouts, Our Wii U Lv1 Playthrough Series and the Super Mario Maker Bros Show! and a whole lot more, we even have our own Miketendo64 Directs!

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