Welcome back to our coverage of Gamepolis VIII Edición in the FYMCA Palacio de Ferías in Malaga, Spain. If you have not read part one of our coverage, you can do so here where I spoke about Nintendo’s presence at the event, some of the Nintendo Switch games that were available to play, and the many merchant stores with more merchandise than one could possibly afford in a single lifetime. This time, I will be talking about some of the other activities that attendees could participate in.

For the most part, there were mostly modern games at Gamepolis but in one corner of the venue, there were also a collection of Arcade machines available for the public to play. One particular arcade machine that took our attention was the Luigi’s Mansion Arcade. This machine wasn’t free to play but I was more than happy to stick in a Euro and give it a go.

Other activities at the event also included talks that were held in multiple auditoriums, eSports tournaments, cosplay competitions, live music concert, a make-up wagon, and a tattoo stand. While I myself didn’t jump at the chance to score myself a tattoo our get dolled up at the make-up wagon, I would definitely have sat in for a couple of the talks during the event. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so in the end as my first day at Gamepolis was coming to a close and I was hoping to check out the talks on Day two. This was not to be however as my car broke down on the way back to where I was staying which was in a rural area outside of Malaga and it doesn’t have any public transport available.

Still, for the time I did spend at Gamepolis, it felt so great to be at such a large scale event again. Granted, I went on a Friday and although there was a pretty large queue of people waiting to get into the event, it never felt to crowded when we were inside. This could probably be due to more people going on a Saturday or Sunday, perhaps. That said, I was at the event for the best part of the day and would have loved to have gone back for a second day so I could check out some of the stuff I didn’t have time for on day one.

Before I wrap up this feature, I would like to leave you with a couple of photos that I took of some of the sculpted figures that were at the event. The attention to detail is truly remarkable and I couldn’t leave Gamepolis without taking a few pictures of these works of art. Thank you for reading our feature for Gamepolis and we do hope to see you there in 2023.

By Mike Scorpio

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