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If you, like so many, have been using pokevision, you might have noticed today that pokevision hasn’t been working today, due to its free services being unavailable, well it seems you might have to get used to that because pokevision might not be coming back.

In an interview with Forbes, Hanke said he was aware of sites and apps being used to track Pokémon (sites such as pokevision,) and that they consider it cheating because it cheats the player out of getting the full experience of the game. He also said Niantic were going to do something about it and now it seems they have! Remember the new update we got yesterday that removed the footstep glitch? (Rumour: It wasn’t actually a glitch, but something Niantic did purposefully, as it was a means of putting less demand on the server when they released the app in Canada and just carried on with like it.) Well it’s that very change that has disabled pokevision’s handy services since it is unable to tap into Niantic’s API.

Fortunately not every Poké Tracker website and app worked the same way as pokevision, since they relied more on user reports, but Niantic are going after them also as it has been reported that Niantic are in fact issuing them all Cease & Desist letters, one of which Poke Hound shared on Twitter, prior to deleting their account, but a photo of the C&D, be sure to read the source article as Kotaku really went out on all this.


But yes, pokevision looks like it will be no more and while you can argue it shouldn’t have been done in the first place, as it and all the other sites and apps, do go against Niantic’s Terms of Service, and “cheat the game,” but at the same time it did help make the game so much better. Not everyone has time to play the app, not everyone lives in great areas where great/rare Pokémon pop up, so by being able to access pokevision, you could look at the map, see a Pokémon you really need and set off to get it, which in itself becomes a journey in itself an since the footsteps are now gone, pokevision would have been a great way of tracking down those harder to catch Pokémon but nope! Niantic don’t approve and pokevision are respecting their decision.

Without a doubt there will be a fallout, but how big a fallout, has yet to be determined, but going by the reactions on Twitter, there are plenty of unhappy bunnies out there, but what do you make of all this? Annoyed? Peeved? Or do you approve? And while you’re giving us your answer, why don’t you let us know what you think of this too, according to NME, Niantic have announced they will be making a Harry Potter version of Pokémon GO! I know right? So start commenting!

Also before I forget, tomorrow is the 1st of August, the day hacker group @PoodleCorp have promised to put Pokémon GO out of action for a full 24 hours, so we’ve also got that to look forwards to tomorrow.


Source: Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku & Rhian Daly of NME

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  • These guys gave in too fast bunch of women if you ask me.

  • People are screwing it already, the point of the game is to you actually walk lf pokemons, not using some complete gps or android emulator on pc.

  • How is that cheating? It’s not like the Pokemon would be instantly captured when players learned their location. Besides people still had to go out and capture them.

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