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By now a few of you may have noticed a few PokéStops disappearing completely, as well as Gyms and it is because Niantic have done some tweaks on their side, but the changes don’t just stop there.

Even moves have been altered as some have gotten stronger (whooo!) but some have gotten weaker (noooo!) And if you managed to discover a nice little nest where say, Dratini spawn a lot, now if you try visiting it, you’ll find another Pokémon entirely (typically Eevee in most cases.)

For a lot of us, these changes will leaves us feeling a bit peeved, especially if we’re in the middle of getting enough Dratini candies to get a Dragonite, but even if you tried to complain, there really is nothing that can be done. The PokéStops and Gyms are gone for good reasons (especially the ones that were at Private Institutions,) and by no means should we let this news ruin the fun and good exercise Pokémon GO gives us.


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