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The Nintendo NX To Launch March 2017:

The Big News this week must be the fact that Nintendo have officially confirmed that the Nintendo NX will be launching March of next year. This is quite big as Nintendo will surely want to make up for the fiasco of last year’s E3 Event in which left fans more disappointed than delighted with what laid in store for them. They will no doubt be dropping the big NX bombshell and announce what it will be officially called, what it will look like, what games it will be launching with and whether it will have any backwards compatibility with the Wii U and if not, what functionalities it will possess to make up for that.

Source: Nintendo America


Zelda U To Be Nintendo’s Main Focus At E3

Nintendo have announced that Zelda U which will also be coming to Nintendo’s next console, the NX, will be the only playable demo at Nintendo’s Booth at the E3 event. Their reason for this is so that the attendees can get full immersion in this new Game .

Source: Nintendo America


Splatoon Squid Sisters Callie & Marie Getting amiibo Figures

It has been confirmed by both Nintendo America & Nintendo Japan that the Squid Sisters Callie & Marie from Splatoon will be getting their own amiibo figures. The figures will be available in Japan July 7th and in North America & Europe July 8th. They will be a very welcome addition to the constantly expanding amiibo range will increase the number of figures in the Splatoon amiibo series.

Squid Sisters

Source: Nintendo America


Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge Now Available on Wii U & 3DS eShop

Good news for Nintendo & Amiibo fans in the UK & Europe who love Super Mario and like getting free games, Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge will be available to download for free in both the Wii U & 3Ds eShop whereas in the US, they already had ‘Early Access’ to the game when they buy an amiibo between March 25th  and April 27th. With the same aesthetic as the Mario vs Donkey Kong series, yet you will be able to play as both Mario & Donkey Kong in mini robot form but you will also be able to play as other Super Mario Characters as well. The only catch is that you will have to have that particular amiibo to play as that character (including Mario I believe) however, you can use any amiibo to plays as a toy robot in the game as well. So even though the other Nintendo characters don’t get a cameo role in the game like in Super Mario Maker or Yoshi’s Woolly World, you can still use them to play the game.



Lost Reavers Now Available To Download From Wii U eShop

Formerly known as Project Treasure, the full version of Lost Reavers will be available to download free from the Wii U eShop. Created byBandai Namco, a Beta version of the game launched just a few weeks ago and now the full version is ready to be played. I admit that I didn’t think much of this game at first but it is very fun to play. You have a choice of four characters with very different movesets and must use them to the best of their abilities whilst navigating your way through labyrinths fighting off hordes of undead to find precious relics to which will earn you experience points to upgrade your characters skills and weapons. There is a little of everything in this game and each character offers a slightly different feel of gameplay from the others. If you haven’t downloaded the Beta yet, be sure to give the full version a go as, like I said before, it’s Free!



Fire Emblem & Animal Crossing To Be Coming To Mobile!

No you are not hearing things, among today’s many reveals, we have learned that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are in fact going to be two series that will be making their way to Smartphones sometime in the near future.


With Miitomo out and celebrating 10 million users, it was the first of five mobile games (even though Miitomo is more of an app than a game,) that was meant to be released by March 2016, which clearly never happened but it seems two of the remaining four are to be aFire Emblem and Animal Crossing title, which are expected for release, sometime during the Fall.

Source: Takashi Mochizuki of


The Humble Nindie Bundle Is BACK!

Let’s be honest, if there’s one thing we gamers really love, it’s getting a new game, especially getting a new game at a great bargain. But it gets even better because the Humble Nindie Bundle is back only this time it’s the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle and when you buy one of the games available, you’re also contributing to charity!

Before we even get to the games, what makes this bundle and last year’s one, which was only offered in North America? Well Humble Bundle offers a range of games at a huge discounted price. Games that do have a set price such as $1, $9.53 and $13 dollars can be brought at that price, or however more on top you are willing to spend, meaning you could be tight and pay the minimum required amount, or be gracious and pay more. What makes this whole thing even better is the fact that you can actually choose how much of your payment goes to Humble Bundle, the developers and the selected charity, SOS Children’s Villages and


Source: Humble Bundle (Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle)


BETA Testing For Pokemon GO Lands Down Under!

With Japan having had its turn and sign-ups for beta testing Pokémon GO in Australia and New Zealand over, Niantic have already taken to sending out the invites for the game. Have you checked to see if you’ve received yours?


Should you find yourself being one of the lucky few to get an early insight into the workings of the game, just bear in mind that any and all findings you may have, you are not allowed to share outside of the field tests. To do so would result in removal from the beta testing, although that didn’t stop a few beta testers from Japan’s field testing to getting their reveals out onto the world wide web.


Miitomo Hits 10 Million Users & Splatoon Rewards Have Arrived

Releasing first in Japan in the middle of March and almost every over area come the end of the month, Miitomo has already hit 10 millionusers worldwide.


To celebrate this fact, from the 29th of April to the 8th of May, Nintendo will be running a 10 day promotion entitled “Celebrating 10 Million Users!” During the event, users who log in daily will receive Miitomo coins and tokens that can be used for playing Miitomo Drop! But instead of letting this go to their heads and staying solely focused on Miitomo, Nintendo are now even more driven to use Miitomo as a starting point and release plenty of more apps and games in the very near future, games such as Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, which we covered here.


Pokemon Zygarde Gets Worldwide Distribution

The Pokemon Zygarde is available to obtain via the Nintendo Network for Pokemon X&Y and Also ORAS. It started off being available in Europe and has spread towards Australia & New Zealand and is now available in the US as well.

In light of this, we’re now encouraging everyone everywhere to see if Zygarde is working just like the last two Mythical Pokémon distributions did and that anyone anywhere can get their hands on the Pokémon. Should you succeed, Zygarde 50% Forme is perfectly compatible with both Pokémon X&Y and ORAS games. Still no end date has been confirmed so don’t leave it for too long, make sure you get out your 3DS and try now to see if you can get yours via the Nintendo Newwork! (Go “Mystery Gift” & “Get Via Internet”) Zygarde is a special gift who comes at Lv.100.


Source: Two Assassins And A Potato Pokémon Kingdom (Facebook User)


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Well, that is all the news of this week in a nutshell. As always, we at Miketendo64 will keep our eyes peeled for more news and updates will shall post as soon as we can.

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!


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