Nintendo’s Gaming News Weekly Round-up! Bugs, Delays and Western Changes

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

What a glitchy week this has been, Super Mario Maker offline. Mighty No.9 delayed, and the reveal that the Western version Fire Emblem Fates is having certain content removed. But it’s not all doom and gloom, there was a new game announced, a game released and a trailer for Twilight Princess HD. As always, from Mario to Link, to Inklings to Pokémon the Miketendo64 team is here to keep you updated. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week and we’ve included a new section where we include our latest reviews. These are our News Highlights of the week!


Mighty No.9 (DELAYED AGAIN):

Expected to be released in February of this year, surprise, surprise Mighty No.9, a game whose makers have stated their desire to make a sequel to, has been delayed once again. This is the third time the game, which started from Kickstarter origins, has been delayed and Kenji Inafune was quick to update his backers and offer his apologies for the latest delay and expressed that he aims for the game to see a Spring 2016 release.

Source: Wesley Yin-Poole of Eurogamer


Super Mario Maker (DOWN FOR THE COUNT):

This week, Super Mario Maker’s online functions were ceased as the game had to undergo emergency maintenance to fix a bug discovered in the game’s “Create.” As part of the fix, Nintendo put out the new software update version 1.32 a lot sooner than they expected and all online functions was back to business as usual within 24 hours.

Source: Nintendo of Europe (Twitter)


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Story Trailer

With the release of the HD version of Twilight Princess getting closer by the day, this week all of its HD glory got to have its story retold thanks to a trailer showcasing the game and a few of its various cut-scenes, including the very first transformation of when Link becomes Wolf Link. If you haven’t yet, you can check out the UK story trailer below:



Officially confirmed this week, the western version of Fire Emblem Fates will not feature the “petting mini-game” and by petting, I obvious mean the being able to pet the faces of your team-mates. This wasn’t the only content to be cut out, as the scene where the protagonist drugs a team-mate also didn’t make it into the English version of the game. Fates isn’t the only Fire Emblem game to have undergone changes as Awakening also undergone a couple of changes. However if fancy seeing the petting “mini-game” for yourself, you can view it below:


Wii Street U (COMING TO AN END):

Since its free release in 2013, the Wii U’s Google Maps service, Wii Street U, is coming to an end at the end of March. As of February 2016, the soon to end software will no longer be able to be purchased, as sales will be ended. Nintendo have apologised for any inconvenience this would cause Wii U owners. Wii Street U isn’t the only service brought to an end after three years of operation, as TVii was also shut down.

Source: Eddie Makuch of Gamespot



Setting our tongues wagging this week was the news that came to us, curtsey of Dr Serkan Toto, a Japanese gaming industry insider, who revealed that Bandai Namco, the developers who were behind Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS, are in fact working on a couple of games, all for the forthcoming NX and among them is a Smash game, which they are aiming to have readily available upon the release of the NX. Whether Smash will be an all new instalment, or just a ported version is currently unclear, even to Dr. Serkan Toto, but Smash is Smash, and even if it is a ported version of what we already have available, just with more modes and fighters, it will still be enough to send us into a buying frenzy. Other rumours going this week is the belief that the hand-held version of the NX, will be released separately this year, acting as a successor to the 3DS and New 3DS, but until we do learn more about the new console, from Nintendo, for now we should just take this rumour with a grain of salt.

Source: Thomas Whitehead of NintendoLife



While Virtual Console sees the arrival of the Game Boy Advance’s 2003 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy Explorers, the action role-playing 3DS game, saw both its North American and European release. Also released was Lego Marvel’s Avengers, the Lego game where you can play as various Super Heroes in their quest to save the world and all of humanity. Lego Marvel’s Adventures features storylines and characters from both Marvel’s Avengers films, including audio taken from the movies.




This week our selected review is of the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors. While Japan get to enjoy the game in its full glory and we wait for March to come, so we can have our turn, now is as good as any to talk about the original game! You can check out our review, with the link below:

Hyrule Warriors – The Thousand Hour War


Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo (GAME ANNOUNCEMENT):

Our big news this week was the reveal of the latest Pokémon game to be announced, Great Detective Pikachu, a game in which Pikachu turns Sherlock Holmes, both in appearance and crime solving persona, although just because he looks like Holmes, he doesn’t sound like him. Equipped with a gravely-accented voice one would expect a hardened detective to have, no more is the cute Pikachu we have come to love, but a more serious and coffee downing version instead. As of this moment it is unsure if there will be a Western version, but the game releases very soon in Japan and you can catch its trailer, below:


With this week’s news over, it’s time to turn our attention to next week’s. This month may be over but another one begins and that month is February, the anniversary month of both the Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, anything could happen, but when it does, we’ll be there ready to share and divulge to all. We’ve got you covered.



The Bowsy Has Landed

Last month I ordered a Bowser Jr Plush Toy online for my girlfriend Veronica for Christmas. Unfortunately it would not arrive in time but there was a chance he could arrive before Jan 6 which is ‘Three Kings Day’ in Spain when the locals celebrate the coming of the three wise men that brought gifts for the new born Jesus. However, Bowser Jr still did not arrive and I began wondering what would take a gift so long to be delivered. That was not my only problem, as the day came and went, my girlfriend began asking questions on whether I got her a gift or not. I told her I did but kept shtoom on what it was. 5 weeks passed and Bowser Jr finally arrived, the only problem, was that so much time had passed that hype and surprise was highly built up on this gift and I just hoped that Veronica would like it. It was only supposed to be a little something but now, it was almost as big as proposing (Ahhh! Scary thought! Not that I don’t love her, I am just not nearly mature enough for that, not now anyway). At last, as soon as she had the cute little Tomy Plush toy in her hands, her eyes lit up with joy and why wouldn’t they, have you not seen his cute little face?


Anyway, Bowsy (as he has been nicknamed) has found himself the role of ‘Study Buddy’ and has been helping Veronica as she prepares for her final exams. He even hands her highlighters when she needs them. For a plush Toy, he sure has his uses. Down below are some photos of little Bowsy in action.

Well Guys & Girls, that’s all from me for now. Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

Custom Conquest #3 Creates Pikachu Plushie Amiibo

Our friends over at @AmiiboNews have uploaded a new episode to their Custom Conquest series which is dedicated to customizing amiibo. In their latest episode, they take on the task of customizing a talking Pikachu plush toy and turning it into a fully operable Plush amiibo that would make the Mega Yarn Yoshi quake in his boots. TJ shows us all the tricks to make the customization simple, easy to replicate and with no real physical signs that the plush toy has been tampered with well, externally anyway. What makes this video extra cute (let’s face it, Pikachu is cute enough but the video gets cuter) is that TJ is making the Mega Pikachu Plush amiibo for his 3 year daughter so she can enjoy the same love for Nintendo characters & amiibo.


Keep it up TJ, we at Miketendo64 love your Custom Conquest series and look forward to what great customizing ideas you have next. If any of you would like to see more of their videos and other episodes from their Custom Conquest series, you can check them out at their YouTube Channel Here.

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

Nintendo’s Gaming News Weekly Round-up! Malo & The Legends Begin


Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

Finally, after months of nothing, the Twilight Princess HD news has started to flow and it’s not alone. From Mario to Link, to Inklings to Pokémon, the Miketendo64 team is here to keep you updated. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week and we’ve included a new section where we include our latest reviews. These are our News Highlights of the week!



It may have taken forever to land on the Wii U, but Minecraft’s story mode took no time at all. With the 5th episode out on all other the other platforms the game is available on, the first episode has arrived in the eShop, which does come at a cost, as does the other four episodes that will follow in the coming weeks/months. There is a season pass on offer, but in all seriousness there is almost no point for it as the season pass only contains episodes 2-5, meaning you’ll still have to buy the first one and not actually save anything, but story mode is here, so let us rejoice!

Source: Ron Duwell of TechnoBuffalo


Super Mario Maker (COURSE DELETION):

Instead of a new update, or newly announced costumes, we were all talking about Nintendo deleting a few of the courses that we at home, created. There was outrage over this, having the company remove levels from being able to find and play online and place a ban on them so that they can never be uploaded again, but it’s not like we weren’t warned. From Day One Nintendo told us they would retain the right to delete our courses without having to tell us and if you actually look at the levels that are being deleted, they are only the ones that act as advertisements for companies such as Jack Daniels, and some really bad troll levels. As for the actual quantity of levels deleted and banned, it’s actually a small number, so it’s not like we’re all losing levels left, right and centre and despite belief, Nintendo are in fact doing nothing wrong, but merely doing what they said they would. It is a shame, but it is what it is and nothing is going to change it, the only thing about this that will ruin the game for you, is if you let this ruin the game.



Splatoon (ONE LAST MAP):

Last week it was the final weapon, this week, the final stage was released, Ancho-V Games marks the 10th map to wreak havoc in, since the game launched last year with just five areas. Set inside an office, this level will have you making your way past workstations. You can’t deny Splatoon was a game that really lightened the mood shooter games. Bright, colourful and very inky!

Source: Tom Phillips of EuroGamer



All those in Japan are a lucky bunch because the game is out, as well as a very special NEW HYRULE 3DS XL and already they are transferring the likes of Tetra and Linkle to the Wii U Edition of Hyrule Warriors, thanks to a download code that comes with the game. As for those of us in Europe, we’re due for an early release, by one day. It’s not the earliest of releases we could have got, but hey, a day is one less day we have to wait for it, but it also means we have one less day of playing Twilight Princess HD before swapping Wii U, for 3DS. Legendary days await!



Yesterday Smash went offline due to routine dose of maintenance, but it turns out that was just the start as January the 25th will see a whole load more being done, ceasing all online functions, including being able to sign in to your Nintendo ID. The maintenance will start at noon and won’t be back till 6PM Pacific time. So if you’re looking to get your game on, you’re just going to have to start a lot sooner or get it all out of your system during the weekend and then don’t play until the maintenance is over.

Source: Ben Lamoreux of Gamnesia


Virtual Console (ZACK & WIKI AND A TOUCH OF 64):

This week’s eShop arrival was of course the point and click game, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure and Mario Kart 64 not wanting to be side-lined, it tore down the racetrack just to have one last run in the sun. Yes Mario Kart 8 is clearly the better choice to play on the Wii U, but some days you just can’t beat a classic game like Mario Kart 64!

Source: Ward Westerink of Gamnesia



Coming into our line of fire was the Plague Knight campaign mode of Shovel Knight. After all, if a game mode, or dlc,  plays, feels and acts like a game in its own right, it deserves to be reviewed as such, so with after hours of potion classes, the review was penned and you can check it out for yourself with the link below:

Potions Class with Plague Knight – Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows – Review (Wii U)



The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (AMIIBO DUNGEON AND MORE):

Last week it was a dungeon announcement, this week, elaborated details on it and a dungeon. A dungeon just for Wolf Link, which as we have covered already, you will need the Wolf Link amiibo for, but the amiibo does have a use in Legends too. Revealed by Nintendo of Europe, the Wolf Link amiibo will unlock enhanced weapons for Midna, so if you needed a reason to play as her, that’s a good one. Another great reveal this week was that from this point on, there is to be a steady supply of news and reveals, courtesy of Malo of Malo Mart, concerning the game from now until the release and that’s just gravy with us. As long as the trailers and screenshots keep coming, we’ll just keep losing our minds. Twilight Princess is my favourite game on the Nintendo Wii and I don’t doubt for a second it won’t rival my love for Hyrule Warriors!


This month just keeps getting better and better and with one more week to get through, anything could happen, but when it does, we’ll be there ready to share and divulge to all. We’ve got you covered.


I Love (Fan-Made) Nintendo Cartoons


I have a little confession to share with you all. I still enjoy watching cartoons, especially those inspired by Nintendo whether official or parodies. Whether they are Animations made with Source Film Maker, Original Cartoon or Live-Action. At the moment I am quite enjoying cartoons created by Animator & YouTuber CharlesCBernardo. A lot of his cartoons are based on Wii U & 3DS games including Nintendo Land, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Tri Force Heroes, Animal Crossing & even Splatoon. The cartoons themselves are well made and have plenty of entertainment value. I sincerely recommend them to anyone who enjoys fan projects as much as I do.

Another Talented Animator & YouTuber is ArtistGamerGalMost of her animations are based on games from my all time favourtie console, the Nintendo 64. From Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time & Majora’s Mask to Mario Kart 64 & Yoshi’s Story. Her animations have a more adult theme to them which works as most gamers that would have played those games the first time round would be old enough to take certain mature content. Though not exactly R – rated, some scene can be a little ‘graphic.’

To top off my favourite Animations is another YouTuber, EgoraptorHis videos have a more rhythic and musical theme to them in the sense that they are animated music videos with original songs inspired by and centered around videogame characters. A lot of the songs have a few cuss words but nothing too obscene, though there is always one who will disagree. If you like a little music and enjoy a more adult tones to your favourite games, the definitely check out his Starbomb Album. Which includes original songs, like SMASH! Regretroid, BEST Zelda rap EVER & Minecraft is for EVERYONE.


Well that is my confession over for today. I sincerely hope you guys & girls will check out some of these YouTube Channels when you are bored they will surely lighten up your day. Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!




Links After Quest Episode 1 (Video)

We at Miketendo 64 are always on the lookout for anything Nintendo related, whether it if from the Big N themselves or things that fans have created to show their appreciation of Nintendo. Today, courtesy of our friends over at the Hyrule Herald have sent us this charming little animation about The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time created by YouTuber Sir’s R us. It follows the events of what happened after Link defeated Ganon and was sent back to his own time to live out his childhood. It has the aesthetic feel of A Link To The Past along with its own Sprites to Replicate the Ocarina Of Time. It has a lot of entertaining qualities and am quite looking forward to what lies in store for the next episode.

More Details Revealed On Twilight Cave & amiibo Functionality In Twilight Princess HD

Nintendo UK have uploaded a video on their YouTube Channel showcasing how the Wolf Link amiibo functions in Twilight Princess HD. We already found out earlier in the week that there it will unlock a new dungeon, but what we didn’t know is that it is in no way integrated into the original story and is a completely separate side quest that can net you a Giant Wallet capable of holding 9,000 rupees. The Twilight Cave seems to take after the Den Of Trials in Tri Force Heroes and has 40 or so rooms filled with different enemies to beat and increase in difficulty as you progress. The real twist is that you can only do it whilst in Wolf form.

There was a bit of an uproar that not having the amiibo would be witholding potential content from the fans that could be important to the main story. However, that is no longer the case and the fans can now look at it as an optional extra and nothing truly important that could dramatically change the story or gameplay of the game. The other Zelda amiibo will also have optional use for example; Tapping both Link & Toon Link onto the gamepad will recover arrows and bombs. Zelda & Sheik will recover hearts. For the Masochists of you out there, Ganondorf will double the amount of damage you can take in game.  Check it out for yourselves in the video below.

What Games Should Be Available At Launch For Nintendo NX?

We all know that this year Nintendo will eventually announce the Nintendo NX. When it will launch remains unknown, though there have been whispers that it may indeed be this year. I guess the important thing is not really when it launches but what games it will launch with. Nintendo have realized their mistake with the Wii U and the failures of not providing strong enough launch titles, but you have to give them their due. They have always tried to innovate and try new, different & exciting things and they probably thought that the console would do well without a Mario, Link, Samus or Kirby game to launch with but the plan backfired but at least they know for next time that what make Nintendo different from Playstation & XBox is that it HAS Mario, Link, Samus & Kirby. Nintendo’s highly regarded IP’s is what separates from the other consoles. If Nintendo want to avoid a similar fiasco at launch of the NX, they would be wise to have a strong set of Launch Titles to help Propel the NX of the ground and into orbit. Whilst on the subject, Youtuber & Zelda Theorist GameOver Jesse tells us what he thinks would be ideal Launch Titles for the NX, Including Super Mario Galaxy 3, Smash Bros, Pikmin 4 & More in his latest video. You can check it out in the video below.

Customizing amiibo With Custom Conquest!

The Creativity of Nintendo Fans never ceases to amaze me. YouTube is full of incredible videos of fan creations dedicated to the Big N from animations to full-on game or character recreations, debate videos and more. In this post I am going to touch base on the latest craze from Nintendo; the amiibo. amiibo have been out for over a year now and as appealing as they are for collectors & the casual gamer, some people have even gone as far as to customize their own in order to create some truly unique figures.


TJ from amiibo news is one such creator and has designed some incredible looking amiibo as can be seen in his YouTube videos but in his latest webseries “Custom Conquest,” he takes it one step further, he shows us the tricks of the trade so we can customize our own amiibo from creating your very own personalized amiibo Mii Fighter to tackling some of the more intricate recreations like reproducing playable characters that are don’t have there own amiibo fighters like Waluigi. TJ’s videos take you through a simple step-by-step that is informative and easy to follow and details all the materials you will need so you can replicate what is shown without difficulty. You can check out his YouTube Channel here or alternatively you can watch both episodes of his latest webseries via the links below.

Well Guys & Girls, that´s all from us for now. Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

New for 2016!!!

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

2016 is the year for collaborations, with Nintendo of America and Genesis 3 have joined forces for a Super Smash Bros. Tournament and for us here at Miketendo64, we are joining forces with @GameOverJesse himself, Jesse McCarty of Zelda Universe and Zelda News & Theories.

Jesse Profile

For months we have been huge fans of his videos, videos of well-grounded theories, latest Zelda news and general debates. Odds are you’ve already have heard of him and after months of him sharing our content and us generally enjoying his contributions to Youtube, we took the next step and established contact, a contact which would become the partnership we have established now, one which will see us using a lot more of his content on our site and working together on videos of our own doing and his.

We are positive this new relationship will benefit those on both sides and if you would love to learn more about Jesse, the fairly notorious Zelda Theorist who has collaborated with a great number of outlets and individuals in the Zelda community, then be sure to check out our interview with @GameOverJesse, where we asked him all sorts of questions, which you can catch right here:

An Interview with @GameOverJesse

And what kind of people would we be if we didn’t showcase a few of his latest videos? You can catch them right here:

Future of Nintendo – NX, Anime, Movies & Theme Parks:


Twilight Princess HD – New Dungeon, Zelda Wii U Connection & Amiibo Support:


Nintendo NX Rumors & New Zelda 3DS:


Zelda Theory – Kokiri Forest & Ordon Village ft. RMFH:


Zelda Wii U / 3DS – Side Quests & Returning Items:


If you haven’t subscribed to his channel yet, you can do so right now:

And remember, our interview with him will be live within days of this piece and a whole lot of content will follow, 2016 certainly is proving to be an exciting one!

Nintendo’s Gaming News Weekly Round-up! #Pokemon20 & Metroid


Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

It’s been news galore this week, from Mario to Link, to Inklings to Pokémon and as always, we’re here to keep you updated. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week and we’ve included a new section where we include our latest reviews. These are the Miketendo64 News Highlights of the week!



It has been a great week for Super Mario Maker, finally hitting one million units sold in the US alone, joining the “1 Million Club,” whose current members include Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U and Splatoon. This was also the week where both mystery mushroom costumes #119 and #120 (Yamamura & Daisy) graced us with their presence, bringing an end to another row.


Source: rawmeatcowboy of GoNintendo



After months and months of new maps and weapons, endless content, the final content has come, weapon number 74, the Custom Hydra Splatling, which is joined by both the Sprinkler serving as its sub-weapon and a Bubbler for when thing are looking dire. Splatoon has had an incredible run but the free-ride is over, but silver lining is the Splatfests will continue!


Source: Jeffrey McDonell of Gamnesia



Last week we were promised the announcement of one new fighter, and while we were left waiting for the announcement of the one, we also got to learn about three more. As well as Shadow Mewtwo being available as a fighter, so will another Mewtwo in his standard colouring. The other two fighters are the dragon-type Garchomp and Braixen. Last but not least, is Chandelure, the fire/ghost-type Pokémon, who will be showcased in a reveal video which will see its first showing at a Game Party Japan, on January the 31st during the Pokkén Tournament competition.


Sources: Edwin Garcia of Nerdist & Harrison Bolin of Gamnesia



With its release drawing ever nearer, more and more gameplay footage is flooding Youtube, but that’s not all. The Famitsu scores are in and with scores of two 9’s, an 8 and a 10, Hyrule Warriors Legends earned itself a score of 36/40. The same score that Hyrule Warriors for Wii U received.


Source: @salramano of


Mini-Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge (THE ALL NEW AMIIBO GAME):

A while back a rumour came to light that there is an amiibo based game in the works, one that is being developed by Nintendo Software Technology. We actually covered the rumour last month and you can see that article right here: Is there a New Amiibo Based Game on the Horizon?


Well the rumour is so much more. It is in fact a game, for both the Wii U and 3DS and it will be releasing in Japan at the end of the month. The game is called Mini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge and being developed by the team behind the Mario vs Donkey Kong Series, the game has the same aesthetic and very similar gameplay. Although the game is free, the only way to actually get it, is if you purchase an amiibo after the 28th of January, as every amiibo after that date will come with a download code for the game.


For footage of the game in action, look below. For more details on the subject, check out the source article.

Source: Mike Scorpio of Miketendo64


Pokémon (#Pokemon20 CELEBRATIONS):

Other Pokémon news this week, Nintendo’s planned 5 million dollar during the Super Bowl to celebrate and advertise the 20th anniversary of Pokémon. A trailer which showcases their upcoming games, new trading cards, Pokémon themed 3DS’ and 2DS’ and movie remasters. There is no doubt about it, Nintendo and the Pokémon Company are going all out with their promotions, truly making it a year to be remembered. Our source feature article bellows contains all the information, but if you’re not in a reading mode, we also have the trailer, enjoy:

Source:  J.H. Longman of Miketendo64


Virtual Console (METROID: ZERO MISSION):

This week’s big Metroid news (finally, we’re getting something during the 30th year anniversary year of Metroid), was Metroid: Zero Mission’s debut in the eShop for North America. Zero Mission is a remake of the original game, which is already available for download, but with better graphics, new map, cut-scenes and more. Along with the newer version of the original game, there is also a launch trailer to go with it, for us all to get a much better idea of just what the new version has to offer.

Source: Ben Lamoreux of Gamnesia



Instead of one, we have to reviews to share, one for the 3DS and one for the Wii U. After hours and hours of the brutal work that is playing videogames, really getting the feel of both Shovel Knight and Majora’s Mask 3D, two new reviews were penned. Both are really great games, worth the purchase and worth the play. With scores of 9.0/10 and 9.6/10.0 both games did their developers proud, but the only way to see which one score what, is to see the reviews for yourself:

Shovelry & Chivalry – The #ShovelKnight Wii U Review – Review (Wii U)

Dawn of the Final Day / Legend of #Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – Review (3DS)




The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (AMIIBO DUNGEON AND MORE):

Zelda news and our chosen big news, for this week, a whole new dungeon! Not only are there less tears to collect (a shame really), but it’s looking like Link can carry a whole lot more rupees, will feature a gamepad inventory screen much like The Wind Waker HD and a ‘Hero Mode’ which will be available at the start of the game and also,  Twilight Princess HD will be receiving a new dungeon, which can only be accessed and have your progress saved, if you possess the Wolf Link amiibo. A lot of us are really excited about this, a new dungeon to explore, but there are a lot of unflattering articles out at the moment that are not supportive of the move on Nintendo’s part. Essentially deeming the need of the amiibo to access the new area a money grab, but in all fairness, every Zelda fan out there most likely already have a Zelda/Smash amiibo. Also the new game comes with the Wolf Link amiibo as a bundle, which is actually very well priced, so just how is this a money grab move? All I know is a release date is coming soon and as weird as using amiibos in Zelda will be at first, I honestly don’t think it will be all that bad and am rather looking forwards to seeing it in action, especially the dungeon.


Source: Tom Phillips of EuroGamer


2016 is certainly proving to be an interesting year and we’re only halfway through the first week. Who knows just where the rest of the year will take us, but as always, we’ve got you covered.


A Link Between Badges

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

What a good day to be in Europe. Not only was Daisy made available in Super Mario Maker, but we’ve also got a double dose of Zelda in the Nintendo Badge Arcade, and our good friend, the pink bunny, he can’t wait to tell us all about A Link Between Worlds.


Not only do we not get the chance to collect badges from both A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes, but there is also a new theme on offer to accompany the ALBW badges, which like all the others, you will need to purchase a few plays should you wish to acquire it for yourself.


Their presence brings up the Zelda tally up to four European showings (Majora’s Mask 3D, The Legend of Zelda and now ALBW & TFH) and has filled another two screen sections on my 3DS and to say the latest badge are varied, would be putting it mildly. On Tri Force Heroes, there is a whole range of Link’s wearing different costumes from the game. There’s Princess Styla and her father. There’s Totem Links and even a Triforce. ALBW however offers us the chance to get a couple of Hilda’s, Zelda’s, Link’s, Yuga’s and even Ravio. Then of course there’s soldiers, bad guys and a whole lot of rupees.


There is no way of knowing just how long they will be sticking around, or when Wind Waker HD will show its face, so if you’re a Zelda nut like me, grab as many badges as you can before they ship out and the next batch ships in!


Daisy’s Debut

Written by: J.H. Longman



Well there must have been a little mix-up with Daisy’s intended arrival as her announcement tweet said the 15th for the US and she’s already out now, but I’m not complaining. Thanks to her, my collection is complete.



In a course that will take us from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Land, we get to take a rather pleasant swim as the Princess, swimming across the channel in the hopes of making it to the other side and taking a pipe back to the surface world, where both the finish line awaits and maybe a towel to dry ourselves off. But Daisy is a tomboy so maybe she doesn’t care about such things, but if you care to check out her course description, you can find it below!


Adventure in Sarasaland

Start in the land of Super Mario Bros. then cross the water to the setting of Super Mario Land – that was the idea behind this course. Transform into the tomboyish Daisy and explore Sarasaland.



With Daisy finishing off another row, started back in December, it could be next week, or even next month before we get to find out who is coming to Super Mario Maker next, so what better way to pass the time than to create an influx of Super Mario Land themed levels and forming a whole lot of theories and speculation?


Shovel Knight 64

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

Shovel Knight, the first in Yacht Club Games line-up and the 2014 game that keeps on giving, such as Shovel Knight 1.5 (aka Plague of Shadows), might be on its way to becoming a series!


When the game first came out, during an interview, Sean Velasco, was asked; “What is next for Shovel Knight and Yacht Club Games? Would there be a Shovel Knight 2 or another game entirely?” To this Velasco answered he would love to do another game, continuing the world and adventure of Shovel Knight, but for the moment, the team are focusing on bringing more content to the core game, extra campaigns such as Plague of Shadows and more before they would even start another game.


That was 2014, it is now 2016 and the free updates keep coming and so does the dialogue. In a recent 8-4 Play Podcast, representing Yacht Club Games, was Sean Velasco and David D’Angelo, who not only mentioned that the team is hard at work on more content for Shovel Knight 1, but they would love to do a Shovel Knight 2, but only when the first game is finished in all aspects. However there would be differences between the first instalment and its continuation, as they are aiming to do it in a different style altogether, going from 8-bit to 16-bit graphics, or pull out all the stops and make a 3D game in Super Mario 64 fashion. Furthermore, not only are they thinking of it looking like Super Mario 64, but also playing like it and for Yacht Club Games that would be the perfect move.


The retro old school look was perfect for the first game, it was the perfect blend of old with new ideas and for a break-out game such as this, it was exactly what it needed to be. But to do a sequel in exactly the same fashion, the game would have a lot less of an impact, but to build on it graphically, as well in other areas, will make the game more desirable and given as how Super Mario 64 is one of the most iconic games on the Nintendo64, which went on to shape future games, other than just Mario. To recreate it in Shovel Knight fashion, with similar world layout, the game’s success is immediately assured and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo themselves offered to help shape it as such.


 Either way, it’s happening, there will be a Shovel Knight 2, but only when the team are done with the first one, so it’s a good thing they announced the other week that they aim to finish everything before the end of the year, because if that’s the case, we could be seeing “Shovel Knight 64” by 2018, and that will certainly be a game to keep an eye out for.

Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on!

Source: Elia Pales of Nintendo Enthusiast


A touch of Sarasaland is coming to Super Mario Maker!

Written by: J.H. Longman



It’s taken a long time, but the Princess of Sarasaland, Princess Daisy herself, is coming to Super Mario Maker on the 15th of January, (16th for those of us in Europe). Her absence from the game has been sorely noted, but no more will Princess Peach have to miss her friend, because costume #120 is on its way.




Official word came from Nintendo of America this morning, via the medium of Twitter, along with the official trailer showcasing the Sarasaland Kingdom Princess in full Super Mario Maker glory.

But until her Event Course does come out, the only way to check her moves out, is by watching the trailer below:




Daisy’s arrival marks the second Super Mario Land costume to land in the game since the Sky Pop finally made its debut last week and who knows, with her joining the party and Captain Toad also present, we might just be seeing Toadette sometime in the coming future. That would certainly be interesting to see.



Source: Nintendo of America (Twitter)