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Happy New Year to one and all and although this week’s news hasn’t really been anything ground-breaking, there’s been plenty of articles to get us yapping. As always, our weekly news round-up consists mostly of the news we, the Miketendo64 team feel is worth repeating!


Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS (TOO SEXY FOR SMASH):

Bayonetta’s inclusion to Smash has been giving Nintendo all kinds of bother, as the development team had to jump through a few hoops just to make sure the game got to keep it’s A “for all ages,” due to Bayonetta’s overwhelming sexual prowess. That was a bit cheeky of you Bayo, but at least the development team can rest easy now as the A rating is here to stay.


Source: Ron Duwell of TechnoBuffalo


Nintendo Badge Arcade (THE ZELDA BADGES ARE IN):

Finally Europe got to benefit from Zelda themed badges and a couple of free-plays, as it got to be on the receiving end of both Majora’s Mask 3D and The Legend of Zelda, whereas the likes of North America received Tri Force Heroes. Waiting for Zelda to show was like waiting for a bus, one day you can spend the whole day waiting for one and the next day you get two. It’s just the way it goes sometimes.


Source: Nintendo of Europe (Twitter)



Also this week, Splatoon got some more new content, such as the Piranha Pit and new weapons, like the Octobrush Nouveanu, which is a brush-like weapon that features the Splat bomb as its Sub Weapon and the Inkzooka as its Special Weapon. The Nouveanu, like all the other content released for Splatoon, comes at no extra cost and is a New Year’s reward for owners of the game and with it being the new year, now we’re in the month of January, the continued extra Splatoon content is coming to a close, but don’t fret, Nintendo fully intends to keep the Splatfests going for as long as they can. So at least that’s something.


Source: Arslan Tufail of SegmentNext


Super Mario Maker (GOES OLD SCHOOL):

This week Nintendo were very busy and released a whole bunch of Mario Costume trailers for the “Make your own Mario World” game, which showcases both the original costumes and the new ones, which of course includes Birdo and Excitebike, both of which you can earn right this very moment, if you haven’t yet. Super Mario Maker also received its version 1.31 update, which solely consisted of correcting a few glitches.

Trio Unlock



Super Mario Maker wasn’t the only game to receive a video this week, because as well as Smash getting a new one, so did Pokkén Tournament and if I wasn’t desperate for it before, I am now. They all just look so badass, Pokémon battles are never going to be the same again. Elsewhere in the world, not only is Japan going to be getting its very own retro Pokémon themed 2DS’ but it will also be getting a release of the original decks of the trading card game, to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary.  As for Pokémon GO there’s been talk of teams, being able to join and battle other people who are on a different team to yourself, and just a few more details have come out regarding the Gym system. It’s looking like the Gym’s will be set up at Nintendo Zones dotted around the world and that each Gym will offer you some great training, but that’s only well and good if like me, you are actually able to go to the “Gym” regularly, which in my case, heading to my nearest Nintendo Zone is something that only happens once every three months, but Pokémon GO still remains a mobile game that needs to be seen and played. If only we can hear a whole lot more of it, including a release date.


Source: Gary Jones of Express.co.uk



Nintendo’s eShop continues to enjoy giving us some N64 classics as both 1080° Snowboarding and Wave Race have made their return to home console gaming. Both games became a huge part of my childhood, especially Wave Race when my father would be the one playing it, with his best friend, nudging each other, while you and your siblings (i.e. the children) are sitting there thinking; “When’s it my turn?” And with their release, it means I’m a whole lot closer to having my N64 collection back.



The Legend of Zelda: Zelda U (THE LEGEND OF THE LEAKED VIDEO):

Big talk of the week was when everyone started talking about the release of a trailer video that is to advertise/introduce the yet to be released, Zelda U and despite a few sites claiming they have possession of the video, they could only share details of the video, as opposed to uploading it because of copyright infringement issues, but went on to say that the video appears to be authentic in every way and that it seems to tell the story of a father and his daughter and the journey of Link. Ultimately it ends with daddy giving his daughter a costume, reminiscent of Link’s and she goes to bed, where the words “A New Generation.” Although the video has yet to be officially authenticated, and does in itself, look something of a fake, it has now surfaced online and you can catch it, right here:

Source: Isabelle Bell (Youtube)

With this week’s news over, all that’s left is a typical comment like; “We really need a Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda Nintendo Direct to air within the next couple of weeks.” And the usual sign off. Be sure to check back next week and we’ll have a whole other batch of news for you.

Till next time folks. Keep up the good fight and Keep on Gaming!

By Jack Longman

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