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Doll Fashion Atelier 3DS 

Doll Fashion Atelier is an eShop game costing £4.49 and takes up 1,347 blocks. As it does not cost much do not expect a lot of content. This is the kind of game that would just as easily work on mobile phone. You can create a doll from one of the themes which are: Gothic,… View Article
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Satoru Iwata: One Year On (Miketendo64 Direct Video)

It has been a year since Ex President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata passed away. He was an inspiration to everyone including fans and competitive developers alike. He brought great joy to many a Nintendo fan with amazing games and consoles under his guidance. He was highly capable of turning many misfortunes around and making them… View Article
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Even More New Pokémon Sun & Moon E3 Details! The Miketendo64 Edition

Co-Written by Vic88hgn Nintendo have certainly been throwing out the news today and granted all of the Pokémon news did come a good few hours ago, but now enough time has passed for additional details to come to light, so this is the Miketendo64 Edition:
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3DS vs PSVita: Why you need Both!

As I run a handheld gaming group on Facebook the topic often comes up which is better. I personally like both equally and if you can afford to have both I strongly recommend it.
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Zelda You: Our Stories – Team Miketendo64 Edition Part 1

Last week we were announcing it and this week we’re implementing it. Hello and welcome all to our new series of regular features, Zelda You: Our Stories. This is a series all about one thing, The Legend of Zelda and our love for it and with it being the 30th anniversary, we encourage everyone to… View Article
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