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Doll Fashion Atelier is an eShop game costing £4.49 and takes up 1,347 blocks.

As it does not cost much do not expect a lot of content. This is the kind of game that would just as easily work on mobile phone.

You can create a doll from one of the themes which are: Gothic, Victorian, Pretty, Princess or Antique. 

You have a fairly good choice of hairstyles, clothing and accessories. After you create the doll you can change the background (of which there is quite a large seletion of), and add doodles or borders.

You can then choose to discard or save your creation and take a photo which is saved to the games gallery.

I did find the sound effects very annoying but there is an option to turn those off, and also change the background music.

It does not take long to create the dolls and I think the game is best for very short bursts.

Download this game if you are die hard fan of these types of games, and this one in particular is probably more aimed at a younger audience.

However is it good for what you pay and I enjoyed it to an extent, so that is why I will score it 7/10.

But if you want a great fashion game with more content I suggest New Style Boutique 1 & 2 (AKA Style Savvy) instead or Girls Fashion Shoot.

Victoria Thorley (HGN).

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