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Having already done a series of tweets to find out how you guys rate certain Nintendo games on the Nintendo Switch, for the last 7 days, we turned our attention to the mobile offerings from Nintendo. The polls may not may not have been as popular this time around, but the results did turn out exactly as we expected them. But, so as not to draw the results out for longer than we have to, here they all are:

Tier 1:

Total Votes: 98

Majority Vote Percentage: 41%


Tier 2:

Total Votes: 99

Majority Vote Percentage: 42%


Tier 3:

Total Votes: 87

Majority Vote Percentage: 32%


Tier 4:

Total Votes: 89

Majority Vote Percentage: 56%

Like we said before, all results for future polls relating to Switch games and mobile titles, will be added to their retrospective articles, so, just because there’s only 4 games listed today, it doesn’t mean more won’t be added. Especially since we now know the names of both Dragalia Lost and Mario Kart Tour.



Until next time, keep on gaming!


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