[Random] Miitomo has Now Surpassed 10 Million Downloads on Android Devices

While the rest of the world has almost forgot about the existence of Miitomo, it seems the Android community has not.


Since the mobile app by Nintendo and DENA released last year, the app saw some minor success, which was then repeated a few months down the line thanks to a tie-in event with E3 and then again with a certain 2.0 update that changed everything. Only now, while the app and Nintendo did celebrate Miitomo’s 1 year anniversary and continues to see new items added, the game is virtually abandoned and yet, according to recent changes in numbers in the Google Play Store, Miitomo has now surpassed 10 million downloads on Android devices.


This feat has certainly been a long time coming since Miitomo attained 10 million combined downloads for Android and iOS devices back in April of 2017, but hey, Miitomo still has some relevance and that is pretty sweet to see!


Source: Google Play Store


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