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New My Nintendo Mission Hidden On Nintendo E3 Website

If you are in any need for extra platinum coins for your My Nintendo account, there is a secret mission on Nintendo’s E3 website that can net you 20 platinum coins. scroll the screen down to the botom of the daily poll section and you should see Cappy whooshing about underneath it (Cappy being Mario’s new assistant in Super Mario Odyssey in case you missed the memo). Click on cappy and you will be rewarded with the platinum points

You can collect the points for yourself using this link here.



[Europe] My Nintendo Rewards Brings Pikmin Themes & Picross-E discounts

My Nintendo For Europe has been updated with a few extra rewards featuring Pikmin Themes for Nintendo 3DS, The Pikmin Short movies on 3DS & Wii U and 40% off discounts for Picross e3 & e4. Below is the list of rewards and the cost in points.

Pikmin Working Together (3DS theme) – 20 Gold Points
Pikmin Short Movies 3D (3DS) – 50 Gold Points
Pikmin Short Movies HD (Wii U) – 50 Gold Points

40% off Picross e3 – 150 Platinum Points
40% off Picross e4 – 150 Platinum Points

These rewards are available until the beginning of August in Europe. It is not currently known when they can be expected in the US.

Source: My Nintendo Europe 

Super Mario Run MK8D Mega Event Progress Announcement #2

Yesterday, Super Mario Run players received a notification about the progress of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mega Event and how many times Toad Rally had been played which was just over 7 million times. Today another notification graces our screens to say that Toad Rally has been played an incredible 15,351,688 times. That’s not bad going for on three days but we only have until May 11th to reach the goal of 50,000,000 times played. Below is the in-game notification released today and a reminder of the rewards you can win after reaching certain milestones. (Note: the amount of times played is collectively of course. It would be pretty tough going trying to reach 50,000,000 all on your own).Screenshot_2017-05-01-09-09-10.png

Source: Super Mario Run In-Game Notification

(Europe) My Nintendo Brings Street Fighter Discounts Rewards For May

The European My Nintendo program has updated its rewards in celebration for the upcoming release of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers. The latests rewards offer 30% discounts on Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, Street Fighter II: Turbo and Street Fighter ALPHA 2 for 20 Gold Points each and are all available on both Wii U & 3DS. There is also an Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Wallpaper for PC & Mobile Devices for 50 Platinum Points.

If Fighting Games aren’t your style, there is also a 20% Discount on Etrian Odyssey IV: Legend Of The Titan for 20 Gold Points on Nintendo 3DS. You can see the rewards for yourself in the image below.

May Rewards 1.png

Source: My Nintendo

My Nintendo Users Can now Use their My Nintendo QR Code to Pick up a Free Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Poster from Nintendo NY

Live in New York? Love Mario Kart? And have a My Nintendo article? If your answer is yes to all, you will most definitely want to read this.

A while back My Nintendo introduced the My Nintendo QR Codes, a special code that is personal to every account that can be used to sign in at various Nintendo events for special gifts and rewards and while the codes have gone unused for a while now, Nintendo NY are offering you the chance to put that code to work!

By turning up at Nintendo NY and checking in, My Nintendo members will be able to pick up an exclusive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe poster and we’ve got an image right here: Continue reading My Nintendo Users Can now Use their My Nintendo QR Code to Pick up a Free Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Poster from Nintendo NY

Happy 25th Birthday Kirby! My Nintendo Japan Now Offers 3DS Kirby Theme

April 27th marks Kirby’s 25th Anniversary since he was created by Masahiro Sakurai & Satoru Iwata (with a little help from Shiggy as well). He first came to be in Kirby’s Dreamland  on the Gameboy and has been in over 20 different titles ranging from Puzzle, Platformer, Fighting, Racing & even Pinball! Amazing what a little pink ball can muster.

Nintendo have already begun celebrating this fact by bringing Kirby back into the limelight again by releasing not one but three different titles over the course of the year and My Nintendo Japan have added a new reward to their site, a Kirby 3DS theme. It costs 20 gold points and is available until the end of May. It is currently not available for the US or Europe but it is only a matter of time before it becomes available in these regions too.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Kirby! You were always a joy to play in Super Smash Bros!

Source: Nintendo Japan (YouTube)

My Nintendo April Rewards Now Available In US, Europe & Australia

We are now in the month of April and with that, My Nintendo have new rewards available for North American, European and Australian Users. These rewards are made up of new discounts on certain games, clothing items for Miitomo and free add-on content for Swapdoodle and Fire Emblem Wallpapers as well. You can see all the rewards available and for what region below the image.

my-nin-april-656x656 Continue reading My Nintendo April Rewards Now Available In US, Europe & Australia

Two New Clothing Items Available For Miitomo Via My Nintendo

Two new clothing items  for Miitomo are now available as My Nintendo Rewards as the rewards program has been updated for all regions. The first is a long-sleeved Raglan Logo T-short with the words “Gotta Be Mii” written on it and is available in 9 different colours  and can be yours for 150 platinum points and the other item is a Fish Pin (I know, really?) which is available in 3 colours and can be redeemed for 100 platinum points..

They are available up until July 31st and can be obtained by either by going straight to the My Nintendo website or via the Miitomo App. you can see what they look like in the image below.


Source: My Nintendo

New Switch Animation On My Nintendo Website

As most My Nintendo users will already know, every time you log into the My Nintendo website, they are greeted with several different animations of their Mii avatar doing various things like fishing, floating on balloons, painting and also playing videogames on Nintendo consoles. There is now a new animation that extends on the playing videogames as your Mii Avatar can now be seen playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild on the Nintendo Switch with the Neon Joy-Cons in hand. You can see the new animation via the Gif below.

Fire Emblem Heroes To Get New Features, Check Your Notifications

Fire Emblem Heroes has picked up momentum and is still rolling out new features to keep players entertained. The latest News from the Notification tray states that there will be new ways to expand your heroes’ abilities, new rules for combat,  heroes can now inherits skill by merging allies and much more. You can see the whole notification in the image below.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes In-App Notification


Breath of the Wild and Snipperclips Wallpaper American Rewards are Added to My Nintendo

Just like how the European My Nintendo saw the addition of wallpaper rewards, the American version is getting a similar treatment, only instead of Mario, they get Link. Continue reading Breath of the Wild and Snipperclips Wallpaper American Rewards are Added to My Nintendo

Show off Your Snipperclips & Mario Love with All New European Rewards for My Nintendo

Last week My Nintendo saw the addition of a new reward category entitled Smart device/PC rewards and while it only consisted of a single reward (a digital Mini Guide for Breath of the Wild that costs 10 Gold Points), three more rewards have been added for those in Europe.

Screenshot (179) Continue reading Show off Your Snipperclips & Mario Love with All New European Rewards for My Nintendo

New Breath of the Wild Mini-Guide has been Added to My Nintendo

It is no secret that My Nintendo doesn’t have the best of rewards, but right now it has a great one.

For the price of 10 Golf Points players can buy a mini-guide relating to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in PDF format.  But why get the guide in the first place? Well how about the fact it is available in five languages (English, French, German Spanish & Italian) and whoever buys the one guide, can select the very language they wish to receive it in. It is also the first 25 pages to the official Piggyback published guide for Breath of the Wild. Continue reading New Breath of the Wild Mini-Guide has been Added to My Nintendo

Buying Physical Games Finally Pays off with My Nintendo

The biggest thing with regards to My Nintendo that always annoyed me, was the fact that every time I buy a physical title, I’m not rewarded for it.

I don’t buy digital games because I despise them, I just don’t buy them purely because I like to be able to look at the box art. I enjoy taking the cart/disc out of its box and putting it into my console/handheld. You don’t get that feeling when you buy a digital title and because of that, I didn’t rack up many Gold Points with My Nintendo, but that has now changed.

If you buy a physical Switch title and register it to your console, you can now earn Gold Points for My Nintendo, and the more expensive the game, the more points you will earn. Only thing is though, compared to the points you would get if you brought digitally from the eShop, the points for buying are next to nothing, which in my opinion sucks. It feels like they are finally giving us what we want with one hand, whilst slapping us in the fact with the other, but it is what it is.

There is no changing it and at least some Switch rewards are to be added very soon, so that will distract us from our stinging cheeks for a bit and if you think I’m being over the top, please feel free to comment as such in the comment section below;

Source: My Nintendo (Missions)